Saturday, March 31, 2007

TERROR NEWS March 31st

March 31, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Update: (Afghanistan) Saturday: Five Afghan force members killed,Taleban leaders arrested - Involved in attempt to kill important triballeader§ion=subcontinent&col=

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: U.K. sailors trespassed;_ylt=AgezrwNjuCOXWPpAsTpFIPNSw60

Iran says Britain mishandling captives' issue

Iran dissidents: British capture ordered -- planned in advance andcarried out in retaliation for the U.N. sanctions imposed against the country;_ylt=AieErLH3IGXhQK4cxTpKEflSw60

Iraq Supports Plan to Relocate Thousands of Kurds Forced to Move UnderSaddam,2933,263032,00.html

Iraq's Shia militia 'stood down', Iraqi President Jalal Talabani says the Shia militia known as the Mahdi Army has stopped its activities on the orders of its leader, Moqtada Sadr.

(Iraq) The Christian victims of Iraq - 14-year-old boy nailed to across by Islamists in Iraq

(India) LeT terror shadow on SAARC meet

(Thailand) Suspected Islamists kill four Buddhists'

(Lebanon) Dutch MPs: Lebanon derelict in not disarming Hezbollah

(Israel/Gaza) IDF ready for major Gaza foray

(Israel/Gaza) Israel Warns of Hamas Military Buildup in Gaza

(Pakistan) The creeping coup of Talibanization in Pakistan

(Minneapolis) Imams narrow target of 'Does'

(Philippines) Child Communist rebel killed in Philippines

(Iraq) 55 deaths reported in Iraq
(Iraq) Four bombs kill 14 in Iraq - outside hospital, fuel station,central square, shopping area;_ylt=Aqmqe_pINEjBjU0mAj8i2BVX6
(Iraq) U.S. Says Al-Qaeda Using Chlorine Gas Against Civilians In Iraq

(Afghanistan) 8 suspected Taliban slain in Afghanistan;_ylt=AusfYed2EWBW6Oe2.RJgD6LOVoo

Bangladesh arrests 22 after militants executed;_ylt=Ar2ANRSO8ADn5Xc0jPHOgwx

(India) Militant commander killed in new Kashmir violence;_ylt=ApEGuklfnxyIgv1F9Ji3Zlo1NXc

(Thailand) 1 teacher, elderly couple shot dead in Thailand's restivesouth

(Somalia) Fighting in Mogadishu rages for 3rd day;_ylt=Asjz5sFScBSwHxcaPmo64Xi

(Somalia) Artillery rocks Mogadishu - resumed attacks on Islamistrebels and clan militia;_ylt=AlYdOlokQO9bcrVF4w

Australian Hicks to exit Guantanamo in plea deal at US tribunal --serve 9 months in Australian prison;_ylt=AlkJVBt1MWX0sjRbwuHV3rQwuec

(Australia) Returning al-Qaeda soldier divides Australia

(Iran/UK) Iran's Ambassador to Russia: British Sailors May Be Tried,2933,263004,00.html

(Iran/UK) UK sailors may face Iran trial: IRNA;_ylt=ArYWvxOWa9dU75K95PmI7pVSw60

(Iran/UK) US rejects Iran captives exchange

(Iran/UK) Britain sends diplomatic note to Iran;jsessionid=YI3D23QPICSTPQFIQMGCFFWAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/03/31/wiran931.xml

(Iran/UK) Paraded on TV again, their ordeal goes on

(Europe/Iran) EU refuses to back Britain over call to threaten exportsfreeze to Iran

(Europe/Iran) Commentary: German Poll Shows Germans More NegativeTowards USA Than Iran (my title),1518,474636,00.html

Iran: Khatami Lashes Out at Reformists - Khatami condemns those callingfor suspension of Iran nuke enrichment as "traitors", who don't"support the Islamic Revolution and its values"

Iran denies 'secret atomic program',23599,21483139-1702,00.html

(Iran) US sanctions Iranian Defense Industries

(Iran) Top US official: Iran has become greater threat than al-Qaeda,7340,L-3383368,00.html

(Iran) Bin Laden's Son in Iran, Experts Say

(Pakistan) Security force official killed in Balochistan - gun battlebetween security forces and militants

(Pakistan) Taliban free Pakistan school principal - who tried to stopTaliban from recruiting at school;_ylt=Au9hcHYbNJZpw83YuucoxNLzPuk

(Pakistan) Cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz gives govt a week to impose Sharia- otherwise "clerics will Islamize society themselves"\03\31\story_31-3-2007_pg1_2

(Pakistan) US hails Musharraf for role in war on terror

(Pakistan) "Hit list" of terrorist outfits - extremists expected totarget 26 clerics, senior govt officials, foreigners and diplomats on EidMiladun Nab\03\31\story_31-3-2007_pg7_4

Pakistani tribesmen battle Al Qaeda fighters

Pakistan tribal offensive to curb cross-border attacks: officials;_ylt=ArQgH9HBBVp9DpwhFcGXn0fzPuk

(Pakistan) Madrassas might be shifted out of Islamabad\03\31\story_31-3-2007_pg1_1

Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable missile;_ylt=Ant6LwCLCEcqwB.oYdeekg7zPuk

(Pakistan) "US military aid up by 45,000%" -- to $4.2 billion§ion=subcontinent&col=

(UK) Birmingham Mosque Supporting Exiled al Qaeda Supporter?

