Thursday, May 3, 2007


May 3, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News
(Iraq) 4 killed in Green Zone rocket attack;_ylt=AvtLTMSj2yesAVzWandg_81X6GMA
(Iraq) Roadside bombs kill three US soldiers in Iraq;_ylt=AsTsD6TPfsxhgrVay9F1n.hX6GMA
(Iraq) Report: Al-Qaeda front group leader Abu Omar al-Baghdadi killed;_ylt=AokAGGxWVaiyTV7U0eo7kexX6GMA
(Iraq) U.S. military says it has no confirmation of killings ofal-Qaida leaders; confusion apparently stemmed from death of senior operativelinked to kidnappings
Iraqi TV shows photos of dead militant leader Abu Omar A-Baghdadi
(Iraq) US forces arrest two in Iraq for smuggling weapons from Iran;_ylt=AjgORDTE4QDS6Lvb49d9Jy9X6GMA
(Iraq) Iraq: U.S. forces detain 12 terror suspects
(Iraq/Syria) U.S. military says Syrians have reduced flow of foreignfighters into Iraq
Iraq violence threatens to engulf Mideast
(Afghanistan) Afghan army bus bombed in Kabul, one dead, 29 wounded;_ylt=AukMSCLMC3dWw92cOaNf3A7OVooA
Afghanistan: Forces nab bombers - three known traffickers of improvisedexplosive devices
(Afghanistan) Former Afghan PM shot dead in Kabul;_ylt=ApggQYUR3_RF0DzC1FvAmInOVooA
(Iran) Major powers warn Iran of possible new sanctions;_ylt=AtfZUzUkts39Yp4MZEgHAeJSw60A
(Morocco) Former Guantanamo inmate Ahmed Errachidi walks free inMorocco;_ylt=AoCfD6EMuHs1oVKaWe7lncATv5UB
(Thailand) Two security officers shot dead in Thai Muslim south
(Thailand) Privy Council President condemns beheadings in South
(Pakistan) Militants behead “US spy” in N Waziristan\05\03\story_3-5-2007_pg7_21
(Pakistan) Blast damages hairdresser’s shop - local barbers warned notto shave men’s beards, calling the practice un-Islamic\05\03\story_3-5-2007_pg7_19
(Pakistan) Red Mosque Lal Masjid behind Charsadda blast: Altaf tellsSherpao\05\03\story_3-5-2007_pg7_12
(Pakistan) Cleric Khalid Shah issues fatwa for “jihad” againstgovernment\05\03\story_3-5-2007_pg7_10
Pakistan students urge govt to take action against clerics
(Pakistan) Charsadda Bomber’s sketch to be released today\05\03\story_3-5-2007_pg7_20
(Pakistan Foreign Office) No Al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan\05\03\story_3-5-2007_pg7_36
(Pakistan) ‘AQ Khan’s network is still active’’AQ+Khan’s+network+is+still+active';
Pakistani links to terror in UK
(UK) ‘Terrorist’s accomplice in tearful confession’ — Qaisar Shaffiaided Dhiren Barot in terror planning to attack USA targets -reconnaissance of New York Stock Exchange and IMF Building
(UK) Tears of ‘US terror plotter’— Qaisar Shaffi,,2-2007200475,00.html
(UK) Home-grown terrorist threat that unnerves US allies
(UK) Update: US pushes for visa control on Pakistani Britons — reportalleges DHS is waiting for Blair to leave office before revealing itsplans
(UK) Commentary - “When will we British learn to stop appeasingterror?” - Melanie Phillips
(UK) Commentary - “Why should we have to justify ourselves to thepeople who want to bomb us?” - Catherine Bennett,,2071238,00.html
(UK) Video: Fertilizer Bomb Plots Detailed
(Canada) Court tosses terror challenge - Mohammed Momin Khawaja
(USA) The al Qaeda Blogroll — New York City Connection
Bangladesh: Security Tightened after explosions
(India) Blast in Assam, two injured
(Gaza) Terrorists look to kidnap more Israelis
(Israel) Islamic Jihad claims explosive device thrown at IDF in Jenin,7340,L-3394610,00.html
Indonesia: Jemaah Islamiyah in transition but still dangerous, saysreport
(Somalia) Mogadishu’s new mayor says ‘the time of the terrorists isover’
Sudan ‘will defy Darfur warrants’ - for Janjaweed leader Ali MuhammadAli Abd al-Rahman and Humanitarian Affairs Minister Ahmed Haroun
(Nigeria) 3 Koreans, 8 Filipinos kidnapped in Nigeria
North Ireland terror group’s pledge,,2-2007200508,00.html
(Sri Lanka) 18 LTTE guerrillas killed in separate clashes withgovernmentt troops in Sri Lanka
(Sri Lanka) Britain freezes Sri Lanka aid, seeks Tiger talks;_ylt=Ao68F03zJLiWhjM4kRtAVWQtM8oA
(Sri Lanka) Australia parts ‘used in rebel bombings,23599,21665030-1702,00.html
Other News:
(UK) Islamic finance market growing dramatically
Islamic Scholars Play Role in High Finance
Commentary: Muslim Non-Profits: Moderate Organizations Or ElaborateDeceptions?
German Muslims divided in talks with government
Netherlands/Belgium news roundup
Denmark: Danish citizens held in Iraq

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