Monday, April 30, 2007

"MORE" - TERROR NEWS - April 30th

April 30, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Baghdad’s Green Zone Rocked by Explosions,2933,269172,00.html

(Iraq) Suicide bomber kills 20 at Iraq funeral;_ylt=A0SOwljwBDZG9HQB9whX6GMA

(Iraq) ID Cards for Green Zone, U.S. Embassy Uncovered in SunnivStronghold After Iraq Fighting,2933,269307,00.html

(Iraq) White House ‘concerned’ over Iraqi firings - Dismissal of senior Iraqi officers for possible sectarian reasons

(Iraq) Baghdad bridge bomb shows insurgent skill - Sarafiya Bridge destruction shows sophisticated engineering analysis

(Australia) Nine terrorist suspects for trial,22049,21650997-5006505,00.html

(U.S.) Report says terror attacks up sharply - Annual State Department terrorism report says attacks up 25% worldwide - State Department report website

(Iran) U.S. report: Iran still biggest government supporter of terrorism

German TV show exposes terror plans - News show cites “reliable sources” for attack prediction

Germany rejects latest Spanish request for Al-Qaeda suspect -German-Syrian businessman accused of being Al-Qaeda’s financier in Europe

Palestinians storm Egyptian Embassy in Gaza

(Israel & Lebanon) Hezbollah: Winograd report is proof we were victorious and Report Accuses Olmert of ‘Severe Failure’ in War in Lebanon,2933,269194,00.html

Pakistani Interior Minister Sherpao tells of ‘miracle escape’ from suicide bombing

(Pakistan) How Pakistan settled an al-Qaeda score - Syed Saleem Shahzad: Squabbling between Taliban & al-Qaeda forced AQ leaders to move to Iraq

(Pakistan) Mehsud behind attack: Sherpao - “Pak Taliban” leader cited as leader - Charsadda blast toll rises to 31

(Pakistan) US launches container security project in Pakistan -Facility at Port Qasim in Karachi

(Bangladesh) Bomb blasts rock terminals, none hurt

(U.S.) Woman Finds Pipe Bomb Outside House - Improvised bomb not related to bomb near abortion clinic last week

(UK) MI5 ‘knew 7/7 bomber was terror target associate’

UK Fertilizer Plotters “had clear link” to Al-Qaeda

(Colombia/Venezuela) U.S. report says Venezuela aiding leftist rebels from Colombia

Colombian rebels release video of kidnapped regional lawmakers - 12 lawmakers among 60, including 3 U.S. defense contractors, held by FARC

Six Tamil rebels killed in Sri Lanka

Other News:

Karen Armstrong: Defender of the wrong faith

TERROR NEWS April 30th

April 30, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) NATO kills 136 Taliban in Afghanistan today - on Sundaydestroyed 7 Taliban positions and killed 87 fighters at Herat province

(Afghanistan) Over 2,000 NATO, Afghan Forces Begin Operation to Drive Taliban From Opium-Producing Stronghold,2933,269152,00.html

Afghan killed as suicide bomb hits security firm

(Iraq) Violence in Iraq kills 13 - suicide bomber outside police station, former army official shot dead, 2 roadside bombings, gunfight, and six (6) corpses found in Kut (two (2) decaptitated); Mosul - authorities arrest 61suspected militants, addtl 77 militants detained in other parts of country;_ylt=AlzLuvItQZPuZaqWuce_71hX6GMA

(Iraq) Four US soldiers killed in Baghdad: military — over the past 2 days

(Iraq) Attack on girls’ school thwarted

Iraqi leader warns Iran of terror threat;_ylt=AnAmbQ1B8GAz5IbaHZdWbGITv5UB

(Afghanistan) 85 killed in 2006 Afghan school attacks;_ylt=ApN1_aTBNPalVH.t05A5mmHOVooA

Afghanistan, Pakistan agree to fight terrorism

Pakistan on high alert after suicide bombing plots§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Row with Pakistan stalls extradition - of Rashid Rauf, suspected ringleader of transatlantic airliner plot to attack USA; Pakistan wants UK to ban Hisb-ut-Tahrir, and wants extradition of eight suspected members of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA)

(Pakistan) Teams formed to probe Interior Minister Sherpao attack; Russian explosives used at Charsadda\04\30\story_30-4-2007_pg1_1

(Pakistan) Commentary: Why the mullahs will win in Pakistan

(India) Update: Eight “militants” killed in Kashmir\04\30\story_30-4-2007_pg7_30

(Algeria) Five would-be suicide bombers arrested in Algeria — linked to GSPC carried out April 11 attacks killing 30,,2-11-1447_2106646,00.html

(Thailand) Three killed in Thai Muslim south on Monday - beheaded 30-year old man, teenage nephew, and 60 year old villager in Pattani