(USA) Seven Rallies against Jihad on Saturday

(Minneapolis) Imams removed from flight may sue passengers

Could Terror Suspects Be Moved To San Diego?

Palestinian premier a terrorist: Olmert,00050004.htm

(Hamas) One killed in explosion at Hamas camp in Gaza

Young Palestinians hold machine gun during a rally for the PopularResistance Committees

EU agrees to deal with non-Hamas Palestinians,7340,L-3383378,00.html

Washington Post Report: Hezbollah's Mix of Prayer and Politics

Spanish police seize 140 kilograms of explosives during ETA raids

Nigerian gunmen kidnap British oil worker

Sri Lanka says terrorism no threat to 8 percent growth;_ylt=AmDAmvJiBeR2NihnRUI20VATv5

Other News:

(Libya) Gaddafi says only Islam a universal religion

Glenn Beck on the Radical Islamic Agenda

Friday, March 30, 2007

TERROR NEWS March 30th

March 30, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Update) Pakistan fights near Afghanistan kill 52;_ylt=AqvyJXsCfSNidXmikgk43Mcwuec

(Pakistan) Extremist Violence on the Rise in Pakistan

(Iraq) Coalition Forces in Iraq Kill Four Terrorists, Capture 67 - DODpress release with details of operations

Somalia battles called worst in 15 years;_ylt=Ar8OUVG9vtbDKl7hLUyY_7qs0

British court strikes down 'control order' confining terrorist suspect to house arrest

(Israel) Police on high alert in center over possible terroristinfiltration,7340,L-3383264,00.html

(Iran) Iran: Attack fears spurred nuclear block;_ylt=Aqtdu21dJps8Rpb.PUBLc_3MWM0

(Iran/UK) Text Of Iran's Letter To British Envoy

(Iran/UK) Iran wants EU away from sailor dispute

(Iran/UK) EU demands release of UK detainees;_ylu=X3oDMTBjdmNoOTVjBHBvcwMyBHNlYwNzcg--/SIG=1386nona1/EXP=1175364250/**http%3a//

(Congo) U.S. lists 7 foreign companies, 3 people for anti-terrorfinancial sanctions

(Congo) Treasury Designates Individuals & Entities for Contributions toConflict in Congo

(Guantanamo Bay) Saudi Alleged Mastermind of the USS Cole Attack SaysHe Was Tortured

(Europe) Don't confuse terrorism with Islam, says EU -- word "jihad" isto be avoided altogether

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit Syria next week

(Pakistan) Eleven more killed in Pakistan clashes - between Pakistanitribesmen and foreign Al-Qaeda militants;_ylt=AvCCeBNTLWCvhLJQpm30fKTzPukA

Pakistani Taliban blow up video shops - seeking to impose Islamic law;_ylt=AhbdzMH1HfPiSQzap.erX5jzPukA

Pakistani Islamic Schools Are Rife With Extremism, Group Says

(Pakistan) Talibanization of society: Madrassa students gettingleniency\03\30\story_30-3-2007_pg1_5

(Afghanistan) 1 NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan;_ylt=AhCfwS.8QnCm0XblVaxpmCrOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban leader threatens to kill Afghan hostage: TV;_ylt=AtegsS1FkxtYFb4577rzooLOVooA

(Iraq) Coaltion forces detain Iraq bomb suspect;_ylt=AqgFBYanLf.F_1j1zrK7uqBX6GMA

(Iraq) Roadside bomb kills US soldier in Iraq

(Iraq) Radical Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Makes Scathing AttackAgainst U.S., Calls for Mass Protest in Statement,2933,262660,00.html

(Iraq) Militiamen return to Sadr City

(Iraq) Death toll rises to 82 from Thursday Baghdad blasts in Al Shaabmarket

(Iraq) Nearly 400 killed in Iraq March bloodletting

(India) Muslim rebels kill five Hindus in Kashmir;_ylt=AvqqBIU5lVy3qBsw_LppVtw1NXcA

Bangladesh executes six top Islamic militants;_ylt=Aqkdyj4a_GAvNL9ImTGoc5NTQMQA

(Somalia) Insurgents shoot down Ethiopian helicopter in Mogadishu;_ylt=AiqUO1eMrF3j.Q1Q_3C92RSQLIUD

(Sudan) Top officials: U.S. to impose Sudan sanctions soon

(Sudan) Police arrest armed Sudan Airways hijacker

Palestinian Schoolbooks Say Fighting Israel "Is Islamic Duty"

