Thursday, May 24, 2007


May 24, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Al-Qaeda’s Afghan head ‘named’ - Al Jazeera airs videoshowing Mustafa Abu al-Yazid presenting himself as leader

(Turkey) Al-Qaeda militant said extradited by Turkey to U.S. — Abdal-Hadi al-Iraqi

(Iraq) Bush warns of heavy fighting in Iraq this summer

(Iraq) “How-to” Manual Found in Al Qaeda Safe House Shows Disturbing Torture Methods,2933,275341,00.html

(Iraq) Morgue Data Show Increase In Sectarian Killings in Iraq

(Iran) Bush Pledges to Work With Allies to Strengthen Sanctions Against Iran,2933,275183,00.html

Iranian leader warns Israel it may be “uprooted” - Ahmadinejad warns Jewish state against attacking Lebanon this summer

(Iran) Iranian President Warns Israel Against Attacking Lebanon, Repeats Nuke Stance,2933,275159,00.html

Hamas Extending the Conflict to Judea and Samaria

(Israel) Drug dealer sentenced to prison for passing info to Hezbollah- Gave info during war & conspired to import narcotics

(USA) Death from WTC dust added to 9/11 toll;_ylt=AuqhZoLJx1ej7eaZ9sfCBHys0NUE

U.S. Financial Sector Prepares Fall Test of Pandemic Response Capabilities

Thailand set to make Buddhism the state religion

Thailand: Islamist Insurgency with No End? Part One (of Two)

Thailand: Islamist Insurgency With No End? Part Two (of Two)

(Australia) PM brushes off ‘fear-monger’ tag,23599,21788781-1702,00.html

(UK) Terror Suspects Want to “Wage Jihad” Against West

France demands release of Hamas officials

Colombia rebels press France’s Sarkozy on hostages - FARC wants Sarkozyto broker deal

Other News:

Two Muslim Authors React to Survey of Muslim-American Attitudes Toward U.S.,2933,275195,00.html

Oregon Public Broadcaster To Distribute Controversial Islam Program

Australia: Muslim taxi drivers refuse to carry blind passengers with seeing-eye dogs,23599,21785791-421,00.html

Propaganda Alert:

Family speaks of Fatah Islam leader

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