Wednesday, May 16, 2007


May 16, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Car bomb kills at least 32 in Iraq - near a market in a Shiiteenclave of Abu Saydah - northeast of Baghdad;_ylt=Av2.xDdSagf5Xlv1MdCAaldX6GMA

Iraq) ‘Chlorine bomb’ hits Iraq village on Tuesday

(Iraq) US names troops kidnapped in Iraq as hunt continues;_ylt=AtT6CIP_os554gQvhSA6xr4wuecA
(Iraq) US Military Says It Has Al-Qaeda Kidnap Gang Cornered InFarmland
(Afghanistan) Three Taliban leaders ‘died with commander’,23599,21742593-1702,00.html

(Afghanistan) NATO expects Taleban ‘offensive’

(Afghanistan) Locals turn on Taliban as civilians die in strikes

Afghans protest border clash outside Pakistan embassy;_ylt=AvisBqTx_CyGLJS44orX6WPOVooA
(Pakistan) Five killed in Pakistan militant clashes - rockets fired bymilitants hit a bus stand in a northwestern Pakistani town;_ylt=AigScjawlPaj4d.pUGF8oavzPukA
Pakistan suicide bomber leaves warning to U.S. spies;_ylt=Ao.G_1oh2BtWHMZFvzSwxULzPukA
Pakistan: Peshawar bomb not linked to Mullah Dadullah’s death, saysgovt

(Pakistan) Experts comb aftermath of suicide bombing that killed 25 atPakistani hotel

USA to upgrade Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jets

(USA Padilla Trial) Mystery Afghan gave Padilla evidence to U.S.;_ylt=Ai.sEn5M5zdPnu5eQdEtMCkTv5UB
(UK) ‘Hate’ Cleric Abu Hamza Deportation Battle Delayed - Hamzafighting deportation to USA,,30000-1265896,00.html?f=rss

(Israel) Hamas Rockets hit Israel as infighting rages in Gaza
(Israel) Emergency state declared at Israeli town of Sderot followingmissile attacks

Hamas kills five of its own in ambush

Hamas gunmen kill 6 Fatah guards in Gaza

(Israel) Terrorists distribute materials in Bethlehem teaching jihad,kidnappings, ‘infidel’ beheading

(Algeria) Two explosions wound four people in Algerian city ofConstantine

(Somalia) Explosion kills four AU peacekeepers in Mogadishu

(Philippines) Communist rebels kill 7 soldiers in Philippines
(Philippines) US counter-terror efforts bear fruit in Philippines

(Thailand) Thai general warns of Islamic rebels large-scale attacks insouth - three more shot dead;_ylt=Au79Poima9ZejJlnyROySd7uNREB

(India) Two terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir
(India) Chidambaram denies terror manipulation in stock market - deniesallegation of terror money laundered in Indian stock market§ion=subcontinent&col=
(India - Assam) Police: Rebels kill 6 in northeast India;_ylt=AgGnfMAKRFEEY7QKj6A.U_lA7AkB
Iran not complying with U.N. demands;_ylt=Aqqjn6w_rbYCp1khVQ_6WX1Sw60A
(Iran) U.S. urges sanctions against Tehran

(Iran) Bolton: We must attack Iran before it gets the bomb

(Iran/North Korea) S. Korea, US verifying reports on test of new N.K.missile in Iran

(USA) Texas: Man Indicted in Clinic Bomb Scare

(Spain) Fifteen accused in Madrid train bombings trial on hunger strike

(Netherlands) “Hell’s Angels delivered to terrorists” - supply ofweapons and explosive to Hezbollah and IRA

Other News:

Indonesia survey says people trust clerics more than president

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