Israel says it can destroy Iran's missiles

(Iran/UK) Iran TV Channel Airs Footage of British Sailor's 'Apology'for Entering 'Iranian Waters'- second video of sailors,2933,262643,00.html;_ylt=AhtMZwM5dBu46A6gkWLrWChSw60A

(Iran/UK) British foreign minister dismisses Iranian letter onprisoners

(Iran/UK) Blair livid as hostage letter seeks withdrawal from Iraq

(Iran/UK) Captured Britons may face show trial in Iran

(Iran/UK) Turkey: Iran may consider freeing sailor;_ylt=AhK8tl2rDs5My50MtFS_fFftfLkA

Iranians: "All Britain has to do is to admit they made a mistake"

(Iran/UK) How Britons were conned by Iranian gunboat trick

(Iran/UK) Is a U.S.-Iran War Inevitable? Commentary by Robert Baer,8599,1604546,00.html

(Iran) The Arab Press Assesses the Likelihood of a U.S. Strike AgainstIran

(Indonesia) Explosives seizure 'dwarfs Bali bomb',23599,21476649-1702,00.html

Australian Hicks must explain guilt at Guantanamo;_ylt=ApBmncZLGp5L9OKA5oZvXRAwuecA

Australian Terror detainee Hicks faces less than 20 years;_ylt=Akuij6G.LqmGPok6lsuJWXQTv5UB

(Australia) Hicks may come home free, says Hockey,23599,21473457-1702,00.html

(Guantanamo Bay) Hearing: Jemaah Islamiah man Mohamad Farik Amin Zubaircourier for al-Qaeda - Zachary Abuza quoted

(USA) Defense Secretary Gates calls for Guantanamo closure

(Spain) Al-Qaeda video threating Spanish troops Ć¢€˜genuineĆ¢€™

Sweden: Moroccan terror suspect to be extradited to Germany

UK resident to be freed from Guantanamo,,873826,00.html

(Ireland) Four arrested in anti-terror swoop

(Sri Lanka) Fresh violence in Sri Lanka kills 13;_ylt=AgTkGTjawRPrnt.yzvakOestM8oA

Analysis: Al Qaeda, Penny-Pinchers?

Analysis: Risks grow of terrorists getting nukes

Analysis: America unprepared for 'likely' nuke attack -- Publicawareness campaign is only hope, says 3-year University of Georgia study

Other News:

(France) Two jailed over riot at French subway station

Sweden: Islam is and will be a European religion

'UK anti-Semitism can't be ignored

(Germany) New law gives asylum rejects failed asylum seekers chance tostay in Germany

(Germany) Holocaust archive ready to open files to public

(Netherlands) Parliament wants ban on Blood & Honour

Thursday, March 29, 2007


March 29, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Pakistan) Suicide blast kills Pakistan soldier, wounds eight;_ylt=AnoONJ.czZEKQwU7.sg1CWjzPukA

(Pakistan) Ceasefire breaks down in Pakistani tribal area;_ylt=AtCxk6v2YYgsTc_fxexcCHwwuecA

(Pakistan) Pro-Taliban clerics and their followers release police from Pakistani mosque (my title)§ion=subcontinent&col=

Pakistan: No Taliban Bases in Baluchistan, Says Chief Minister Update: Pakistani Intel

Officers Killed While Searching for AQ Leader, Sources Say - planned to meet with leaders to help find al Qaeda's No. 2 Ayman al Zawahri and one of his deputies

(Afghanistan) Suicide bomber targets Afghan intelligence chief - Kabul bomber targeted investigations chief of Afghanistan's intelligence service

(Afghanistan) Taliban "will free Afghan medical team for prisoners";_ylt=Ai8KpL4fiZdqXgU.QXKKtJfOVooA

(Somalia) Witnesses: Helicopters Bomb Terror Stronghold in Somali Capital,2933,262242,00.html

(Somalia) Ethiopian offensive on insurgents rocks Somali capital - 10 killed;_ylt=AnDen9c9QAzJlBs_PgKsaVuQLIUD

(Iraq) Four Iraqi police killed in war-torn capital - terrorists bobby-trapped car with corpse

(Iraq) Bomb Tears Through Baghdad Market (Iraq)

Kidnapped children used for terrorist attacks: Interior Ministry

Iraq official confirms police in reprisal killings;_ylt=AnVLRrHG3NrDE9_b8NbB_vpX6GMA

(Iraq/Iran) Hizbollah instructors tie Iran into deaths of a dozen British soldiers

(Iran) U.S., allies look to challenge Iran over refusal to allow nuclear monitoring

(Iran) UAE won't participate in US moves against Iran

(Iran/UK) Iran says Britain can see prisoners

(Iran/UK) UK denies troops surrounded Iranian consulate in Iraq

(Iran/UK) Britain pushes for international help in Iran row;_ylt=ArQejaQQoxiVPmFIyxDHKQpSw60A

(Iran/UK) Iran says will not free female British sailor - because of UK's "incorrect attitude";_ylt=AhdG3kcJKNTK6znTVmJsj6VSw60A

