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May 2, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Iraq: 10 dead in shootings, bombings

(Iraq) With no body, al-Masri death in question;_ylt=Aq9YtlZ6OaUTf0ZGEI5mepVX6GMA
(Iraq) Iraqis hunt body of ‘slain’ Al-Qaeda leader;_ylt=AviuExuYjVAiAxcsUoZVc6VX6GMA
(Iraq) US: Can’t confirm Al Qaeda in Iraq chief dead
(Iraq) DNA tests on bodies to identify Al-Qaeda chief

(Iraq) Is al Qaeda in Iraq fighting a Sunni backlash?
(Iraq) Egyptian Islamist lawyer, security officials say they know realidentity of al-Qaida in Iraq leader

(Iraq) 4,000 U.S. soldiers arrive in Baghdad;_ylt=Al8LKyDci7MUuUFfQu1kquxX6GMA
Iraq: Government Opposes Timetable for Foreign Troop Pull-Out

(Afghanistan) Afghan police and coalition kill five militants;_ylt=AqkzN8UlUWgJuki5saIlnCzOVooA
(Afghanistan) 51 civilians killed in Afghan fighting - according to regional officials — US-led coalition had no reports of civilian deaths;_ylt=Asvxg9KY1vNOLStfPzjKdV7OVooA
(Bangladesh) Police hunt woman bomber after Bangladesh railway attacks;_ylt=AirIyLJeuW3Z_NY3OHUXzRcTv5UB
Bangladesh police probe Al Qaeda link to railway bombs§ion=subcontinent&col=
(Somalia) Mozambique will not deploy troops to Somalia - fighting has intensified as Somali and Ethiopian troops battle insurgents;_ylt=AkMCMFXDz0H2MZsL3VBnOjWQLIUD
(Pakistan) US Report: Harkatul Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Muhammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist bodies; Pakistan haven for terrorists\05\02\story_2-5-2007_pg1_1

(Pakistan) 10 suicide bombing investigations shelved\05\02\story_2-5-2007_pg7_9

Pakistani Terror funds enter realty sector’
Thailand: Govt proposes amnesty for Islamic rebels

(Thailand) Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) praises amnesty bill
(Thailand) Some 15 per cent of schools torched in Thai Muslim south

(Thailand) Extremists have burnt 166 schools

(Indonesia) Grenade Explodes outside of mosque in Ambon

(Israel) Four missiles launched on Israeli targets in Gaza — statement

Top Hamas official: Kill all Americans

(Israel) Bishara allegedly gave Hezbollah targets, classified info

(West Bank) Palestinian, 17, caught with mortar at checkpoint

(Iran) Report: Iran dismisses talks with U.S.;_ylt=AngKYPUXv1brK1eiH0Sfk35Sw60A
Iran claims mass reactor parts production,23599,21660399-1702,00.html

MEMRI: Iranian Holocaust-Denial Documentary Series On Iranian TV: ‘Merchants of the Myth’

Egypt releases 2 Brotherhood lawmakers;_ylt=Ao6THzQ1ICI9xtitGGA95XLFCBEB
(Egypt) Palestinians storm Egyptian Gaza mission;_ylt=AlXi4O9lUV06K3F1UPGgwxHFCBEB
US spy chief urges Congress to modernize surveillance law;_ylt=AmIV1Z9_RcgUyNY9z05LGbwTv5UB
(USA FISA) 2,176 secret warrants issued in 2006;_ylt=Ah.gxQoImMO3FZzCh920CcQTv5UB
US court fines Palestinian for not disclosing brother’s suicide-bomb vow,7340,L-3394568,00.html

(US) State Department Offers Alarming New Assessment of al Qaeda Network
(UK) MI5 watch 2,000 terror suspects - number grown by a quarter in the past six months

(UK) Sharp rise in British terror suspects watched: Report

(UK) MI5 caught terror man buying uzis

(UK) Tony Blair says no to 7/7 inquiry;jsessionid=J22DOA1F3WE2BQFIQMGCFF4AVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/05/02/nterror502.xml

(UK) 7/7 survivors’ anger at ‘failures’ of MI5

(UK) ISI warned UK about 7/7 bomber\05\02\story_2-5-2007_pg1_8

(UK) 10 missed chances to stop the suicide

(UK) Commentary: I know how these terrorists are inspired

Canadian security agencies failed to act on Air India warning

Sri Lanka says kills 13 Tiger rebels in series of clashes;_ylt=AqCVfscOORh5KXzkp0PJ8GotM8oA
Sri Lanka Buddhist celebration marred by killings of 15;_ylt=ApQ8o8gGCADBmYQjg6ZNA_4tM8oA
Other News:

(UK) Sharia Courts in Britain — Now Muslims Get Their Own Laws inBritain - Muslim radicals have established their own draconian court systems in Britain

(UK) Should Muslims Have Their Own Laws Here?

(UK) Commentary: We Cannot Sit Back and Let Sharia Law Take Root in Britain

(UK) Sharia Law in Britain

(UK) Muslims Stage Demonstration Outside Police Station - Leader: “We definitely want to see Sharia law in place here”
Turkey’s governing party calls for early elections

Turkish court blocks Islamic candidate
(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald: “The mufti we love to hate”

Yusuf Islam sings again

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