(Thailand) Separatists behead 28th southern victim - by Islamist forces

(Thailand) Three-year-old boy shot dead in Thailand

(OIC) Group of Islamic nations applauds Thailand’s conciliatory policy in restive south

(USA - Tenet Book) The long reach and ambitions of al-Qaida; Tenet bookdetails chilling plots to kill Gore, acquire nuclear weapons

(USA - Tenet Book) Tenet thinks Al Qaeda has cells in U.S. — “My operational presumption is that they infiltrated a second wave or a thirdwave into the United States at the time of 9/11”,1,4142817.story?coll=la-news-a_section&ctrack=1&cset=true

Hamas threatens more Israeli kidnappings

(Israel) Al-Qaeda video urges bombs, fire on Israel,7340,L-3393512,00.html

(UK) Al-Qaeda supporters working at strategic sites - transport hubs, power stations and the water supply

(UK) British Judge Sentences 5 Convicted of Fertilizer Bomb Plot to Life,2933,269173,00.html

(UK) Five guilty of fertiliser bomb plot

(UK) Fertilizer bombers linked to 7/7 attacks — Five guilty of fertilizer bomb plot;jsessionid=GTXBWM12FJUWPQFIQMGCFFWAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/04/30/nfertiliser230.xml

(UK) Profile of the plotters;jsessionid=UAR0AQZHXFEJXQFIQMGCFFWAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/04/30/nfertiliser330.xml

(UK) Fertilizer plot leader Omar Khyam was son of wealthy businessman

(UK) Jet terror plot foiled after 7/7 - plan to shoot down jet with rocket launcher - Jihadist was linked to fertilizer plot

(UK) Six charged with terrorist fundraising in England - Four of group, including Abu Izzadeen, also charged with inciting terrorism overseas;_ylt=AvhqLfAdK8kMljVWUR.axcjMWM0F

UK police: you can’t fight terror without working with extremist Muslims

(UK) Home Office appeal Wales terror suspect’s release

Netherlands: Terror report

Belgium: Terror report

(Canada) Anti-terror law dealt second setback — ‘Motivation’ can’t be used to define terrorist activity, judge rules

Sri Lanka Tiger rebels warn more air attacks§ion=subcontinent&col=

Saturday, April 28, 2007

TERROR NEWS April 28th

April 28, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Al Qaeda) Purported al-Qaida leader in new video - Abu Laith al-Libi -describes him as Al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan - claims terrorist willdefeat coalition forces in Afghanistan and Shiite Muslims working withUS forces in Iraq;_ylt=AkFfb7EO9iJqn3WxrTz1OaswuecA

(Afghanistan) 21 Taliban reported dead in Afghanistan;_ylt=AryRxl43oki6Ddw_nW49FIbOVooA

(Afghanistan) French female hostage freed: Taliban - deadline for other French hostage and three Afghan hostages extended by a week;_ylt=AvMHw_BVWAo8.3IEKZXMoFHOVooA

(Afghanistan) Karzai offers peace - pleads with Taliban to talk peace -15th anniversary of Soviet-backed regime, Karzai “celebrating the jihad victory”;_ylt=AkkSgyBs0mMAXlTV1RwQT_zOVooA

(Iraq) Thirteen killed in south Baghdad attacks - including four Red Crescent employees;_ylt=AkNMnVeDPnPVPzumCJybq1pX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. raids target al-Qaida in Iraq - 17 suspected insurgents;_ylt=AuYwY8M6d5rJEefP8mnqPltX6GMA

(Iraq) Al-Libbi Not Bin Laden Behind Bagram Blast, Sources Say

(Iraq) Sunnis laud troop-pullout bid; Shi’ites irked

(Iraq) U.S. military detains 4 suspected bomb smugglers

(Pakistan) Bomb rocks international airport in northwest Pakistan;_ylt=AjHJsQJju2ThCV_tIX6_Ua_zPukA

(Pakistan) Bomb blast in Balochistan capital Quetta

Pakistani forces capture foreign al Qaeda suspect Salman Zakaria;_ylt=Ap2r.oPh67ZudXyPjkyb69fzPukA

Pakistan Interior Ministry says ban remains on terrorist-linked charity Al-Rasheed Trust;_ylt=At.jfYVyqlky.rfDA3JszkXzPukA

(Pakistan) Could Talibanistan be Reaching Pakistan’s Capital?