(Iran/UK) Tensions rise between Iran, U.K. in Iraq;_ylt=AtXvKijvc6TEC0DABS40XQNSw60A

(Iran/UK) UN chief discusses detained Britons with Iran FM;_ylt=AhybjWHKjISNoxvc06rHf91Sw60A

(Iran) Turkey steps up diplomacy in sailor crisis in Gulf

(Indonesia) Wanted militant believed still in Indonesia -- Noordin Mohammad Top;_ylt=AgIaZhzkr6ED7eGt_NVhpXLaHXcA

Indonesia shifts battle against extremists - plan to rehabilitate Jihadists - authorities debating arrested members of extremist group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) to change their ideology;_ylt=AnnMBkWV15I1f106iDfqr4YTv5UB

(Israel) IDF nabs head of Islamic Jihad in Nablus

(Israel) Arab peace proposal not good enough: Israel

(Spain) Police in northern Spain on alert over possible ETA attack, Basque minister says

(USA) House votes to protect 'John Does' on flights

(USA) Records say how CIA got Padilla papers;_ylt=Auc5jqPq30vRSf0y0zGcwRYwuecA

(USA) Al-Qaeda Faces U.S. Cyberwar

(USA) Richardson: 'Nuclear 9-11' Is Possible

(UAE to UK Flight) "Bin Laden" airline man arrested at UK airport

UK streamlines counter-terrorism powers in shakeup;_ylt=AhyAJYVcZNbiUm8DHIxzYDcUewgF

(UK) Arrest of British terror suspects sows more discontent

(UK Murder) Report: Pakistan Coach Linked to Associate of Dawood Ibrahim (my title),,2-2007140628,00.html

Canada should not be haven for retired terrorists: lawyer
Sri Lanka clash 'kills 15 rebels'

(Sri Lanka) LTTE works with other terror groups in South Asia Other News:

(UK) Hewitt attacks Muslim Doctors for breaching female privacy

(Pakistan) How Two Teens Were Recruited for Jihad

(Pakistan) Trouble Brews At Islamabad's Jihad-preaching Mosque

Taliban demands Karzai swap prisoners for Afghans - Wants 2 Taliban prisoners swapped for 6 Afghans - Taliban Kill Senior Pakistani Intelligence Official; Taliban-ISI Rift? Press

Reports Reveal Moroccan Hizbullah, Iraqi Hamas - "Brigades of the Twenties Revolution" in Iraq changes name (Iraq)

Baghdad Green Zone sees spike in mortars, rockets (Gaza)

Gunmen wound Hamas commander and Gunmen wound Hamas chief's children - Head of Hamas's armed wing in Beit Hanoun,20867,21466729-23109,00.html

Three Palestinian militants wounded in Israeli strike - Islamic Jihad preparing to fire rockets into Israel from northern Gaza

Iranian TV Airs Video of Seized British Troops,2933,261881,00.html

Iran: Britain must admit navy trespassed (might allow visit by UK authorities)

Iran unfazed by UK decision to freeze contact over Navy detainees Russian Intelligence

Reports U.S. Military Buildup Near Iranian Borders

Experts Address Terror Financing - Singapore conference brings experts together to discuss cases and policies

Interpol issued international extradition warrants - ITIC analysis

(Saudi Arabia) Accept peace plan or face war, Israel told;jsessionid=XEXIZR2YSU00BQFIQMGSFGGAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/03/28/wisrael28.xml

Spain arrests suspected members of Basque group ETA

Colombian army says 10 rebels killed in combat - Battle with FARC over jungle territory used to produce cocaine

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

TERROR NEWS March 28th

(Iraq) 45 Iraqis massacred in reprisal attacks - Al-Wahada -- Enraged Policemen Go on Revenge Killing Spree in Northern Iraqi Town;_ylt=Avv40RxPQ9AVZ8vLHwLuPf5X6GMA,2933,261864,00.html

(Iraq) Militants attack Iraqi, U.S. forces with chlorine bombs;_ylt=AgOB9.j0o4LoHNkUwA3w0spX6GMA

Iraq: Al-Qaeda Says It Struck in Talafar

(Afghanistan) Taliban suicide bomber kills four in Afghan capital;_ylt=AjNfDzx4Zqg7sn4Bm9QRl4zOVooA

(Afghanistan) Gunmen kidnap Afghan medical team§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Militants attack town in Pakistan - in town where Taliban were recruiting - scores of militants fired rockets, killed one policeman and kidnapped a school principal;_ylt=AiCuLqqHK0k8OT3DGEFsAH7zPukA§ion=subcontinent&col=

Update: Pakistan signs deal in militant area - formally announced by both sides;_ylt=Al9j400Y3drhVmcGVg2wjGnzPukA

(Pakistan) Report: Since 9/11 - Pakistan handed over 700 terror suspects to US: Amnesty

(Iran) UK says data shows sailors were in Iraqi waters;_ylt=AsaU_k1imQkK_n4yPRy2pYZSw60A

