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TERROR NEWS May 19th/More & May 20th

May 20, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Lebanon) Islamic militants, security forces battle in Lebanon

Lebanon army battles militants in north, 38 killed - Al Qaeda-linkedmilitants based in Palestinian refugee camp;_ylt=AuJPFmAeUH6CMVAC8s59L8zMWM0F

(Lebanon) High-ranking Fatah Al-Islam officer killed by army

(Lebanon) Fatah al-Islam: shadowy Al-Qaeda inspired group;_ylt=AuwZKmYPA2Diy9H49CArb04Tv5UB

(Afghanistan) More than 30 Taliban killed in Afghanistan;_ylt=AsCZZQG4ZshtPA3mJWwGoILOVooA

(Afghanistan) Suicide bomber kills 14 in Afghanistan;_ylt=A0SOwlEJYlBGXBkA2xGs0NUE

‘CIA hunt for bin Laden yet to produce significant lead’

(Pakistan) Govt bows to Lal Masjid mullahs\05\20\story_20-5-2007_pg1_1

Pakistan police released in exchange for extremists;_ylt=AsZxK8pp0IMnlx_nSmTA1F7zPukA

(Pakistan) Influx of Al Qaeda, money into Pakistan is seen,0,5046563.story?coll=la-home-center

U.S. pays Pakistan to fight terror, but patrols ebb — Pakistan patrols slashed, despite payment - U.S. sent $1 billion payment for anti-terror;_ylt=AovERxTsMAZTdh7zd2C0Tq7zPukA

(Pakistan) Bannu police seize “suicide jackets”\05\20\story_20-5-2007_pg7_3

(Thailand) Five killed in Thailand’s troubled south

(Iraq) At least seven Iraqis killed in central Baghdad blast - Iraqiforces claim a leader of al-Tawhid wal Jihad group arrested

(Iraq) 7 U.S. soldiers die in Iraq attacks;_ylt=A0SOwlEJYlBGXBkA1BGs0NUE

(Iraq) US believes three kidnapped troops are alive: spokesman;_ylt=Akx6_wfgq4LSirdtMWTttA1X6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. forces kill suspected Shiite coordinator - Militant suspected of organizing January attack that killed U.S. soldiers

(Iraq) Mass grave found in Mahmoudiya , armed clashes erupt in Basra

(Iraq) 2003 intelligence reports predicted violence in Iraq,1,6834228.story?track=rss

(Iraq) Border agents recruited for Iraq duty;_ylt=AvATiMs0V8XniClhf5O2.lrMWM0F

Israel vows to increase Gaza raids on Hamas

(Israel) Eight killed as IAF strikes Hamas lawmaker’s house

(Israel) Rocket destroys Kibbutz restaurant

(Israel) Report: Army targets Islamic Jihad building

Iran announces atom progress

(Somalia) Explosion kills 2 civilians in Mogadishu;_ylt=AuhiJQV6PwYk_Wfi6G3Bej6QLIUD

Somalia: Mogadishu mayor escapes bomb attack

Somalia: Pirates hijack Taiwan fishing vessel, 12 Chinese aboard

Russia says thwarts plot to kill Putin ally;_ylu=X3oDMTBjcDR2NTN2BHBvcwM2BHNlYwNzcg—/SIG=13vfn061i/EXP=1179760687/**http%3a//

(Australia) Drawings link prison converts to terrorism

(Turkey) Thousands protest in Turkey against Islamic-based government

(Kuwait) Qaeda Sheikh: Jews most deceitful nation — Hamid al-Ali says‘Jews in midst of despair,’ tells Palestinians ‘only way out of crisisis jihad’,7340,L-3402283,00.html

Other News:

(France) North African woman named France’s justice minister - first French Muslim politician to hold a top government job

Denmark: Proposal to ban veils

May 19, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Thailand) Suspected Islamic militants have shot dead two men in Thailand’s south.

(Pakistan) 6 women among 9 officials kidnapped in Waziristan

(Bangladesh) Police yet to find existence of ‘Jadid al Qaeda’ group Group claimed responsibility for the May 1 bomb explosions at three railway stations.

(Bangladesh) Al Qaeda Outfit Threatens to Blow up Bangladesh Bridge

(Egypt) 110 Islamic Jihad Members Released From Egyptian Prison

(Gaza) Israeli jets strike Hamas in Gaza

(Gaza/Israel) Olmert ‘doesn’t foresee large ground operation in Gaza’,7340,L-3402112,00.html

(Australia) Convicted al-Qaida supporter back home after five years at Gitmo;_ylu=X3oDMTBjZGM1ZGE1BHBvcwM1BHNlYwNzcg—/SIG=13hhtvubl/EXP=1179760319/**http%3a//

(Iraq) Report:Bombs Imperil G.I.’s Searching for Captured Comrades

(India) Update: Hyderabad mosque blast toll rises to 16 Also Fresh clashes in Hyderabad

(Morocco/Saudi Arabia) Saudi Arabia, Morocco agree on anti-terror ties

(Algeria) Security forces dismantle group allegedly linked to deadly April terror bombings

(Peru) Homemade Bomb Kills 6

(Northern Ireland) Real IRA ready to renounce violence,,2084037,00.html

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