(Pakistan) LeT Leader Saeed backs Lal Masjid moves - says Pakistan willhave Sharia implemented soon\04\28\story_28-4-2007_pg1_6

(Pakistan) American Drone Launches Missile Strike on Terrorist Training Camp in Pakistan

(Pakistan) “Dr Khan case still open”

(India) Separatist leaders put under house arrest in Jammu and Kashmir

(India) Police, protesters clash in Kashmir over mosque;_ylt=AlIJh1wEQwSHGf36EX8SDng1NXcA

(India) Militant killed in Manipur

(Ethiopia) American still held in Ethiopian prison - for alleged ties to Islamic militants;_ylt=Ao18Bf.YaTP2dRtlm7o_bxcTv5UB

(Somalia) Al-Qaida ties seen for Somali Islamists;_ylt=ArE_KLhbld3ociMM0q_L0RmQLIUD

NYT Commentary: Somali Capital Now Calm After Month in Which 1,000 WereKilled

(Israel/Iran) Missile raid would hit Iran nuclear plans: Olmert;_ylt=AnIzf5voLlIdcavfvAVdFkBSw60A

Iran: Enemies “Plotting” Against New Dress Code Says Ahmadinejad

(Gaza) IDF kills 4 Palestinians trying to place bomb near fence

(Gaza) 3 Hamas militants slain near Gaza border;_ylt=Akbm5D5uSDkZPx7jiURO8pbuyucA

Hamas pledges to avenge killing of its terrorists

(UK) Libyan terror suspects win right to stay in UK

(UK) Two terror suspects to go free after court rules out deportation

(Thailand) Three killed in Thai south on third anniversary of mosque massacre - Buddhist man shot in drive-by shooting, two Muslim men gunned down by suspected Islamic rebels

(Thailand) Gunmen attack mosque in Thailand;_ylt=Asaiw33Vf2qfaogdofty0PvuNREB

Saudi official: some arrested militants trained to use planes in suicide bombings

Saudi Arabia Gives Extremists Financial Incentives to Renounce TheirViews

(USA) Bill Would Bar Terror Suspects’ Gun Buys

(Tennessee) Man gets 7 years on ricin, bomb charges

Germany extends military mission to Darfur

(Sri Lanka) Six persons killed in separate incidents

Sri Lanka capital sealed off amid fears of Tiger attack;_ylt=Ajgn1HkJ_US63uWy0Np2v7gtM8oA

(Colombia) In video, kidnapped lawmakers urge talks

(Iraq) A failure in generalship - Deputy cmnder, U.S. Army 3rd ArmoredCalvary Regiment: “America’s generals have failed to prepare our armed forces for war...”

Iraq militia: we have special unit to target Prince Harry - Mahdi Army cmndr: “”One of our aims is to capture Harry”,,2067593,00.html

Other News:

(Kansas City) Airport adds foot basins for Muslim cabbies — Police worry about Kansas City ‘catering’ to Islamic rituals

U.S. advertisers reach out to Muslim consumers

German Neo-Nazis arrested on Hitler’s birthday,23599,21635163-1702,00.html

Video: Is there a global war on terror?

Friday, April 27, 2007

"MORE" - TERROR NEWS - April 27th

April 27, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

Top Al Qaeda Operative Sent to Gitmo After Capture Trying to Enter Iraq- Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi described as UBL associate targeting Westernersoutside Iraq,2933,268974,00.html

Al-Qaida suspect caught, sent to Guantanamo - Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi aUBL associate, giving us “hundreds of leads”

(UK) 7/7 “mastermind” is seized in Iraq - Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi, a former major in Saddam Hussein’s army

Saudi Arabia: 172 Terror Suspects Arrested — officials say plan was to storm prisons, hijack planes to attack oil fields, carry out suicide missions against ‘public figures’,2933,268941,00.html

Saudi Terror Arrests Linked To Al Qaeda,,30200-1263107,00.html

Commentary: Strategic Implications of the Arrests in Saudi Arabia

Afghan forces recapture Giro district;_ylt=AjaHIalkm6_Xjrrm_W2HvDvMWM0F

Pakistani court wants secret services accountable for actions§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Algeria) Qaeda says Algeria militant slain, denies he’s senior

Tunisian court convicts 12 on terrorist charges

(Somalia) Islamic militants rebound in Somalia;_ylt=AsjSs_DNgO6uVeGkYEXaB3zMWM0F

Giuliani: Hamas or Abbas, makes no difference

TERROR NEWS April 27th

April 27, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Taliban capture Afghan Giru district office, kill five;_ylt=AjZ.tDU.owlWZbcaTz38c8DOVooA

Afghanistan: Taliban’s hostage deadline expires Saturday — called forFrance to withdraw from Afghanistan

France to pullout troops from Afghanistan§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Iraq) Bombers strike at Iraqi army, civilians on Thursday - 72 killed on Thursday;_ylt=AtQBlrovobHDJ3G7ekMgObxX6GMA

(Iraq) 9 Insurgents detained in raids against al-Qaida in Iraq

Iraq Sunni tribes build police force, fight al Qaeda;_ylt=AiZk.MTLnhAhlnnmVkNLmlpX6GMA

(Iraq) US general calls al Qaeda ‘public enemy No. 1’ in Iraq

(Chechnya) Downed Russian helicopter kills 17 - Mi-8 transport helicopter “shot down” by Chechen rebel

