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May 29, 2007 Late Anti-Terrorism News

(Al-Qaeda) Azzam the American: “Legitimate Demands” — A Video Speechby Adam Yahiye Gadahn Produced by as-Sahab Media

Video (Laura Mansfield):

(Al-Qaeda) New Tape, Old Threats From American al Qaeda

Al Qaeda’s American Flack in New Video

The Missing Terrorist - Newsweek: Ibn al-Shakyh al-Libi, key source alleged Iraq - Al Qaeda link, missing

(Iran/Iraq) Tehran’s Secret ‘Department 9000’ — Secret Iranian unitsupplies Iraqi insurgents

(Iraq) Update: Five Britons abducted in Iraq, 10 U.S. troops killed;_ylt=AlCr.MsvRaiOYO3hkaQV.xdX6GMA

(Iraq) Special Operations: High Profile, but in Shadow - NYT: U.S.Special Ops conduct up to dozen raids nightly

(Iraq) Extremists threaten new gov’t Internet project in universities -believe Internet can spread “un-Islamic” behavior

Cyber-spies tracking terror on Web

Taliban learns tactics, PR from al Qaeda

(Afghanistan) Taliban chief demands inquiry into Afghan civilian deaths- Mullah Omar’s new statement

(Afghanistan) EU envoy says police training mission in Afghanistanshould be bigger - 160-person group barely exceeds minimum needed§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Four people killed in Pakistan militant clash - 7 wounded in Baluchistan§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Blasts in southwest Pakistan over 1998 nuclear test

(Lebanon) UN Security Council ready to vote on Hariri tribunal - Draft faces Russian objections

(Lebanon) Palestinian Islamic Council in Lebanon Head: “The Only Way toLiberate Palestine is by Jihad”

(Lebanon) Terrorist suspect arrested in Beirut hotel raid§ion=middleeast&col=

(Algeria) Al-Qaeda snatch Egyptian engineer

(NYC) Lawyer says terror suspect Syed Hashmi extradited from London isan academic, not a terrorist

(USA) Fort Dix tipster shrugs off ‘hero’ title - describes “moral dilemma” in turning in Jihadists

Italy: European Court halts expulsion of Moroccans - acquitted of terrorism charges

Russians: U.S. Can’t Stop Our Missile — Moscow boasts new ICBM,apparently developed secretly, that it claims can penetrate any defense system,2933,276014,00.html

(Israel) PM: I have no intention of making any deal with Hamas

Nigerian armed group to release 6 hostages

(Sudan) Darfur women describe gang-rape horror by Janjaweed militia

Saudi Authorities Crack Down on Forgery Networks

Turkey probes weapons cache from Iran to Syria§ion=middleeast&col=

Other News:

Islamic Society of Boston Abandons Lawsuit Against The David Project

(Turkey) Islam taking root in Turkey’s bureaucracy

(Malaysia) Christian Convert Fights Malaysian Law

(Canada) Bank of Nova Scotia and Toronto-Dominion Bank consideroffering Sharia-compliant products

Travelers possibly exposed to drug-proof TB

May 29, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Car bomb at Baghdad Shiite mosque kills 21;_ylt=Agv2TJnmRbPCK3rcQrZ8NjdX6GMA

Iraq: Parked minibus explodes in Baghdad, killing 22 and injuring 58 -attack in Tayaran Square;_ylt=Ap12AkEKOLpsh.fArb_kuEVX6GMA

(Iraq) 8 U.S. troops said killed Memorial Day - in Diyala province;_ylt=Ar0.hU3TUo9pQrb1dzUML1hX6GMA

(Iraq) Five Britons ‘seized in Baghdad’

(Iraq) Westerners seized amid explosion of Iraq violence;_ylt=AhcSQSLn52LaFc4w3FsVdANX6GMA

(Afghanistan) Al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan money man behind Bin Laden— Mustafa Abu Yaz former treasurer to Bin Laden;_ylt=AtzEp9fWAwRlAKDbFCdxDnIwuecA

(Pakistan) Six hurt in bomb blast in Pakistani city of Peshawar

(Lebanon) Fatah Al Islam refuses to surrender militants

(Lebanon) Clerics mediate as army tightens grip on Nahr al-Bared

Lebanese soldier injured in army clashes with militants dies of wounds

(Lebanon) Moroccans members in Fatah Al-Islam — daily

(Lebanon) Four killed at Beirut check points§ion=middleeast&col=

(Lebanon) Trial of suspects in failed Germany train bombing postponed

Jihadists moving into Lebanon from Syria

(Syria) Al-Qaida inspired group launches protest - Tawhid and Jihad;_ylt=AmLm56F_QqvhYOKQ.vy.LDUwuecA