(Iran) UK Navy boats 'ambushed' in Iraqi water

(Iran) Britain: Time to press Iran to free 15;_ylt=AkXJWPMWqYlanl8TShievnpSw60A

(Iran) UK FM: 'Britain will freeze all bilateral talks with Iran'

(Iran) British servicewoman to be released soon, Iran minister quoted as saying

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Threatens to 'Strike at Them with All Our Capabilities' If Iran Is Attacked

(Iran) Pentagon chief warns against "illusions" on Iran;_ylt=AqoL8eNaemZ70_f2JNEXpdxSw60A

Iran monitors U.S. exercises closely, not concerned: TV;_ylt=AlEverglqplp552S9CZVsKlSw60A

(Iran) US House to Iran: Release British captives

(Iran) Gates says U.S. open to Iran dialogue

(Indian Kashmir) Eight terrorists surrender in Jammu and Kashmir

(Morocco) New suspect detained, 24 indicted in Casablanca suicide bombing

Algeria: Al-Qaeda Leader Sentenced to 20 Years in Jail

(Russia) Major terrorist act averted in Chechnya

(Indonesia) Father of terror suspect questioned - father of suspected terrorist Ahmad Syahrul Uman, alias Khoirul

(Palestinian Territories) U.S.-backed force 'mostly terrorists' -- Bulk of $59 million aid package to strengthen Abbas' guard units

Commentary: The Word Games That Hamas Plays

(Guantanamo Bay) Australian Terror Suspect Hicks: I backed al-Qaeda but didn't plot evil,22049,21464451-5001021,00.html

(NYC) Bomb threat at UN HQ tightens security

(Denmark) Four Muslims charged with terrorism in Denmark

(Denmark) 2 Danish Palestinian charity members acquitted of financing terror - Al Aqsa Foundation transferred funds to Islamic Charitable Society and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, but court decides no proof funds ended up in Hamas hands

Netherlands: Muslim Brotherhood have ties with Hofstad Group

(Netherlands) ID card for foreigners

(Spain) Police knew Islamic radicals bombed Madrid "in hours"

(France) Clashes Erupt at Paris Train Station

(UK) Cleared Algerian 'still threat to national security'

British law lords order N.Ireland police to hand over documents on 1990 killing of IRA man

(US) Stepped-up counterintelligence OK'd

US agency FBI fights to keep anti-terror powers;_ylt=AvlUFghj2EG0zNF2binG9jATv5UB

(North Korea) U.S. finds banks unwilling to accept transfer of funds

(North Korea) CIA says North Korea nuclear test a failure: report

Singapore shows off anti-terror academy; weapons, terror scenarios on display

Japan launches new counter terrorism force

Sri Lanka troops on the offensive after plane attack;_ylt=AmFcU3InshikIhpc7TjmABotM8oA

Other News: 'Islam needs to reform'

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TERROR NEWS March 27th

(Iraq) Anti-Qaeda tribes targeted in Iraq attacks - 14 killed in 2 attacks on Western Iraq targeting Sunni Arab tribes that have joined an alliance against al Qaeda;_ylt=AlY1J6xvFIM9jc0l02liZHwwuecA

(Iraq) Two blasts target Iraqi tribal leader, son killed;_ylt=Ah0UG9wlU4P8e0BndcjjbmpX6GMA

(Iraq) Split Widens Between Iraq Sunnis and al-Qaida

(Iraq) Suicide car bomber kills 10 near Ramadi, two nuns stabbed to death in Kirkuk

(Iraq) Mortar rounds kill 4 in Shiite area;_ylt=ApaeSJrsG894NyjyhmM0n2VX6GMA

Update: (Iraq) US arrests on Tuesday ringleaders of Iraq car bombs that killed 900;_ylt=AvQGCgPrYHsWZyzEQhHhan9X6GMA

Iraq has become center of international terrorism, expert says

(Afghanistan) Suicide attack kills four Afghan policemen;_ylt=AoOpgGtBZDBoWV0ezpUETZjOVooA

Afghanistan: Taliban Claim Responsibility for Suicide Attack

(Pakistan) Militants fire rockets after Pakistan school clash;_ylt=AnVpwpsMHvZuoeGEJy7LRs3zPukA

Update: Pakistan government signs peace deal in area where al-Qaida No. 2 escaped airstrike

(Pakistan) Al Qaeda's Pakistan Sanctuary - Bill Roggio

(Guantanamo Bay) Terrorist Abdul Malik admits trying to shoot down Israeli plane in Kenya

(Guantanamo Bay) Australian Terror Suspect Hicks Pleads Guilty to Providing Material Support to Terrorism - lawyers say plea will gain him relocation to Australian prison,2933,261470,00.html;_ylt=AuQAhSxnXnRmbh72tdO_z8wTv5UB

(Australia) 13 terror accused could get bail,23599,21455719-1702,00.html

(Iran) UK's Blair warns Iran of "different phase" over sailors;_ylt=ApMdINXCdJ4Vg8Y1Kh5xmoJSw60A

