Thursday, May 17, 2007


May 17, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Taliban Claims Responsibility for Bombings That Killed 10Afghan Police - double bombing hits Kandahar, 10 dead - killing policeofficers and security guards,2933,273152,00.html

(Iraq) Search for 3 missing soldiers continues;_ylt=AmIBFnc9G94MqUdiFZQmkIFX6GMA
(Iraq) Mortars hit aircraft at U.S. base in Iraq, police say

Iraqi troops snatch 16 suspects in hunt for kidnapped US soldiers;_ylt=AmatcylreFDor_etk0egdTlX6GMA
Iraq: Al-Sunna Offers Al-Qaeda Oliver Branch

Iran, US ambassadors to meet May 28 in Iraq;_ylt=AqPffFYaktArlTJpIN0TokFX6GMA
(USA - Fort Dix Plot) Terror suspect Agron Abdullahu seeks to be freedon bail;_ylt=AtZX.Roz5j_0lHiw7KZ5m3ATv5UB
(USA - Fort Dix Plot) Terrorists in the File Cabinet? Three suspectsentered USA illegally more than 20 years ago

(Israel) One Killed in Israeli Airstrike Strike on Hamas Compound inGaza - Gaza on the Brink: Israeli tanks take up positions just overborder,2933,273156,00.html

Israeli air attack destroys Hamas security building;_ylt=AptBGserkL07CRtn0OmCZ2_uyucA
Hamas threatens suicide attacks inside Israel,7340,L-3401348,00.html

Hamas threatens suicide attacks following IAF strike

Hamas: The Zionist enemy has declared war

Hamas says one its men was kidnapped and executed by Fatah security forces

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid ends talks with govt\05\17\story_17-5-2007_pg1_6

Pakistan: Military Clash in Tribal Area Kills 6 - clash between law enforcement and Islamic militants in Tank

Pakistani, Afghan border troops trade fire§ion=subcontinent&col=
Jordan: Would-Be Suicide Bomber To Hang Next Week

(Somalia) Bomb explodes near Somali PM’s convoy;_ylt=AmpekYOPa6hnXDbFLhdEDzeQLIUD
(Somalia) Bomb kills four peacekeepers in Somalia - Five peacekeepersand two children were also wounded in the attack on the African Union convoy

Algerian parliament poll opens amid bomb fears;_ylt=Aq2JiOIrq2C9ZS2fhJSWwCd6CC8A
U.S. Government’s Arabic-Language Channel Airs Anti-Israel Comments from Hamas, Hezbollah,2933,273055,00.html

(USA) DHS Traveler screening program is criticized;_ylt=Agl.hXbZWbgUw.5v34mQo0ITv5UB
Australia frees Israeli embassy bomb plotter Jack Roche - British-bornal-Qaida terrorist released after serving half his sentence;_ylt=Av5YSxq8td2RuifiatJN3T8wuecA

(Australia) PM: Hicks’ return to Australia a secret;_ylt=Ajy2TJZ_LRt_2ROg3aCIxCUwuecA
UK asks bin Laden associate to make appeal - Abu Qatada urged to help secure release of BBC reporter held in Gaza

(UK) Met Employee Charged with Leaking Terror Secrets
(USA/Iran) House nixes proposal to bar Iran attack;_ylt=Ampf4h1QNaLEp9lQz.jST3VSw60A
(Netherlands) Rotterdam: Tunisian Jihad recruiter set free

(Spain) Madrid train bombings injury toll rises to 1,841

(Russia) Armed group planning terror attacks eliminated in Chechnya-FSB

(Thailand) More than 700 bombs captured in central Thailand - “couldblow down a whole mountain”

(Philippines) More die in Philippine election as police cut toll;_ylt=At6JR6ZQUdKf_IlX0QlUaa5UKYUA
(Colombia) Escapee saw rebel-held U.S. hostages

Other News:

(UK) Blair: A ‘dark day’ if the US left Britain

Pakistani woman paraded naked in revenge - forced by seven armed men in Islamabad