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May 28, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Happy Memorial Day, USA

(Afghanistan) Afghan clash kills militants, civilians - Taliban ambushof supply trucks in southern Afghanistan - estimated two dozen dead;_ylt=AgKjLUhcT31HX7zYxE.dEZDOVooA

(Iraq) Car bomb kills at least 19 in Baghdad - in Sinak commercialdistrict;_ylt=AuUAb4eU6GaqwYevP7rVlxBX6GMA

(Iraq) Insurgents hijack 2 buses in Baghdad - kidnapping at least 15passengers, at least 3 police killed;_ylt=Ao8mW9BtYnXlFz0bgup1C.VX6GMA

(Iraq) Security forces foil bus kidnap attempt - in Fadhel Sunnineighborhood,23599,21809695-1702,00.html

(Iraq) Update: Troops free 42 Iraqis held by al-Qaida;_ylt=AsmFYgvWE_8xPM3OK7YUNAAwuecA

(Iraq) U.S., Iraqi troops find Qaeda prison camp in Iraq;_ylt=ApA5.uzursjb3EKJnQmEpTIwuecA

(Iraq) Report: Militants widen reach as terror seeps out of Iraq - Iraqbegins to export Islamist fighters

(Pakistan) Bomb kills guard in southwest Pakistan;_ylt=Aq5YIdlUqFdePY7W5AD9UzXzPukA

(Pakistan) Van blast kills security guard in Quetta - other car bombsand bomb thrown into house to threaten govt officials

(Pakistan) Two firing incidents in northern Pakistan kill five people -in Tank and Bannu in NWFP

Pakistan Prime Minister Aziz: ‘Al Qaeda leaders not present in

(Pakistan) FBI team seeks money laundering and transfer records fromPakistan\05\28\story_28-5-2007_pg7_8

Hamas rockets fall, Israel eyes escalation;_ylt=AirOpTX5c0woAv2u7GQrRVjuyucA

(Israel) One wounded as ten Kassam rockets land in western Negev

(Israel) 3 Kassam rockets land in Sderot

(Israel) Report: Jerusalem ‘Terror cell in capital ready for attacks’ -Militant leader claims Israeli residents recruited to carry out bombings

(Israel) Al-Qaeda: Help Fatah al-Islam attack Israel,7340,L-3405037,00.html

Lebanese Army soldier wounded in skirmishes with Palestinian militants

Lebanese army and Islamists clash violently - in short fire fight;_ylt=AvnkbnIcWkZi9_ATtbUYMYfagGIB

Lebanon: Clashes resume at Nahr al-Bared refugee camp

(Lebanon) Four injured in Beirut grenade blast\05\28\story_28-5-2007_pg7_29

(Thailand) Bomb kills four in Muslim southern Thailand - in Songkhla;_ylt=AhFYROmiGNu6h.VqU528AP_uNREB

(Thailand) Thai police search for culprits after 7 bombs wound 13 - hithotels, shops, restaurants in Hat Yai;_ylt=AoOuyveDSE0kO8dk9qq40I_uNREB

(Indian Kashmir) Two more die in fresh Kashmir border violence;_ylt=Ah7dEz33XnyErWceVwOk6y01NXcA

(Indian Kashmir) ‘Terrorists waiting for troop reduction’

Spain makes 14 terror arrests - of suspected Islamic terroristsrecruiting to fight in Iraq, Afghanistan - most Pakistani origin

(USA) More details on Flight 327 released - air marshals stateterrorist dry run on Northwest Flight 327 from Detroit to LA

US Congressional delegation angers Egypt with Muslim Brotherhood visit

(Algeria) Terror: former leader of GSPC, Hassan Hattab is to appearbefore court

Yemen says will take most Yemeni Guantanamo inmates

Yemen buys bombs from civilians

(USA) Study cites lack of terrorism-linked deportation

(USA) Report: Energy Department guards get low pay, little training

Norway: Letter smuggling attempt by terror suspect

(UK) Journey into terror of my brother the 7/7 leader

(Sri Lanka) Nine killed in fresh Sri Lanka violence;_ylt=AmofiKtctr6NPv3YN_vtjIktM8oA

Other News:

Pakistan officials defend blasphemy laws (my title)\05\28\story_28-5-2007_pg7_1

Malaysian court to settle Islam’s power

Iran offers Gulf states nuclear help,23599,21810166-1702,00.html

(UK) 1,000 men living legally with multiple wives despite fears over exploitation - common in Muslim communities

Switzerland: Bishop suggest monitoring mosques

Late May 27th News

(Afghanistan) Suicide bombing kills two civilians in Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) Update: Taliban attack kills 6 Afghan police officers§ion_id=563&story_id=11368

(Afghanistan) Blast hits foreign forces in Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) Foreigners in the sights of new Taliban operation

(Iraq) U.S. Military Rescues 41 Iraqis From Al Qaeda Prison - Largest number of detained Iraqis found in single Al Qaeda hide-out,2933,275716,00.html

(Iraq/Turkey) Iraq urges Turkey to resolve PKK issue politically

(Iraq) U.S. raids in Iraq target Shiite cells;_ylt=A0WTcVBlkVlGMjwAYg6s0NUE

(Gaza) BBC journalist ‘could be free soon’,,-6664258,00.html

Iran says keeping word to Russia over atomic plant

(Gaza/Israel) Hamas says Israel wound gunmen in fresh violence

(UK) Britain extradites U.S. man on terrorism charges

(Congo) Rwandan combatants attack Congo village, killing 17

(Philippines) Communist rebels kill 3 soldiers

(Columbia) Government deal will free dozens of jailed FARC rebels

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