(Iran) UK's Blair spokesman downplays Iran 'different phase' comments -- not meant to convey military action;_ylt=AuH2peTntfNxCMoJtbfF6eFSw60A

(Iran) Britain asks Russia for help with sailors

(Iran) Commentary: Facing Down Iran - by Mark Steyn - Spring 2006

(Palestinian) Militants die in West Bank battle

(Gaza) Pipe bomb found near Gaza security fence

(Canada) Al-Qaeda threat to Canadian oil interests doesn't pose 'present danger'

(US) Former Netherlands MP Hirsi Ali under threat in US

(Belgium) Hijacking attempt foiled - by "disturbed" Frenchman on Brussel to Algiers flight

(France/Spain) ETA terrorists surprised during target practice

Thailand recruits women for counter-insurgency drive;_ylt=Avz.ly5ARw82tzNeTzz5zkPuNREB

(Nepal) Bomb planted at media office in Nepal

(China) Al-Qaeda link to Uighur separatists?

(Sri Lanka) Eight killed in suicide attack on Sri Lanka army;_ylt=AmRvYlHQwT8SfMycvfunyactM8oA

(Sri Lanka) Flights alert after Tamil Tigers launch air raid

(Sri Lanka) LTTE a threat to South Asia: Rajapaksa,001302310000.htm

(US) Report: "Ordinary customers flagged as terrorists" - Office of Foreign Asset Control's list of "specially designated nationals" - but auto dealer says if he had checked OFAC list would not have sold car to Mohamed Atta

(US) FBI acknowledges faulty warrant info

(US) Jury selection set to begin Tuesday in military secrets case - engineer Chi Mak for China

Propaganda: Rosie: Captured Brits a hoax to provoke war

Other News: Malaysian central bank signs MOU on Islamic finance

(Netherlands) Controversial imam Ahmed Salam "doesn't belong here"

(Belgium) Brussels government bans headscarf

(Spain) Widow attends massacre trial wearing Mohammed cartoon

Monday, March 26, 2007


Afghan army sweep kills 99 rebels in four days;_ylt=AhDXA.uQiy.PGrkG4J_WDYbOVooA

Al-Qaida escapee from Afghan prison urges Somali militants to fight 'holy war' - second video released this week by Abu Yahia al-Libi;_ylt=Arcd1sG_9HXThBbeN08ugnIwuecA

(Afghanistan) U.S. wants Europe to send more troops to Afghanistan;_ylt=AjCbY.4knn0B48wsRBG3CiHOVooA

(Iraq) US envoy admits talks with rebels to squeeze Al-Qaeda;_ylt=Aki9LJgwB0D0Ep_G84HxnItX6GMA

(Iraq) Rocket hits Baghdad Green Zone, shakes U.S. embassy;_ylt=Ag0NL3M75wY9_zkqcr_c1nZX6GMA

Iraq: Four Saudi Terrorists Slain in Al-Anbar, Report

(Iraq) Sunni-Shia areas ripped apart by bloodlust

Iraqi gunmen mow down 9 children

Iraqi Deputy PM Attack Seen as Inside Job

Iranian military warns U.S. against any attack -- Comments come two days after U.N. imposed new sanctions on Tehran

Iran warns sailors may be charged: Iranian Foreign Ministry Iranian Official:

Detained British Sailors Are Not Bargaining Chips,2933,261144,00.html

Iran rebuffs Blair's plea for release of captives

(Iran) Blair: Iran must free naval prisoners in days;jsessionid=HUGOPQTR2KJGJQFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/03/26/wiran26.xml

(Iran) British sailors being interrogated: Iran§ion=middleeast&col=

(Iran) Intelligence assets listen in to Teheran

Pakistan opposes sanctions on Iran

(Pakistan) Gunbattle at 'Jihad' Rally Kills 6 at Pakistani High School,2933,261142,00.html

(Pakistan) US-Pakistan alliance under scrutiny as Musharraf faces crisis;_ylt=AkDFqvVr1L2VzWlyg7GB5MvzPukA

(Pakistan Unrest) 1,000 arrests fail to halt Pakistan protests§ion=subcontinent&col=

Tunisia sentences 18 terrorism suspects to jail (

France) Police: Four suspects with alleged ties to terror group arrested in France - Ansar al-Fath - terror cell plotted attack on Paris subway, Paris airport, DST HQ

(India) J&K can't be kept out of anti-terror mechanism: India

(Guantanamo Bay) Australia terror suspect Hicks faces new trial;_ylt=AhhJxqFd4x8og5HRpaoyS1rOVooA

(Guantanamo Bay) Terror suspect Hicks may plead guilty to secure freedom

(Morocco) Terror plot to target tourists in Morocco is foiled

Yemen: Two killed in attack on Sunni school

Indonesia police arrest suspected al-Qaida man - Ahmad Khoirul Uman accused of ties to Jemaah Islamiyah

Indonesia says has DNA of key terrorist suspects;_ylt=AiqBGToCmC33hHwzPOJ468ITv5UB

