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May 9, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Suicide truck bomber kills 19 in Iraq — Kurdish city of Irbil;_ylt=AmqKjzLOxecObCy2TIO3iPZX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. soldier killed and four others wounded by gunfire involatile Diyala province, military says

(Iraq) Four Iraqi journalists shot dead near Iraq’s Kirkuk;_ylt=AvnPno1dW.ZNQhIfKcc07ClX6GMA

(Iraq) Cheney makes surprise Iraq trip;_ylt=AoEo0ZBZvkLWHCCZtMI2HoBX6GMA

Iraq: Sunni Ultimatum Rocks Al-Maliki’s Position

(Iraq) 10 brigades notified of Iraq deployment

Afghan bill calls for talks with Taliban — Afghan lawmakers passedbill calling for govt to open dialogue with Taliban and prohibiting international forces from firing weapons and launching raids unless they come under attack;_ylt=AuUH2LR9RKYsuuqsVl6FOM7OVooA

(Afghanistan) Report: NATO air raid kills 21 in Afghan south: governor;_ylt=Apm2ZnTMRK2TarMUbm5LKtLOVooA

Saudi report: Terror cell had Syria base;_ylt=Ar3ka6_W47k43SBq5IUuvDETv5UB

North Africa Qaeda wing vows more suicide bombings;_ylt=AtKi5aUt7_ptgppTk2xjy2B6CC8A

(India) Five killed in clashes in Indian Kashmir - raid in terror hideout in Kupwara district - two Indian soldiers and three suspected Islamic militants;_ylt=AmXFKMvwmBQqH62bX06mfzFA7AkB

(India) Pakistan-based LeT terrorists trying to enter India through sea route: Govt

(India) Jammu & Kashmir’s drugs, terror link snapped

(India) 23 acquitted in 1993 blasts case formally set free

(Pakistan) Terrorist bid to blow up music centers foiled

Pakistan generals have decided to impose emergency in North West Frontier Province

(UK) Police arrest four over 7/7 attacks - arrested in West Yorkshire and in the West Midlands;_ylt=AufNDeJ0KmpYOQqZegsQX.MTv5UB

(UK) 7/7 bomber’s widow held in anti-terror raid — Hasina Patel wife of 7/7 bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan

(UK) Britain splits Home Office to help it better tackle terrorism

(UK) Anti-terror raids at student halls in Birmingham

(Philippines) Police suspect Jemaah Islamiyah in southern Philippines bombing

Philippines steps up security after bombing - eight people were killed in Tuesday bombing blamed on Muslim extremists;_ylt=AkqjEiTzFrH5vqIP33YiKC9UKYUA

(Thailand) Seven soldiers killed in Pattani bomb - then shot point blank to ensure they were dead

(Somalia) Security forces ban, burn Muslim veils - to stop Islamist insurgents from disguising themselves for attacks,23599,21702121-1702,00.html

(South America) Hezbollah builds a Western base — From inside South America's Tri-border area, Iran-linked militia targets U.S.

(Gaza) “Army of Islam” claims responsibility for kidnapping BBC correspondent

(Gaza) Palestinian militant group claims it holds British reporter —demanded the release of a suspected al-Qaeda militant “Sheik Abu Qatada”held in a U.K. jail;_ylt=Avs2C9Qre7IPcL3S5TpqagAwuecA

Hamas slams Islamic group claiming BBC abduction

Jordan court upholds death sentence for Briton’s killer;_ylt=AhyBRkmf61iXsOlpZHPupxRYU.0A

UN panel seeks stricter measures to curb terror financing

(Iran) Major powers to discuss sanctions against Iran

(Iran) Report: Five Iranians held by US in Iraq to be released soon

(USA/Iran) U.S. citizen gets prison terms for exporting aircraft parts to Iran

(Nigeria) Four Americans seized in Nigeria - working for Chevron sub-contractor

(Australia) Sheik Shady Suleiman: It’s OK to kill kids in battle,20867,21695697-5006784,00.html

(France) Third night of anti-Sarkozy protests in France

(Germany) Raids across northern Germany on G8 terror fear - left-wing militants formed terrorist organization to target G8 meeting;_ylt=Arrk7XrAMvCpB8ZFdJatJdUTv5UB

(Canada/Air India) Lawyer says security was lax at Canadian airports’Security+was+lax+at+Canadian+airports';

(Sri Lanka / Australia) Melbourne terror suspect had access to funds

Fort Dix Plot Follow-Up News Stories:

(USA - Fort Dix Plot) Official: Radicals wanted to create carnage at Fort Dix

(USA - Fort Dix Plot) FBI: Video Store Clerk Credited With Foiling Jersey Jihad Plot,2933,270892,00.html

(USA - Fort Dix Plot) Document links Fort Dix suspects to radical terrorism

(USA - Fort Dix Plot) Timeline of events in Fort Dix jihad plot—fortdixplot-timel0508may08,0,3150495.story?coll=ny-region-apnewjersey

(USA - Fort Dix Plot) Schoolmate: Alleged radicals were typical teens

(USA - Fort Dix Plot) The Pizza Connection; Easy Access to Fort Dix

(USA - Fort Dix Plot) Symposium: Jihad in Jersey

Other News:

Pakistan National Assembly Rejects Motion against Blasphemy Law

(Pakistan) Eight booked for blasphemy\05\09\story_9-5-2007_pg7_8

(UK) MP angry at Sharia courts reports — UK Government should consider making it a criminal offence to impersonate a court

(Malaysia) New religious dispute sparks fears of rising Islamization in Malaysia - kidnap of Hindu wife

(India) US alarmed over jump in fraudulent visa requests in India

Netherlands: Wilders followed by AIVD

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