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May 6, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Iran: Singapore Bank Cuts Ties With Iran

(Al-Qaeda) In New Video, Al Qaeda No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri Mocks CongressBill, President Bush,2933,270241,00.htmlSITE

Institute: “As-Sahab Video of Third Interview with Dr. Aymanal-Zawahiri “ 5/2007” -

Mansfield website: New Zawahiri tape, with English subtitles

Mansfield website full text translation:

(Iraq) Violence kills at least 53 in Iraq

(Iraq) Car bomb kills 35 in Baghdad - on Sunday, wounded 80 in crowdedShiite market of Baghdad; US forces killed 10 militants and destroyed torture room in Sadr City;_ylt=AguI58zTrMSgVSkghECKH7tX6GMA

(Iraq) Militants killed while planting bomb in Iraq - in Al-Muwaileha

(Iraq) Insurgents kill six in Iraqi police station assault - on Sunday in Samarra;_ylt=AoLTIBohqgrRKdwIr4oLwn5X6GMA

(Iraq) 3 U.S. soldiers killed by insurgents’ attacks in Iraq

(Iraq) US air strike in Baghdad’s Sadr City kills 1

(Iraq/Iran) Ten members of Iraq cell linked to Iran killed: US

(Iraq/Iran) US general says Iranian-origin weapons turning up in Sunni insurgent hands

(Iraq) Suicide bomber targets tribal recruits to Iraq security forces - on Saturday;_ylt=AvmOyuyDWWC1Zt4vtvoqJsNX6GMA

(Iraq) Al-Qaida targets Sunnis who cooperate with U.S.

(Afghanistan) Two dozen people killed in fresh Afghan violence

(Afghanistan) Attacks claim 15 Afghan police - eight killed in Farah province Taliban ambush, suicide bomb attack in Helmand, car bomb attack in Bakwa, roadside bomb in Ghazni province;_ylt=AoGDOP72ZsdYKHsgGpjCa6fOVooA

(Afghanistan) 10 Taliban commanders killed recently in W Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Anti-U.S. Sentiment on the Rise

(Afghanistan/France) Taliban hostage deadline ‘after French government formed’

Taliban dismiss Afghan-Pakistan “peace jirga”§ion=subcontinent&xfile=data/subcontinent/2007/May/subcontinent_May221.xml

(Pakistan) Militants set up checkpoints in northern Pakistan§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) 4 rockets fired at Kohlu check post\05\06\story_6-5-2007_pg7_18

(Pakistan) Peshawar court declares 8 Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) officials proclaimed offenders\05\06\story_6-5-2007_pg7_19

(Bangladesh) Two JMB cadres arrested in Rangpur

(India) Five youths en route to PoK militant training camps arrested in Jammu & Kashmir

(India Assam) Poaching for Bin Laden,,2073168,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=1

(Israel) IDF arrests four terror suspects in West Bank - Two of the detainees were Islamic Jihad operatives

(Gaza) Palestinian gunmen attack UN school

(Gaza) Hamas: Sidelining Hamas “will give boost to Qaeda”

(West Bank) Israeli wounded in attack near Ramallah

(Algeria) Trained suicide bombers at large in Algeria

Yemeni kidnappers of French tourists jailed for 12 years

(UK) Focus: Is the Islamist group al-Muhajiroun waiting to strike again?,,2073522,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=15

(UK) Revealed: deadly links of UK’s Islamic terror network - Former militant says over 100 jihadis held Al-Qaeda summit in London 4 years ago

(UK) The jihadi house parties of hate

(UK) Unheard pleas of terrorist’s family

Analysis: Terror plots and information overload — How Canada, Britain and the U.S. all fail to digest the heaps of security data they gather

French suburbs threaten riotous dawn for the reign of Sarkozy

Spain’s Supreme Court bars hundreds of Basque separatist candidates from local elections

Germany: Concern Muslim youth would turn to terrorism

(Turkey) Renewed clashes in SE Turkey kill four - officials

(Thailand) Muslim protesters score victory - govt agrees to release 24 suspected militants

(Thailand) Bangkok security tightens after bomb

(Thailand) Nine killed in Thai Muslim south - on Saturday

(Thailand) Update: Bangkok terror plot uncovered in London

Iran seeks to open doors for foreign banks;_ylt=AsHjoDFTDa1.UUSdo.z2JQRSw60A

(Nigeria) ‘I don’t want to die here,’ Filipino hostage says;_ylt=AmKQSFN0D3bUfEWqkgGtMohUKYUA

Colombia finds 211 bodies in mass graves;_ylt=AuCWr8rJSxCBUMYKN9k1c1ewv7kA

(Sri Lanka) Ten killed in fresh Sri Lanka violence§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Australia) Anti-terror cameras for buses,22049,21677489-5001021,00.html

(USA) Refugee proposal on terrorist groups - Proposed legislation would give the government the authority to waive the ban for members and fighters of organizations in terror organizations;_ylt=AlaEimfiL9R9fwkvW37sczQTv5UB;_ylt=Av0fMJSL86sJgJaFA1T98DcTv5UB

Other News:

(Turkey) Turk secularists boycott; Gul drops presidential bid

(Turkey) “Headscarf war threatens to split Turkey”

(India/USA) Iran a sticking point in US-India nuclear deal;_ylt=AtZ3pJslxwrPz72s_.2F28hA7AkB

(Norway) Unholy row at clergy soccer game

(USA) 35% of Dems believe Bush knew of 9/11 attacks in advance

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