Palestinians detonate bomb near Gaza fence

(Canada) CSIS alters slightly description of terrorists - not "Islamic"

Tracking terrorists with click of a mouse - Crime center finds clues in recovered CDs, hard drives,0,620050.story?track=rss

(UK) Extremists 'are encouraging violence against Muslim women'

(Sri Lanka) Tamil Tiger 'air force' bombs airbase

(USA) Emergent Tries Add-On For Its Anthrax Vaccine

Other News: Australia: Controversial cleric to be replaced

Sunday, March 25, 2007

TERROR NEWS March 24th

(Iraq) Suicide bomb at Baghdad police station kills 20;_ylt=Aq48hZ2Y6G7XarJaHk2uPlVX6GMA

(Iraq) US soldier killed in Baghdad;_ylt=Aj06clYsnkkt6j1.WAmZ.CpX6GMA

(Iraq) Al-Qaeda front group claims attack on Iraq deputy PM;_ylt=Ao3Agm4VgaS7BHt55vNP0RBX6GMA

(Iraq) US, Iraqi troops seal off central Baghdad area

Afghan clashes kill 9 suspected Taliban;_ylt=AtKaSoBtc4dY4IprXyQYzsDOVooA

Afghan journalists under threat in the south§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan/Afghanistan Border) Beheaded body found in Zabul

(Pakistan) Clashes resume in Waziristan\03\24\story_24-3-2007_pg1_4

(Pakistan) Foreigners offered amnesty - foreign militants battling tribesmen in South Waziristan can get amnesty if they surrender\03\24\story_24-3-2007_pg1_3

(Somalia) Plane shot down in Somalia; crew dies - missile downs plane, 11 Belarusian nationals die;_ylt=AqGmdZn.wO51B.aD8uxF1EWQLIUD

(Somalia) Heavy fighting kills 2 in Mogadishu on Friday

(Bangladesh) Report: Bangladeshi security find weapons, arrest 6 suspects in Islamic school raid;_ylt=AlUJc5DLOOgAjW8j8ieGxYdTQMQA

Iran: British sailors to be used as bargaining chips

(Iran) Report says British sailors held in Tehran;_ylt=AiWsJ8DBmefOOcRwBHpLmiBSw60A

Iran claiming sailors "confessed" to entering Iranian waters illegally (my title)§ion=middleeast&col=

Iran unrepentant over detention of British sailors§ion=middleeast&col=

(Iran) UN Security Council set to OK sanctions on Iran;_ylt=Am._pGqAxl9HFuygQ_vHtPpSw60A

(Iran) Diversion tactic by a nuclear menace

(USA) Judge won't dismiss Padilla terror case

(USA) 'Former US sailor assisted terrorists' - Hassan Abujihaad (aka Paul Hall) ordred to remain behind bars (USA)

Hill bill protects flying public - from discrimination lawsuits

Update: (Guantanamo Bay) Accused Jemaah Islamiya Terrorist's Questions (about Malaysia) Go Unanswered at Gitmo - Mohd Farik Bin Amin (aka Zubair) planned role in Jarkata 2003 attack and plot against Los Angeles

Guantanamo Prison Likely to Stay Open Through Bush Term

(Hamas) UN chief says has no plan to meet Hamas premier,7340,L-3380427,00.html

Report: no deal reached on release of captured Israeli soldier

Fatah family vows revenge during funeral of son killed in Gaza infighting

Islamic Jihad: Rice's visit means to campaign for strike against Iran or Hezbollah

(Lebanon) Hizbullah says Peres' remarks on war amount to 'declaration of defeat'

(Lebanon) Top Lebanese Sunni Cleric and Former MP Fathi Yakan on Al-Jazeera: Bin Laden a Man After My Own Heart; I Am Not Sad Because of 9/11 and Never Condemned this Attack

(UK July 7 Suspects) British police continue to question terrorist suspects

(UK) Leaders of 7/7 and 7/21 plots trained together, court told (UK)

Leaders of 7/7 and 7/21 plots met in Pakistan - The hydrogen peroxide bombs that link 7/21 terror plot to 7/7 suicide bombers

(UK) Anti-terror searches top 7000 in Sussex

(Saudi Arabia) Analysis: U.S. doubts Saudi terror arrests

(Sri Lanka) Heavy casualties in Sri Lanka amid intense battles;_ylt=ArBoQXYg3VwmswUcns_TMNAtM8oA

(Sri Lanka) 42 killed in 2 days of heavy fighting in Sri Lanka§ion=subcontinent&col=

(North Korea) U.S. moves to fix NKorea funds stalemate;_ylt=ArrVAq_hq2Zzf8UA9YlXrO6CscEA

Other News: (Jordan) Islamists win all seats of Jordan Bar Association§ion=middleeast&col=

(Australia) Ex-terror suspect loses Australia election - Mamdouh Habib;_ylt=AnQJgocalRnx2G7qV5ekKdsTv5UB

Pope: Europe's demographic trends give impression continent losing faith in future

