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June 3, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

USA - New York City JFK Bomb Plot Stories News Links:— NYT: 4 Accused of Plot to Blow Up Facilities at Kennedy Airport

— NY Daily News: They aimed to kill thousands

— NY Daily News: Inner workings of twisted plan - How gang of fanatics hatched mission code-named ‘The Chicken Farm’— Newsday:

Authorities charge 4 in JFK terror,0,2024837.story

— Newsday: This terror plot was homegrown,0,6597671,print.story?coll=ny-main-breakingnewslinks

— New York Post: Pipeline Bomb Strike Foiled

New York Post: Pipeline Security A Joke

Legal Complaint:— WCBS: FBI Press

Conference Video:

— CNN: 4 charged with terror plot at JFK airport

— AP: Three Arrested, 1 Sought in Terror Plot on New York City’s JFK Airport - Fourth suspect sought - Russell Afreitas, former JFK worker, named among “Al Qaeda wannabes”,2933,277337,00.html

— AFP: JFK plotters courted backing in S. America

London Times: Police hunt for missing member of JFK ‘terror
plot cell’ - Abdel Nur - believed to be hiding in Trinidadd and Tobago
(USA - NYC) No bail for man in NYC Al-Qaeda supply terror gear case —Pakistan-born Syed Hashmi

Iraq attacks kill 15 as militias battle US-led forces - Sunni insurgents kill 15 Iraqis;_ylt=AuByiLWdv0iC0PRoTmdIkn5X6GMA
(Iraq) Seven U.S. soldiers reported killed in Iraq attacks;_ylt=AmA657f5ggHllfaHORwLArBX6GMA
(Iraq) Car bomb kills 10 in Iraq’s Diyala: police;_ylt=AikcNCDGsXCrZYQTWVC1iSRX6GMA
(Iraq) Car bomb strikes market northeast of Baghdad
(Iraq/Turkey) Kurdish report: Turkish military shells border area in northern Iraq

(Iraq/Turkey) Iraq urges Turkey not to use military action. Turkish troops moved to Iraqi frontier in response to PKK bombings; Turkey claimsthe troop moves are routine.
(Turkey) U.S. warns Turkey on border action
Turkish troops mass at Iraq border for possible strike

(Iraq/UK) Report: Kidnappers of 5 Brits in Iraq Issue Demands,2933,277439,00.html

(Iraq/UK) Ministry of Defense to pull troops out of Iraq within a year;jsessionid=10CDCM0ATO3PFQFIQMGCFGGAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/06/03/wirq03.xml

(Iraq/UK) Rebels may plan more abductions

(Afghanistan) New wave of military operations against Taliban;_ylt=AqTHr1EMV0XVnucGV0LLEf7OVooA
(Afghanistan) Taliban warn civilians of big Afghan offensive;_ylt=Atav2JUSHE7u8ToQZooYCxDOVooA
(Afghanistan) Al-Qaida airs video of attack on alleged US post

(Afghanistan) Iraq-style bomb found in Afghanistan - Sophisticated EFP,or explosively formed projectile, found in Kabul;_ylt=Ahi9yUQDIG30.GtgCdWx9TvMWM0F
(Somalia) Report: Six militants killed in Somalia — Six Islamist fighters — including Briton and American — killed, regional official says
(Somalia) Regional Somali force moves to secure area after US attack;_ylt=AhGyvD_xCBF.YP5Wqn4o1towuecA
(Somalia) Danish ship hijacked off Somalia coast
(Nigeria) Briton’s Nigeria kidnap confirmed. The Briton was one of four foreigners kidnapped.

(Israel) Rocket Strikes Erez, IDF Operates in Shechem, Jenin and Gaza

Israelis kill Palestinian gunman in W. Bank§ion=middleeast&col=
Hamas attack wounds 4 Israeli soldiers;_ylt=Ahh7jxghoaYwAyTv5OiRZhfuyucA
(Gaza) Palestinian Militant Is Killed as the Air Fire Over Gaza Declines
(Gaza) Islamic extremist group threatens to behead women broadcasters without headscarves

Gaza: Women march to protest threat of beheading

(Iran/Israel) Ahmadinejad: Israel will be destroyed;_ylt=AuELkKkNiKUPTQtf8J9b6l5Sw60A
(Iran) Foreign Minister Mottaki to terror groups: Keep fighting

(Iran) Official: Deal on Iran nukes possible;_ylt=AvXLMEX1J_SzGo29mK4G.GBSw60A
(Iran) U.S. Urges Swiss Banks to Steer Clear of Iran

Lebanese troops batter besieged militants;_ylt=AoQUCw_lz8CInXpwIv6XtYDagGIB
Lebanon PM tells Islamists to give up or be crushed;_ylt=An_4ny_OjvYKfBg91rnhvdjMWM0F
Lebanese airstrikes target Fatah Islam militants

(Pakistan) Roadside bomb kills five in Pakistan

(Pakistan) Jihadis luring schoolchildren: Parents enroll children outside Dir\06\03\story_3-6-2007_pg1_3

Pakistan school shut, blasphemy alleged (update);_ylt=AvvVAWCIRjOBxKlSxu69TRnzPukA
(Canada) Ontario terror case far from over: experts - “Toronto 17”

(UK) Brown to get tough on terror - plans to unveil new anti-terror legislation in Britain

(Germany) 146 German police officers injured in violent G8 protests - by Anarchist, Communist terrorists

(Spain) New ETA letter campaign demands “revolutionary tax” from businesses

‘Empowered women could combat Islamic extremism’

(Thailand) Teacher, villager killed, three officials injured in attacks in arathiwat

(Thailand) Tense mosque rally enters fourth day

(Sri Lanka) Red Cross workers killed in Sri Lanka despite security pledge;_ylt=Ahgep1yz4gwS2yOGasManZMtM8oA
(Sri Lanka) Heavy fighting in Sri Lanka ahead of Japanese peace move;_ylt=AvsGzud_olZ8KwRm_hrfaBUtM8oA
(Sri Lanka) Tiger rebels attack army gun position in Sri Lanka;_ylt=AsIyg2fNCvbRLFgzamgzswItM8oA
Other News:

Switzerland: Islamic cultural center turned down

(Phoenix) Car rental company must pay Muslim woman for banning scarf

(Russia) Report: Russian atomic stockpile at risk of ‘uncontrolledchain reaction’

Jihad the defining challenge of new generation, says Romney

(Pittsburgh) Bomb Threats and Bad Weather Caused Traffic Pandemonium in Pittsburgh

(Pittsburgh) Bomb Threat Closes Major Pittsburgh Roadways During Rush Hour

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