Thursday, May 17, 2007


May 17, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

Taliban Worried Spies Are in Their Ranks

(USA) Expert: 7 Padilla prints found on Al-Qaeda application form;_ylt=AgZKytTO2nI.biyMuNVtBXkwuecA

(USA) Pakistani Man in Houston Taliban case gets 10 months - One of 4Muslim men charged in “Houston Taliban” case;_ylt=ApCg5XNh89Zcd_TtvseLCbzzPukA

(UK) Hamza extradition case opens - USA says cleric was part of global jihad conspiracy

(Israel) Seven killed as IAF hammers Hamas targets in Gaza Strip

(Israel) Shin Bet foils plot to kill Olmert - Palestinian from Gaza whoworks for Doctors Without Borders arrested

(Israel) US credits Israel with “great restraint” in Gaza - in responding to repeated Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli targets

(Gaza) Bomb Tunnel Under Gaza Road - Abbas canceled Gaza visit - tunnel built under road that he would take

Fatah gunmen kidnap 4 Hamas activists,7340,L-3401595,00.html

Hamas and Fatah grow further apart than ever

Hizbullah men hoist flag near Israeli border

Report: N Korea ‘tests new missile in Iran’

Iran’s former President Khatami blames West for nuclear standoff

Iran: Supreme Leader dampens hopes on May 28 talks with U.S.

(Iraq) US ‘cautiously optimistic’ on 3 missing soldiers;_ylt=AjQcg7HQaRhLOQmNR3pBQz8wuecA

Iraq: Kurdish Leader says no room for Al-Qaeda in autonomous region

(Iraq) Suspected terrorist killed, 81 arrested in Baghdad

(Iraq) Suspected Insurgents Attack Baghdad Bridge Again - Second attack in 1 week killed 2

Update: (Afghanistan) Three bombs strike Afghan city: nine dead —Culture Minister injured

(UK) Fund for overseas terror victims - British Red Cross Relief Fund for UK Victims of Terrorism will provide payments

(Nigeria) Vulnerability of Nigerian Oil Infrastructure Threatens U.S.Interests

(China/Pakistan) China asks Pakistan to hand over 20 insurgents hiding near the Afghan border

(Australia) Woman ‘plotted Sydney bombing out of love’ - Jill Alison Courtney convert to Islam,23599,21748404-2,00.html

(Thailand) Three Thais caught with 1700 bombs,23599,21752528-1702,00.html

(Sri Lanka) Tamil ‘rebels’ held in Maldives - Boat held carrying suspected Tamil Tiger rebels from Sri Lanka

(USA) Senators want CIA to release 9/11 inspector general report;_ylt=AicKDVibguumbxfMbPB8CYwTv5UB

Indian woman threatens to hijack Malaysian carrier, detained

Other News:

Italy: Catholic Website allegedly shut down by Muslim hackers

The Silencing - How Islamic Society of Boston uses lawsuits to silence critics and media

Islamophobia Worst Form of Terrorism, Islamic Foreign Ministers Say,2933,273312,00.html

(USA) Senators, White House Reach Bipartisan Agreement on Immigration,2933,273192,00.html

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