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May 21, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Lebanon) Lebanese Troops Tighten Siege of Refugee Camp; Death Toll at47 - where Fatah Al-Islam is holed up, suspect in failed German train bombing killed,2933,274153,00.html;_ylt=AteqjG2EY2L0._fmmVAWCITagGIB

Lebanon Army battles “al-Qaeda” militia

(Lebanon) One woman killed, 12 injured in an explosion in Christian Beirut neighborhood

(Afghanistan) 25 Taliban killed: Afghan defense force§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Afghanistan) Taliban attacks kill 14 Afghan police;_ylt=AjAohX8Qab6WDsfSYCViYyDOVooA

(Iraq) Gunmen kill 7 on bus headed to Baghdad;_ylt=AkfySijLteVV4Hcnwerxie9X6GMA

(Iraq) Bombings kill 7 U.S. soldiers in Iraq;_ylt=AlVRNTlnz_Huk5013pM15fNX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S.: Iraqi ringleader dead - leader of an Iraqi insurgent groupthat killed five U.S. soldiers in an attack in Karbala has been killedby American troops

Iraq: Sunni Leader’s Convoy Attacked

(Iraq) Coalition arrests 250 insurgents in wide-scale operation in Al-Anbar

(Iraq) U.S. officers edging their way into Sadr City

Hamas: Israel will be wiped off the map

(Hamas) Rockets fired on Israel despite Olmert’s warning§ion=middleeast&col=

Palestinian rockets ‘deadlier than ever’

Israel threatens to hit Hamas leadership - unless rocket fire from lawless Gaza subsides

Israel pounds Gaza, killing at least 5

(Israel) More IAF Air Strikes in Gaza, More Kassam Attacks on Sderot

Gaza: Four Islamic Jihad Terrorists Killed

Palestinian Authority Report: Targeted Strike Kills Two Terrorists

U.S. offers Palestinians more weapons - 1 week after Hamas obtainsAmerican rifles, additional military aid volunteered

Pakistani Lal Masjid cleric threatens jihad - if authorities use force to free two police officers being held captive by students

(Pakistan) Govt seen preparing for Lal Masjid operation - to free remaining kidnapped police - police arrested 37 madrassa students earlier in the day\05\21\story_21-5-2007_pg1_1

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid stand-off continues - 10,000 commandos deployed

(Pakistan) Report: Al-Qaeda in Pakistan funded from Iraq\05\21\story_21-5-2007_pg1_2

(Pakistan) International strength of Taliban, al-Qaeda threatens allied efforts

‘Pakistan using US aid against India’

Indian police detain suspect in mosque blast§ion=subcontinent&col=

(India) 3 bombs discovered on train in India - Calcutta’s main railroad station;_ylt=AjH5CIXwL.0ZjHOFg9.PXA1A7AkB

(Indian Kashmir) Strike to mark deaths of two slain Muslim separatists shuts Kashmir;_ylt=AlEwSrioMGoZbRKHYws462M1NXcA

(India) Jail for 1993 Mumbai blasts policemen

(Bangladesh) No trace of “new” Al Qaeda

(UK) Khalid Khaliq bailed over ‘al-Qaeda manual’

(UK) 7 July suspect due in court on al-Qaeda manual charge

(UK) British Muslim Hassan Butt turns terror informer

Mauritania: 21 Islamic radicals to go on trial

Egypt arrests 45 Muslim Brotherhood members in ongoing crackdown;_ylt=AnmWPSkP.95Jox_0ijpT7_LFCBEB

Update: Algeria holds 12 Islamic militants over bombings\05\21\story_21-5-2007_pg4_8

Somali president warns of ‘terrorist’ threat, slams donors;_ylt=AiO6qGsY22niOSQkDOhvoOKQLIUD

(Somalia) Ethiopian convoy hits mine in Somalia;_ylt=AlC542HFkQL9v6GSiwcQtjOQLIUD

(Yemen) Bomb hidden in box kills child,20867,21766664-1702,00.html

Thai shootings kill 2, bomb wounds 11 on Sunday;_ylt=Aul4vfx0_wWl6kuf1Csw5JfuNREB

(USA) Report: Al-Qaida recruiting African-American bombers - Pitch to African-Americans invokes ‘martyr’ Malcolm X

Colombian woman escapes captors alone;_ylt=Aswf5YSzgHR.uTLV8rDCluCwv7kA

(Spain) Accused in train bombing trial give up hunger strike

CIA briefing SEC monthly on terrorists: Barron’s;_ylt=AphziSojKWjGP_5Rjd4R2CoTv5UB

(Germany) Lebanese-German Khaled el-Masri Detained on Arson Suspicion,1518,483426,00.html

Sri Lanka roadside bomb, clash kill 4 soldiers;_ylt=AibDLBfA68Ouf1wE0wd.Y2stM8oA

Sri Lanka: 541 rebels killed in four months

(Sri Lanka) LTTE to launch new channel in Europe

(Sri Lanka) No peace talks until fighting stops: LTTE Also Two soldierskilled in clashes with LTTE

(India) Bomb blast averted in Assam

(Congo) At least 2 dead, 20 wounded in Congo rebel ambush

(Australia) Terror warning on APEC meeting,22049,21771532-5006009,00.html

Unknown Accuracy - Potential Propaganda:
(Iraq) Rumor on Islamist Websites: The Bodies of Two of the KidnappedSoldiers Have Been Found in Iraq

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