(Pakistan) Missiles hit Pakistani home near Afghan border; 4 suspectedmilitants killed;_ylt=AotZjT9h2UmXI9z66GF4gzDzPukA

(Pakistan) Curfew in Pakistan town after two more killings - terroristson motorcycles kill men in Internet cafe§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan Las Majid Red Mosque) CD shop owners feel the wrath ofmadrassa students

Pakistan: Anti-Polio Campaign Thwarted by Clerics

(India) Three LeT terrorists arrested near Delhi Haat with huge ammunition

(India) Two militants killed in Jammu and Kashmir

(India) Four police personnel killed in Maoist-triggered landmine blast in Chhattisgarh

(Algeria) Report: Al Qaeda No. 2 in Algeria Killed During Clash With Army — Samir Moussaab aka Samir Saioud,2933,268764,00.html

Morocco: Casablanca Bombing “Mastermind” is head of a Jihadist cell say police

Morocco terrorist group more potent than first thought, government says

(North Africa) Terrorism fears cause tensions in Spanish enclave;_ylt=Aj_57h.H98iComhpcIQfXIQTv5UB

Somali PM claims insurgents subdued;_ylt=Ami0mShZV8c4..0BfFE8isWQLIUD

Somalia: Islamists will continue to fight, says lead

(Thailand) Two injured in Narathiwat bomb attack - 68 year old grandmother and grandson in bombing

(Thailand) Southern Thai violence takes new turn;_ylt=AtnpW0ou07BEXx0bbaReBpHuNREB

(Iran) Report: Iran may have nuke in 3 years

(UK) Protest over man’s terror arrest - Rajib Khan

(UK) Court deals major blow to anti-terror strategy - Home Office ‘disappointed’ as Libyan terror suspects win appeal against deportation

(UK) 2 Libyan terrorist suspects win appeal against extradition from Britain

(UK/Spain) ETA suspects are arrested in Britain for first time

(Belgium) List of Belgians involved in terrorism - involved in Iraqi terrorist networks - created after Belgian committed suicide attack in Iraq

(EU) Air marshal guns restricted on EU flights

(France) Jewish woman attacked in France - attacked on train station for wearing Star of David - painted with swastika

Palestinian Terrorist Suspect Seized In Sinai, Another Runs Away

Israel evacuates passengers from airplanes over bomb alert

Israeli police search Bishara homes - investigated for helping Hezbollah;_ylt=AhaRSZef2F_pb_5RVVQ_zovuyucA

Kassam rocket fired at Israel; none wounded

MEMRI Islamist Websites Monitor No. 91

Sri Lanka on alert after new flying Tiger threat;_ylt=AgbFwSML6I9DPa6L639OfjotM8oA

(Sri Lanka) 20 LTTE cadres among 23 persons killed in separate incidents

Other News:

(Netherlands) School Scraps Nature Course As Pigs Enrage Muslim Pupils

Netherlands: Muslim anger at Wilders

(Sweden) Göthenborg: Mosque financed by Saudis

Thursday, April 26, 2007


April 26, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) 10 dead in Iraqi army checkpoint attack — 14 wounded - in townof Khalis in Diyala province;_ylt=AmF6va4tLUQzFa7EkW8Jt2RX6GMA

(Iraq) US military accuses Iraq prison commander of aiding enemy;_ylt=ArqhEXds1X49saef4x2YgalX6GMA

Taliban video of boy executioner causes anger - among Afghans;_ylt=AmYHOA0TkOy.Bp6WOpMjXnTOVooA

(Afghanistan) French hostages are well, Taliban say;_ylt=AuyT4RLfV9kzOVXBOkMxIXrOVooA

Somali government claims victory over Islamic insurgents;_ylt=AgOSJCEHE7e4esTKuMeC5QuQLIUD

Somalia: At least 20 killed in fresh fighting

Morocco: Casablanca Bombing Mastermind is head of a Jihad Cell say police

Iranian official threatens Israel and US with missile strike

(Iran) Bush raises possibility of talks with Iran

(Iran) The Case Of The Missing FBI Agent

(Pakistan) Court boost for ‘extremist’ group - banned al-Rashid Trust can reopen its offices - US named it a sponsor of Al-Qaeda

(Pakistan) Jihadi media thrives in Pakistan\04\26\story_26-4-2007_pg7_25

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid Red Mosque denies breakthrough in talks\04\26\story_26-4-2007_pg7_23

Commentary: Pakistan: The Taliban takeover

Pakistan Govt creating problem in NWFP: MMA;

Pakistan rules out rollback of its nuclear program§ion=subcontinent&col=

Pakistan: 100 “Anti-Iran” Militants Arrested, Report

U.S. and Pakistani Generals Downplay OBL’s Significance

(Thailand) 11 soldiers injured in ambush in Pattani - Muslim insurgentbomb and gunfire attack

