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May 23, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Washington DC) New al Qaeda Tapes Feature U.S. Capitol Under ‘Attack’

Bush: Osama Bin Laden ordered non-Iraq attacks - ordered Al-Zarqawi,his senior operative in Iraq, that USA should be first in his sights;_ylt=AhrbtwMm_eINd4Jxo8yJOB5X6GMA

US declassifies bin Laden terror report;jsessionid=NTTOOBLLSPM2BQFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0;?xml=/news/2007/05/23/wbin123.xml

Jihadis Post Scenario for the Defeat of the United States - Scenario starts with attacks on 3 major cities, preferably with nuclear weapons

(Los Angeles) Al-Qaida still considers Los Angeles top target

(Afghanistan) Blast kills NATO soldier in Afghan northwest - outside NATO Base in Maimana - four injured;_ylt=Ahh0BW7zuJbcqzOve027CZHOVooA

Afghanistan: Policeman dies in Kabul suicide attack

(Afghanistan) Taliban ‘stalled by lack of commanders’ - stalling“spring offensive” ordered by Taliban leadership in Pakistan

Al-Qaida’s No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri praises slain Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah in an audiotape - says fight goes on;_ylt=AiF79ls2mRtlxM96TJuAFBMwuecA

(Iraq) Suicide bomber kills 20, 9 U.S. soldiers die;_ylt=Anf8.PCUSyOOYV1E0BBaqSFX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. checking if body found in river is missing soldier -Western man wearing uniform - appeared to have military tattoo

(Iraq) New Iraq strategy focuses on bad actors - Petraeus’ plan calls for ousting abusive leaders, boosting security

Iraq: Sunni Tribes Seek Sadrist Allies

(Iraq) Report: 70% of Iraqi insurgents from Gulf states — according to Iraqi intelligence

White House: Bin Laden wanted Iraq as a new base

(Iran/USA) Navy Assembles 9 Warships Off Iranian Coast in Surprise Show of Force in Gulf,2933,274955,00.html

(Iran) US to protest UN nuclear chief comments on Iran - diplomats —Mohamed El Baradei says Iran should be allowed to keep some uraniumenrichment;_ylt=An_SOe6sjh3b5QRqgLG0Zb1Sw60A

New U.N. Report on Iran Nuke Program Due Tomorrow

ABC: Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran

(Pakistan) Bomb kills two in southwest Pakistan;_ylt=AiezJBVRrusyrF0RsZdIe5nzPukA

(Pakistan) Kidnapped Pakistan government workers freed - from North Waziristan ambush group;_ylt=AsGwTTI5tq8OxiWBHnslweHzPukA

(Pakistan) Army strikes Qaeda camp, four dead - in North Waziristan\05\23\story_23-5-2007_pg1_6

(Pakistan) Govt wants peaceful resolution to Lal Masjid crisis: Interior Ministry\05\23\story_23-5-2007_pg7_23

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid deputy chief: Misguided extremists advocating action against Jamia Hafsa: Ghazi\05\23\story_23-5-2007_pg7_24

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid crisis still unresolved

(Pakistan) Confrontation at an Islamabad mosque - Religious students stockpile arms, abduct police in Pakistani capital

(Pakistan) Militant leader of Lashkar-e-Islami orders killing of journalist\05\23\story_23-5-2007_pg7_7

(Pakistan) Two Lashkar-i-Islam activists killed in FATA

(Pakistan) Militants blow up music shop in NWFP

(Pakistan) The citizen jihadi

Pakistan faces the Taliban’s tentacles

Pakistan, Afghanistan to talk with G-8 on anti-Taliban cooperation

India boosts Mumbai WTC security after threat - threat by Lashkar-e-Taiba;_ylt=Ajyi6JWnWedyuWbYPSab3jYTv5UB

(India) Ten kg explosives recovered from Faizabad railway station

(Thailand) Six shot dead in Thai south - seven injured in bomb attacks;_ylt=Ai7IWyYIAXrrODh4Cs4EPTPuNREB

Israel hits Gaza targets;_ylt=AsDKUYPuhZvLhuQLodYVF6ruyucA

(Israel) Gaza: IAF hits two ammunition depots overnight Tuesday

Hamas’s armed wing vows not to stop rocket fire

(Lebanon) Fatah-Al-Islam vows no surrender despite truce;_ylt=AvAqlWXOJtQBLSpqZMkaLu0wuecA

(Lebanon) Palestinians flee after truce in Lebanon camp;_ylt=Au_LWOg50T6dyhHwSxZLFB4wuecA

(Lebanon) Thousands flee Lebanon refugee camp slaughter

(Lebanon) Islamic Jihad official says military bid to crush militants will trigger violence

Lebanon: A haven for terror?;_ylt=AoPEgV.pfc1W6ISXnWvBwhvagGIB

Turkey: Suspected Suicide Bomber Identified

Turkey: Number of Injured in Deadly Ankara Bombing “Up to 100”

Turkish police detain two suicide bombers, avert terrorist acts - in Adana and Mardin- woman member of PKK

Mauritania accuses one terror-case defendant of close ties to Osama Bin Laden

(USA) Padilla heard on alleged terror tapes

(TSA) U.S. airports to get liquid explosive ‘sniffers’

US bill criminalizing pointing lasers at aircraft

(UK) Husband and wife deny terrorism charges at Old Bailey - YassinNassari and Bouchra El-Hor;

(UK/Iran) I wouldn’t rule out attack on Iran, says Cameron

German authorities use scent tracking to keep tabs on G-8 protesters

(US/Netherlands) Dutch link to animal rights bombings investigated

(Russia) Frequency of terror attacks decreasing in Russia - Patrushev

(Sri Lanka) Roadside bomb, clashes kill 10 in Sri Lanka, military says

Political correctness in a time of terror

How terrorism finds root in the West

Other News:

Washington Post: “Survey: U.S. Muslims Assimilated, Opposed to Extremism”

UK Lesson Plan Concerns Muslim Educators,,-6654496,00.html

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