(USA) Judge in Padilla case draws praise;_ylt=AugB3ZUD6QIBKx7vnkL5EZswuecA

Israeli forces kill 2 Hamas militants in Gaza raid

(Israel) 2 Palestinians killed in Gaza ground operations - Four Fatah activists were apprehended

Israeli Commandos Target Hamas Militants,,30200-1267841,00.html?f=rss

(Israel) Kassam lands in open area in W. Negev

Egyptian police detain six Muslim Brotherhood members in Menoufiya

Iran Charges 3 Americans With Spying,2933,276003,00.html

(Iran) EU foreign policy chief Solana likely to meet Iran nuclear negotiator Larijani in Madrid Thursday

(Thailand) Bomb hurled into Hat Yai hotel

(Thailand) Two killed, 11 injured in new Songkhla explosion

(Thailand) Bomb kills four in Muslim southern Thailand

(India) Security beefed up at Mumbai airport after threat call

(India) 1993 Mumbai blasts: Four ex-customs officers sentenced

(Somalia) Two die as grenades thrown at troops in Somalia;_ylt=At54ZOIgV8PTUMQ_jd5jOB6QLIUD

(Sudan) USA imposes new sanctions on Sudan - Steps aimed at halting bloodshed in Darfur

(Sudan) US Treasury Designation Targets Sudanese Government, Rebel Leader

(Mauritania) Up to 10 years jail requested for Islamists on trial in Mauritania

Congo-Kinshasa: Massacred Villagers Found Dead in Their Beds

Nigerian militants: considering request by new president for cessation of hostilities

(Canada) Terror cell suspects in court - two among bomb plotters in southern Ontario

(UK) Academics oppose UK Govt drive to root out Islamic extremists at universities (my title)

(UK) Boom in anti-terror spending

Italy: Terror Charges against Milan Imam dropped under statute of limitations

Italy to expel 2 Moroccans acquitted of terrorism charges

(Spain) Three Pakistanis sentenced for financing al-Qaeda in Spain

(Spain) Bomb expert says type of explosive not clear used in 2004 Madrid train bombing attack

(Australia) Pipe bomb detonated near APEC meeting

(Australia) Bill to stop Hicks making money from story,23599,21814241-1702,00.html

Venezuela accuses CNN of linking Chavez to Al-Qaeda

(Nepal) Blast kills nine in Nepal - year after signing peace pact with Maoist insurgents

Sri Lankan capital on alert after bomb blasts kill 11;_ylt=Ann_R8lHvDjrRAlfOCjW47gtM8oA

Serb police detain 7 ex-paramilitaries in connection with 1991 killings of Croats

MEMRI: Islamist Websites Monitor No. 104

Other News:

(Australia) Report: “Anti-Islamic writer” Ayaan Hirsi Ali stirs hatred, Muslims warn,20867,21811256-5006784,00.html

(Pakistan) Imam-e-Kaaba invited to Lal Masjid - Mullah Aziz “suggestedthe government announce enforcement of Sharia through Sheikh Assadis”\05\29\story_29-5-2007_pg7_14

(Pakistan) Editorial: “Islamic” laws gone wrong\05\29\story_29-5-2007_pg3_1

(India) J&K priest issues fatwa against Army for rebuilding mosques

(India) Kashmir youths defy LeT rebel threat to audition for ‘Indian Idol’;_ylt=AsGicpxv2eWgLA_xOHYJyaw1NXcA

Malaysian PM: Muslims ‘at crossroads’

(UK) Setback for Muslim sect’s ‘mega-mosque’ in London

(Belgium) Brussels: No Jihad street

Turkey asks U.S. not to violate its airspace again;_ylt=AjroGb.5.EZpm66zMzmdQiDtfLkA

University of Colorado President Recommends Firing Ward Churchill,2933,275999,00.html

(Washington State) Vandals Burn Dozens of American Flags DecoratingVeterans’ Graves, Replace With Swastikas,2933,275974,00.html

Pope to restore Vatican office dealing with Muslims

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