(Thailand) Four injured in Narathiwat bomb attack - at restaurant

(Thailand) Buddhists demand protection - from Islamist terror attacks

Poll: Americans and Mexicans Agree Osama bin Laden Should Be Executed,2933,268641,00.html

Condoleezza Rice: The West needs a defense system that works;jsessionid=BQ2PPA2O4ME1BQFIQMFSFFWAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/04/26/wrice126.xml

(Guantanamo Bay) New limits proposed for Guantanamo lawyers

(Canada) Legal challenges dragging out Canada’s first post-9/11terrorism trial

Egypt begins military trial of more than 30 leading Brotherhood Members opens

Palestinian Islamic Jihad vows to continue rocket attacks on Israel

Fatah group rejoices over U.S. deaths in Iraq

(Australia) Convicted terrorist free next month - British-born Muslim convert Jack Roche serves minimum sentence - plotted to blow up Israeli embassy,23599,21624983-1702,00.html

Sri Lankan war planes bomb rebel territory;_ylt=ApVMjkqWffjsHMJ_kNs6MpMtM8oA

Sri Lanka forces bomb rebel “leaders’ gathering”

Sri Lankan monks praise France for nabbing alleged fund raisers forTamil rebels

Other News:

Iran: 150,000 Women Detained for Breaking Dress Code

Pakistan bans staging play satirizing burqa - due to Islamist demands§ion=subcontinent&col=

Germany cracks down on neo-Nazis, bans Sturm 34

Less than 25% of Muslims blame al-Qaeda for 9/11 attacks

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


April 25, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(UK) 4 Britons plead guilty in terror plot - to conspiring with anal-Qaida-linked operative Dhiren Barot convicted of plotting to bomb theNYSE and other targets in USA and UK;_ylt=AjF50dwDz5qr95GqEqyFECcTv5UB;_ylt=Ams0XJee5ik2O0lxFqIeLYoTv5UB

(UK) Terrorist 007 “was internet propagandist for al-Qaeda” — London computer expert Younis Tsouli

(UK) Anti-terror chief asks Muslims to help more

(UK) Police pressed to investigate leaks on anti-terror raid

India Times: Pakistan govt surrenders to Islamists

Florida doctor accused of being al-Qaeda volunteer;_ylt=AhkG_PtseQaGpIL23g.jo2EwuecA

(NYC) Tamil Tigers rep arrested in NYC;_ylt=Au5v85yl6_muRSz7DgbBpZotM8oA

(Canada) Alleged terrorist Adil Charkaoui asks Canada for review of hiscase after accuser recants;_ylt=Aoqu5SiKVdp3krK.OpuJomwwuecA

Bin Laden overseeing Iraq, Afghanistan ops - Taliban - Mullah Dadullahclaims UBL active planner

Report: Taliban: Bin Laden plans Iraq strikes

(USA) Federal Judge Withdraws Ruling Against Bush Terror Designations -Had ruled against designations of 27 groups & individuals in 2001

(USA) Former CIA director says interrogation “saved lives”;_ylt=AosVo6wedCvflZwV6o3SG.kTv5UB

Egypt threatens to cut Hamas ties if rockets don’t stop

(Israel) ‘Hamas military, political wings one in the same’

Palestinians urge Israel to seize “historic opportunity” for peace, but Israel says Palestinians must first end “campaign of terror”

(Somalia) Official: Missile hits Somali hospital;_ylt=ArW44o3HoUGAEhQm6y38LNiQLIUD

PBS in Islamist Wonderland

(U.S.) New questions for the ISB - Payment from Islamic Society ofBoston to Abdurahman Alamoudi contradicts “no contact” claims

(Netherlands) Dutch government says terrorist threat level has fallen

Spain, Pakistan agree to strengthen anti-terror fight

NY teen arrested for threatening repeat of VTech

Other News:

Audio: Ayaan Hirsi Ali defends the imam who says she must be killed —“This imam has been strikingly honest.”


April 25, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Attacks kill 19 in Afghanistan - including soldiers in roadside bombing;_ylt=AqqwgwiNOEe9OG.mQ1DPQtvOVooA

(Afghanistan) 7 Afghan soldiers killed in blast during bloody week for security forces

(Afghanistan) 13 Taliban killed in clashes with forces

Afghanistan: Taliban Commander Says Bin Laden is alive

Canada rejects Afghan withdrawal date

(Iraq) Suicide bomber kills 4 policemen in Iraq - in Diyala;_ylt=AjJ8hJbAw6JJY2cu9qUx0kBX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. says killed senior al Qaeda in Iraq figure;_ylt=Aq7GaFtViMPNjbxAjHjQatNX6GMA

(Iraq) Al-Qaida claims new bomb tactic - in Tuesday’s double suicide bombing with dump trucks in Diyala

(Iraq) Grisly problem, grateful Iraqis, a grim outlook - Recovery of dead Iraqi example of complexity of security issue

