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May 26, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Washington DC) 9-11 memorial takes shape at Pentagon

(Iraq) Combined mortar and car bomb attack on Baghdad neighborhood in Bayaa (my title) - killing at least 6;_ylt=AqHaae9sB31Dxg9PA0DSxNBX6GMA

(Iraq) Two people killed in explosions in Kirkuk, Mosul

(Iraq) U.S. forces raid al-Sadr’s stronghold - kill five suspected militia fighters in air strikes - leader of cell facilitating bombs from Iran to Iraq;_ylt=AmkMk0sgp4yjXo325S1R9_tX6GMA,2933,275636,00.html

(Iraq) U.S.: ‘Cell leader’ with Iran links nabbed in Sadr City

(Iraq) Three US troops killed in Iraq

(Iraq) Report: U.S. is studying ways to reduce its troops in Iraq

Iraqi Interior: terror groups stationed in triangle near Baghdad

(Afghanistan) NATO soldier killed in southern Afghanistan;_ylt=ApnYqD7zh4aEj3LEiKUPEEnOVooA

(Afghanistan) Suicide attack hits Afghan city, three police wounded - Kandahar

(Pakistan) Roadside bomb kills 2 Pakistani soldiers - in northwest Pakistan;_ylt=AkWnxXSE4rkHLX9VeiR44sTzPukA

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid gears up for attack on CD, video shops: Taliban jihad in NWFP backed

(Pakistan) Unknown armed men in Pakistani city of Quetta kill four people

(USA) Texas jihad suspect convicted on weapons charge - Pakistan native Syed Maaz Shah

thanks to JihadWatch USA/UK) Al-Qaeda suspect extradited from Britain to US - Pakistan-born US national Syed Hashmi, charged with supply weapons to Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan;_ylt=Ah2NGXMvek9wMD8bopN2tL8wuecA

Israel pounds Hamas positions in Gaza, arrests Palestinian minister - killing at least 4 Hamas fighters;_ylt=Akk4VA7Da61BCAcobeBvO_zuyucA

(Israel) Four Hamas terrorists killed in intensified IAF air strikes

(Gaza) Islamic Jihad operatives manage to escape air force strike in Gaza City,7340,L-3404601,00.html

Lebanon gives last chance for talks to end deadly clashes — sniper fire stopped thousands from fleeing;_ylt=Akc0hqYc0ANvhKIT.OLuK5PagGIB

(Lebanon) ‘Free hand’ for Lebanon army to hit militants

(Lebanon) Hezbollah head warns against raid

(Lebanon) ‘Fath Al-Islam’ Military Commander: We Are ‘Ready To Blow Up Every Place In Lebanon’
(India) Seven killed, 30 injured as ULFA bomb blast strikes in Assam;_ylt=AirIE4av7qW535YalyuprdpA7AkB

(India) Security tightened at Surat textile market after threat call

(Somalia) Roadside bomb explodes in Somali capital, killing 2 civilians and wounding 5

(Somalia) Mogadishu deputy mayor survives bomb attack;_ylt=Ak2HmhGae0tZXunWLAWIcliQLIUD

Somalia: Speaker Urges Eritrea to Stop Spreading Terrorism in Ethiopia, Somalia

(Nigeria) Gunmen seize foreign workers in Nigeria - including 3 Americans;_ylt=AsLznh9FVYvbYgdMKfhVK2vZ9YEA

(Thailand) Four Muslims shot dead by suspected Islamic rebels in Thailand’s restive south;_ylt=AhslkTQcDmDW3XwHSIP0peLuNREB

(Thailand) 2 paramilitary troopers injured, villager killed in Yala attacks

(Philippines) Soldiers attacked in Philippines by gunmen;_ylt=AvJA1JT1AjCaUreZkLot9U9UKYUA

(China) Pentagon Report Says China’s January Missile Test on Satellite, Other Actions Cause for Concern,2933,275445,00.html

(UK) Racist Muslim preacher is deported to Jamaica - Abdullah el-Faisal influenced July 7 2005 bomber

(UK) Fourth Terror Suspect On The Run (my title) - Iraqi Bestun Salim, an associate of terror chief Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi—&method=full&objectid=19201604&siteid=66633-name_page.html

(UK) Terror suspect Ibrahim Adam was ‘nice guy’,,2-2007240274,00.html

(UK) New picture of missing terror suspect Cerie Bullivant issued

(UK) Muslim party Hizb-ut-Tahrir in posters denial

(USA) Report: IRS poor at finding terrorists;_ylt=AtU7e.l.OUAQVlTB3UcYNwITv5UB

(USA) Senate moves to expand detainee rights - at Guantanamo Bay;_ylt=AiHYGELZ9.8EDLdKPRkw47gTv5UB

(USA) Oregon: ELF arsonist Chelsea Dawn Gerlach sentenced to 9 years;_ylt=ApL4Q7nJp8IH3hX.BehgwP4Tv5UB

Iran Nuclear: Russia concerned over delay of Bushehr project

Other News:

Turks rally against pro-Islamic leaders;_ylt=AnSwAXGZm1Oaqh.odLqA_FbtfLkA

(USA) Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan speaks at Chicago Catholic church

(Belgium) “50 percent of Belgians want headscarf ban”

Germany: $16 Million in Counterfeit Bills Seized in Cologne,1518,485088,00.html

(Iran) About 70 pct of Iran oil income in non-U.S. dollar;_ylt=Ase1FV7dMZaCAygUzM7_S3BSw60A

Canada revokes citizenship of 2 ex-Nazis

Propaganda Alert:
(Iraq) BBC Reports “Sadr calls for Sunni co-operation” - fails to report Al-Sadr chants against USA and Israel

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