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May 30, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(USA) Inspector General Report confirms Flight 327 terror dry run —from Detroit to Los Angeles

Inspector General Report PDF

(Afghanistan) U.S., Afghan forces clash with Taliban in easternAfghanistan - leaving 6 suspected insurgents dead;_ylt=AhFbZ6If.0p_aAQooVADrxHOVooA

(Afghanistan) Six police, guards killed in new Afghan attacks - inKandahar;_ylt=AhxzJaDLKLneVk.pc_7.fkTOVooA

Al-Qaida escapee Abu Yahia al-Libi turns up in online video;_ylt=A0SOwlmcXV1GdmoAfRNvaA8F

Al-Qaida escapee from U.S. detention in Afghanistan (Abu Yahia al-Libi)lashes out at U.S. Saudi allies

(Iraq) 5 Terror suspects detained in Sadr City - Detainees suspected ofweapons trafficking

(Iraq) Qaeda-led group claims downing of U.S. helicopter in Iraq;_ylt=AhcLD2M1zSkaVK8bZQQSnY9X6GMA

(Iraq) Freed Iraqis give details of captivity by al-Qaeda

(Iraq) Mehdi Army suspected in Baghdad kidnap, says Zebari;_ylt=AqeyHHq6iEDQiz2ftJS6TKZX6GMA

(Iraq) Shia suburb raided in hunt for abducted Britons

(Iraq/UK) SAS on alert to rescue Baghdad Britons

(Iraq/UK) Top UK officials work to free five Iraq hostages

Pakistani journalists get bullet ‘warnings’;_ylt=AgESmexWchycm.s0LtLquVTzPukA

(Pakistan) Four killed in southwest Pakistan gunfight - Baluchistan province;_ylt=Ag0EpIeTAeC.j3yg6Cx9AjLzPukA

Taliban resurgence worries India
India says 3 Pakistani suspected militants killed on Kashmir border;_ylt=Aj8XWk_G_08XThqyOi0RIjI1NXcA

(Bangladesh) Jadid al Qaeda threatens to detonate explosions targetingnational installations

Israeli air strike kills 2 militants in Gaza;_ylt=At3BukkItTMouKic3zi_J4fuyucA
Hamas doubles warhead size - of Kassam missiles

Hamas to continue attacks on Israel despite IDF strikes
(Palestinian Authority) Terror chief received U.S. assault rifles -Arrested militant Khaled Shawish doubled as officer in American-backedsecurity detail

Lebanon charges 11 jihadists with terrorism — charges against membersof Fatah al-Islam

(Lebanon) Fighting flares again at besieged Lebanon camp

(USA) Pentagon Fears Release of Taped Confession of Khalid SheikMohammed Could Inspire Radicals,2933,276276,00.html

(USA) Update: American Al Qaeda Threatens Attack Worse Than Sept. 11,Virginia Tech Unless U.S. Leaves Mideast,2933,276252,00.html

(USA) Clash Of Rights Surfaces In Imams’ Lawsuit

Iran top negotiator rejects nuclear freeze;_ylt=ApAJYz1UBJGbzsU_zLujuKZSw60A

(Iran) Rice slams U.N. nuke watchdog on Iran

(Algeria) From Iraq to Algeria, al-Qaeda’s long reach - Algiers blastssuggest influence in enabling local groups to launch strikes

(Somalia) Four Somalis die in attack on Ethiopian truck: witnesses;_ylt=Ar_.yVuHUFimQLvo4kkVkc6QLIUD

Somali pirates release ship, crew;_ylt=ArKoFhtzfdDFC2wKmzVypjCQLIUD

(Sudan) Britain supports US on Darfur, hopes for Security Councilresolution

Indonesian student faces prison for designing terrorist website

Turkish army build-up fuels anxiety on Iraq border;_ylt=AqFQELLlk0TqmGuDgZYQ7dDtfLkA

(Canada) Appeal delays Canada’s first terrorism case another time —Momin Khawaja trial

(Thailand) Schools close as security ramps up

(Thailand) “Iron flowers” sent against Thai rebels - femaleparamilitary

(Spain) Update: Eleven Pakistanis cleared of plot to blow-up Barcelonabuildings - five others guilty of collaboration with terrorist organization

(Sri Lanka) Six killed as Red Cross returns to Sri Lanka front lines;_ylt=AlIbJqCv4dVV.vVW6o6pcR8tM8oA
Islamic Society of Boston Dismisses Lawsuit Against Steven Emerson -Press Release by the Investigative Project

Boston Globe: Islamic Society drops lawsuit

Commentary: 300,000 Supporters of Suicide Attacks in America

Commentary: The Threat to Lebanon

Other News:

Malaysia rejects Muslim convert’s bid to be recognized as Christian

Netherlands Interior Minister: No problem jail cells equipped withMecca compass

(Netherlands) Rotterdam: Port halal certified

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