(Pakistan) Three killed in Pakistan attack - sectarian attack by Sunni militants to kill Shiites;_ylt=AkRMjrSVsNIANkHinYUR8wfzPukA

Pakistan DAWN Report: Pakistan goverment agrees to all Lal Masjid Red Mosque demands - including the enforcement of ‘Sharia’ law in the country

(Pakistan) Extremists, terrorists regrouping in Pakistan: Benazir Bhutto

(Pakistan) Pamphlets distributed in Bajaur for release of “mujahideen”- or “action” would be taken\04\25\story_25-4-2007_pg7_14

(Pakistan) US: Pakistani man among sanctions list over Syria, Iran -Arif Ali Durrani

Israel opts for limited response to Hamas attacks;_ylt=AuW.rDBhVTVMX__pMDTyUTDuyucA

Israeli Arab allegedly helped Hezbollah

(India) Rebels threaten internet cafes,23599,21622218-1702,00.html

India urged to cut Kashmir troops;_ylt=AtwwdFvNqvlaxW9FSTDqxM1A7AkB

(India) Maoists behead two brothers - 20 Communist Party of India-Maoist raided house, beat brothers then decapitated them§ion=subcontinent&col=

Kenya arrests 11 suspected of al Qaeda ties

(Somalia) Ethiopian tanks pound Somali insurgents;_ylt=AssQsYVv71MmIZ6K9_zg9U.QLIUD

Somali Islamists claim attacks on Ethiopians: Web site;_ylt=AiHEon3xrl8uxBglvbAI.vaQLIUD

Somalia: Group allied to Al-Queda claims suicide bomb attack

Iran expects “new ideas” from EU to end impasse;_ylt=AoSyySVFOphwNH1Zz1xAXwhSw60A

(Iran) Ahmadinejad: God sided with Iran to cause failed 1980 U.S.hostage rescue attempt

Greek police arrest 12 Iraqis over terrorism threat (Roundup) -possible threat against US Embassy in Athens

Moroccan Village Funnels Suicide Bombers to Iraq (AUDIO)

(UK) Moroccan wins UK fight against extradition to Spain - Farid Hilali suspected of links to 9/11 - will be released in UK;_ylt=AjdcHtJCM9BVoM7hhiPiRP8Tv5UB

(UK) Islamist militants may strike in Britain again - London police’santi-terrorist chief said on Tuesday it was a “sensible assumption” thatIslamist militants will strike again in Britain

(UK) Public doubt ‘affects anti-terror policing’

(UK) Home Secretary criticizes media leaks about investigations

(UK) ‘Sixth-former’s suicide note blew whistle on Jihad plot’

Indonesia: Grenade attacks disturb two year peace in Aceh

(Indonesia) Pirate attacks worldwide are down sharply so far in 2007 - First quarter level the lowest in 3 decades

(Guantanamo Bay) Canadian detainee at Guantanamo charged with murder

(Guantanamo Bay) U.S. renews Canadian’s (Omar Khadr) terror charges

(Iowa) Mail bomber suspect arrested in Iowa - Midwest ‘Bishop Bomber’ Case

(Virginia) Police: No Motive Yet in Tech Shootings

(Sri Lanka) 23 killed in Sri Lanka clashes, military says

(Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka vows to destroy Tiger planes;_ylt=AkF4gULDSG93tDS_9YfjKbgtM8oA

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


April 24, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Truck bomber kills 13 at Iraq police checkpoint;_ylt=AnTMQi5RYRF9jUcguSaxdK7MWM0F

(Iraq) Basra splits between warring Shi’ites

Al-Qaida thriving despite war on terror - Yard chief,,2064948,00.html

U.S. Takes Step to Address Airliner Attacks on Reactors - Regulatorwants nuclear reactor designers to analyze mitigation steps

(U.S.) Pentagon Intelligence Chief Proposes Ending a Database - Gen.Clapper to dismantle “Talon” database

(U.S.) 4 plead not guilty to terrorism charges - Charged with plot torecruit & train terrorists

U.S. charges Guantanamo detainee - Omar Khadr charged with murder -Terrorist or Child Soldier?

“COIN:” The Gravity Well - “Blackfive” post on new model of counter insurgency warfare

(U.S.) Terrorism-related insurance-backstop deal splits industry—lobby/terrorism-related-insurance-backstop-deal-splits-industry-2007-04-23.html

(Spain) Convicted ETA members deny involvement in Madrid bombs

(Germany) RAF Terror Debate Continues in Germany - New revelations over 1970s terror campaign of far-left Red Army Faction

(India) Sohrabuddin, don’s driver who turned ‘terrorist’ -“ISI-Lashkar-e-Taiba” mission to assassinate political leader

(India) J&K govt issues 120 “most wanted” terrorist list;_ylt=AlelTVO4lSPLwpEZHenUMHus0NUE