US: Passenger claims smallpox, flight quarantined

Saturday, March 24, 2007

TERROR NEWS March 23rd

Afghanistan says 69 Taliban killed in attacks;_ylt=Am.Fpf3hndHVklwIXP1D.a_OVooA

Afghan suicide attack on NATO convoy, child hurt;_ylt=AhFCN..7IdZnJE3iGqMYFXHOVooA

(Pakistan) Fragile ceasefire after 160 dead in Pakistani clashes;_ylt=Anpkr3HqS0fwzU4BwxjQo4XzPukA

(Pakistan) Two rockets fired in Quetta\03\23\story_23-3-2007_pg7_3

Iraq deputy PM in surgery after bomb blast - condition "not stable";_ylt=Ap9NePtuwtoWtdqMOYVw5SxX6GMA

Iraqi Sunni deputy PM wounded in suicide bombing, 8 others killed

(Iraq) Al-Qaida group denies chlorine usage;_ylt=Al3ou4SoCINq9LcjSgUNxmhX6GMA

(Iraq) Chlorine cache found in Iraq - U.S. troops sweeping Baghdad have found containers of nitric acid and chlorine

(Iraq) In video, al-Qaida urges unification - Abu Yahia al-Libi, escapee from U.S. prison near Kabul, called on Sunni groups in Iraq to join the Islamic State in Iraq;_ylt=AjkWHmMt3vGyf7ewV5cKGM7MWM0F

(Iraq) Could Diyala be Al-Qaeda's Waterloo?

(Iraq) Shia troops break away - 3,000 Mahdi Army financed directly by Iran and no longer loyal to Muqtada al-Sadr,0,3218286.story?coll=ny-worldnews-print

Iran 'paying Iraqis $500 a month' - for attacks in Basra,23599,21436315-1702,00.html

Iran seizes British navy personnel in Iraqi waters;_ylt=AmxPPKtHTqEfX5NM7gXZ771X6GMA

Iran 'seizes' 15 British Marines

(Iran) Major Powers Submit Final Iran Draft - New resolution to pressure Iran to suspend uranium enrichment - vote in 2 days,0,4237372.story?coll=ny-leadworldnews-headlines

Iran says US delaying Ahmadinejad visa§ion=middleeast&col=

White House says Iran visas approved;_ylt=AptpRp3GDyI1gCLu7EaIphNSw60A

(Congo) Blast hits Spanish Embassy in Congo

(Somalia) Clashes rock Mogadishu for third day;_ylt=AsM3GgsboFC6GeJA3VB0EqWQLIUD

(Somalia) An Al-Qaeda Letter from Somalia

Group: More than 100 deported from Kenya;_ylt=AinaOlyhpq8qHhHDXfodChuQLIUD

(Nigeria) Three foreigners abducted in Nigeria,00050006.htm

Bangladesh to execute 6 convicted militants§ion=subcontinent&col=

Indonesia's terror network dangerous, well-organized despite arrests

Turkish al-Qaeda commander Ebu Omer killed in Pakistan Lebanese

Security Source: Fatah Al-Islam Connected to Al-Qaeda

Lebanon: No Sign of Illegal Weapons Says Former Peace Force Chief

Report: Europe claims Israel preparing for war - Officials telling Damascus to expect conflict this summer

(US) Friends: Sailor Hassan Abujihaad unhappy with U.S. foreign policy;_ylt=AmwLpLgmPQQz0CZHHC3CEvkTv5UB

(UK) Police question three men over July 7 terror attacks;_ylt=AgbTRoFnnaWu_eFbMohc97cTv5UB

(UK) 7/7 bomb suspects 'flying to join militants'

(UK) Taxi-driver among those held over 7/7 attacks - resigned, that he was going to Pakistan (UK

Fertilizer Bomb Trial) Terror trial jury retires for fifth day

(France) Brigitte lodges appeal to terrorism conviction (Spain)

Terrorist threat to Spanish interests abroad "rising"

Spanish court says it would have convicted Basque of terrorism but prosecutor dropped charges

Sri Lanka battle lines shift, toll hits 37;_ylt=Au2HCn8ZEfWpCDJ0b.xZ7mktM8oA

(India) Govt to tackle problem of Maoist militants taking over 4 tiger reserves,0008.htm

US energy secretary says Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline could help Iran build bomb: repor;_ylt=AoK3x6YKvjywTuvZckvxDmRA7AkB

(US) Report: Gates wanted to close Guantanamo

(US) Terror Supporter and Antisemitic Conspiracy Theorist Teaches at Dalton State College, Georgia

Other News: (USA) AP Report: Cities see rise in black Muslims in wake of 9/11 - Religious leaders report growth in numbers in major American cities

(UK) How tax reforms may make the UK a leader in Islamic finance -- Islamic finance: From niche to mainstream

(UK) Brown paves way for London to be 'leader' for sale of Islamic bonds

Norway: Surveying illegal immigration

Update: German judge under fire for using Koran to deny divorce

(Germany) Catholic church collects money for mosque

"Youthful Dutch population in 2050"