(UK) Jawa Report with names of all 6 arrested in Monday anti-terror raids

(Iraq) Truck bomber kills 13 at Iraq police checkpoin

(Iraq) Basra splits between warring Shi’ites

Al-Qaida thriving despite war on terror - Yard chief,,2064948,00.html

U.S. Takes Step to Address Airliner Attacks on Reactors - Regulatorwants nuclear reactor designers to analyze mitigation steps

(U.S.) Pentagon Intelligence Chief Proposes Ending a Database - Gen.Clapper to dismantle “Talon” database

(U.S.) 4 plead not guilty to terrorism charges - Charged with plot to recruit & train terrorists

U.S. charges Guantanamo detainee - Omar Khadr charged with murder -Terrorist or Child Soldier?

“COIN:” The Gravity Well - “Blackfive” post on new model of counter insurgency warfare

(U.S.) Terrorism-related insurance-backstop deal splits industry—lobby/terrorism-related-insurance-backstop-deal-splits-industry-2007-04-23.html

(Spain) Convicted ETA members deny involvement in Madrid bombs

(Germany) RAF Terror Debate Continues in Germany - New revelations over 1970s terror campaign of far-left Red Army Faction

(India) Sohrabuddin, don’s driver who turned ‘terrorist’ -“ISI-Lashkar-e-Taiba” mission to assassinate political leader

(India) J&K govt issues 120 “most wanted” terrorist list;_ylt=AlelTVO4lSPLwpEZHenUMHus0NUE

(UK) Jawa Report with names of all 6 arrested in Monday anti-terror raids

TERROR NEWS April 24th

April 24, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Troops kills 13 Taliban in Afghanistan;_ylt=ArwQVAgj3J0lCbgUuGM_BTvOVooA

Afghanistan: Taliban Leader Killed in the South

(Iraq) 19 killed in car bombing attack in Iraq’s Ramadi

Iraq: 9 U.S. soldiers killed by car bomb - Suicide car bomber struck Diyala patrol base, 20 others wounded;_ylt=Au4aba3lcnnHAnUD5gORb_is0NUE

(Iraq) Al Qaeda Group Says It Set Off Bombs That Killed 9

(Iraq) Car bombs explode near Iranian embassy in Baghdad

(Iraq) US troops capture 10 suspects in central Iraq

Hamas militants fire rockets at Israel;_ylt=AkeHiRSpIS6q.AhSrU_Bfc.s0NUE

(Hamas) Truce with Israel ‘no longer exists’,23599,21614015-1702,00.html

(Palestinian Territories) Higher Education for Suicide Bombers

(Somalia) Suicide bomber targets Ethiopian troops in Somalia

(Somalia) Shelling rocks Somali capital;_ylt=AjUywcI8m39ZE.R4rWzr6EuQLIUD

(Somalia) Nearly 300 dead in fierce Somali fighting despite UN call for peace

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid cleric calls for ‘jihad’ against “un-Islamic” govt\04\24\story_24-4-2007_pg7_26

(Pakistan) “Banned terror group” to help defend mosque

(Pakistan) Only 3 percent of Pakistanis think Al Qaeda conducted 9/11 attacks\04\24\story_24-4-2007_pg1_9

(Pakistan) Video: Jihad in Pakistan

(UK) Six arrested in anti-terror raids - for inciting others to commit acts of terrorism abroad and fund-raising for terrorists - arrests inLondon and Luton

(UK) Abu Izzadeen arrested on terror charges

(UK) Al-Qaeda’s “British propagandists”

(UK) “Al Qaeda-linked young men circulated beheading clippings while sitting in UK

New York terror trial set to begin for Boca Raton doctor

(Thailand) One killed, 17 soldiers injured in Thai south — Jihadist attempted to behead Buddhist

(Iran) EU approves more sanctions on Iran

Iran four years from atomic bomb, say experts

Turkey’s ex-Islamist PM Erdogan rules out bid for presidency;_ylt=AmYpG5mGmgRpiluIkDUmWhbtfLkA

Swede faces extradition over US terror charges

(Germany) Minister orders probe into 1977 terrorist killing by Red Army Faction (RAF) terrorists

Russia’s Interior Ministry exposed 148 terrorist Web sites in 2007

Indian police kill three rebels in Assam state§ion=subcontinent&col=

Sri Lankan rebels launch air strike on military base;_ylt=AmZ.X2a4lcm_1u20yDOT8NgtM8oA

(USA) FBI improving hiring of intel analysts;_ylt=AuIuMTNf8yEyXejJfm4_DkwTv5UB

(USA) Security Breakdown at the White House?

MEMRI: Islamist Websites Monitor No. 90

Poll finds most Muslims agree with Al-Qaida’s goals — in Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan and Indonesia;

Other News:

Iran: “Unauthorized” Musicians Arrested

Iran arrests 300 “insufficiently veiled” women

Iran: Two Women’s Rights Activists Sentenced to Jail

Malaysian court to hear Hindu man’s lawsuit after family seized by Islamic authorities

(Australia) Prisoners convert to Islam in escape plot

Monday, April 23, 2007

"MORE" - TERROR NEWS - April 23rd

April 23, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

U.S. stunts Iran, Syria weapons transfer - New sanctions on 14 foreignentities, including Syrian armed forces & Hezbollah, to stop weaponstransfers

Afghan officials: 200 Taliban surrounded in South and New Taliban offensive underway against NATO

(Somalia) Fighting rages in Somali capital as bodies rot in streets - 200 killed in six days

British prosecutor says 3 men used Internet to recruit terrorists

Tajik court sentences 3 Uzbeks for membership in banned group linked to al-Qaida

Egypt cracks down on Hamas officials

(Ireland) Sinn Fein picks IRA veterans, young lawmaker to oversee N.Ireland police

Commentary: What is Missing From Chertoff’s War Assessment


April 23, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Al-Qaida toying with radioactive weapons for mass-casualty attackagainst West

(UK) Update: Al-Qaeda “planning big British attack” - planning majorattacks on Britain and other western targets with the help of supportersin Iran, according to a leaked intelligence report

(Iraq) Suicide bombings around Iraq kill 27 — attacks in Mosul, TalUskuf, Baqouba police station, Baghdad restaurant, and near IranianEmbassy in Karradah Mariam;_ylt=AqCaOm7enFojN1MtmVn9EvBX6GMA
(Iraq) PM Maliki orders halt to security wall,23599,21609474-1702,00.html

(Afghanistan) Bombs kills eight Afghan agents, police;_ylt=AtsK7lwECR8uhga7piTAzbrOVooA
Afghan intelligence officer beheaded;_ylt=AjKD_wkz93F1ObRIuN4WGjzOVooA
(Pakistan) Six killed at pro-Taliban protest in Pakistan - 1,000members of the hardline Lashkar-i-Islami (Army of Islam) protest
(Pakistan) Contentious issues not resolved: Red Mosque Lal Masjid -standoff would continue until the enforcement of Sharia in Pakistan
(Pakistan) Red Mosque Lal Masjid, Jamia Hafsa have stockpiles ofKalashnikovs, AK-47s and rocket launchers
(Pakistan) Radical Islamabad mosque grooming suicide bombers, reportsays
(Pakistan) Militants Clash With Security Forces Near Peshawar;Lashkar-i-Islam demand reconstruction of their headquarters
(Pakistan) Three children killed in bomb blast in Balochistan
(Pakistan) Al Qaeda suspect held
(Pakistan) “ISI creating trouble in India”
(India) Four killed in Kashmir fighting;_ylt=AkSTw0TG8LVAMocYltEGCAY1NXcA
(India) Three Hizb-ul-Mujahideen cadres among six terrorists killed inJammu and Kashmir
(India) Lashkar-e-Toiba militant admits to planting explosives inMumbai serial blasts
(Bangladesh) Two women among seven JMB cadres arrested in separateincidents
(Morocco/Algeria) Al Qaeda presence in Morocco; Algiers and Dar ElBeida explosions aftermath
(Somalia) Fighting rages in Somali capital - at least 4 day in Mondayfighting;_ylt=AnHjY15V9CQOOl_ixYXy9RSQLIUD
Saudi Royals Mask A Jihad Agenda
(Turkey) Update: 12 to be charged in Turkey Bible murders - 5 jailed, 6released pending trial, one hospitalized;_ylt=AmMoW1IK3z0TkD_ohXqKp0XtfLkA
(France) Jihadis aspire to ‘conquer France’: Al-Qaeda forum calls forjihadis to ‘complete’ medieval war and take over France,7340,L-3390982,00.html
Spain fears Qaeda attack in France before vote runoff — May 6
(GSPC) Al-Qaeda Group Targets France, Spain - Report
(Spain) Six ETA terrorists give evidence in Madrid bomb trial
(UK) How a British jihadi saw the light
EU to tell groups why they are on terror list;_ylt=AvNFjhiVrFYrXOabxxgH3m8Tv5UB
(EU/Iran) Report: Iran, EU to hold nuclear talks in Turkey
(Iran/UK) We can publish your stories, Iran tells British sailors
(Germany) Athens-to-Strasbourg Flight Makes Emergency Landing in MunichAfter Bomb Threat,2933,267763,00.html
(Lebanon) Violence in Palestinian camp;_ylt=Ap23DGXt6BZqopDUvR2l4L7agGIB
Other News:
EU says new anti-racism rules are “political signal”
Netherlands: Debate needed about Islam
Sweden: Why should Muslims be a terror threat?
Jordan parliament clears way for nuclear power;_ylt=AiDOKLSsz.YZths3DBa7cv5YU.0A