Friday, May 4, 2007


May 4, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Roadside bomb kills 5 Iraqi police in Baghdad — Hay al-Amel neighborhood

(Iraq) Unknown gunmen attack radio station in western Baghdad

(Iraq) Top officer says U.S. forces stopping al Qaeda flow in Iraq

(Iraq) US ID’s 2 more Qaida figures - U.S. military identifies 2 more al-Qaida aides killed during operation in Iraq;_ylt=AgmU7b._7hGWYTOQKcvNHE5X6GMA

(Iraq) US forces arrest more Iraqis ‘smuggling bombs from Iran’ - arrested 16 more Iraqis in Sadr City;_ylt=AtVQXIsXvaPvmVFIg3w41cFX6GMA

(Iraq) Projectile bomb attacks hit record high in Iraq - U.S. says weapons are made in Iran

Iraq pressing for Rice talks with Iran: diplomats

Iraq urges neighbors to block border infiltration;_ylt=AiH4hNVYeDAlXnna_UVlIhZX6GMA

(Iraq/UK) UK SAS General: ‘Invaders’ must leave Iraq - critical of USA and UK troops in Iraq - compare Iraqi insurgency to American war for independence

(Afghanistan) Taliban: French hostage deadline approaches but still no contact - due to expire Saturday§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Afghanistan) British soldier killed in Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) NATO: Only insurgents targeted;_ylt=AtT7QorZ12s9e4cxEuSl.ZHOVooA

(Pakistan) Extremists blow up 20 video shops in Pakistan — bomb exploded outside a girls school in the same NWFP region§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Islamic militants blow up Pakistan music shops;_ylt=Ar2Xi45dVsRXOZMADBIyC6zzPukA

(Pakistan) 10 rockets fired at army camp - in the North Waziristan tribal region\05\04\story_4-5-2007_pg7_16

(Pakistan) Suicide bombers may target Chief Justice of Pakistan’s rally to Lahore\05\04\story_4-5-2007_pg1_8

(Pakistan) Jaima Hafsa female students demand fatwa on “spread of obscenity in the name of enlightened moderation”\05\04\story_4-5-2007_pg7_14

Pakistan Sikh expelled for not embracing ‘authentic Islam’ — expelled from village, house set a fire

(Bangladesh) Two Hizbut Tahrir cadres arrested in Dhaka

(India) Three ULFA militants killed in Assam

(India) Eight injured in powerful explosion in Assam in Northeast India

(Thailand) Terrorist-book remark concerns lawyer - terrorist manual found translated into Thai

(Thailand) Muslim protest blocks Yala road - seek release of those arrested for involvement in Thai south terrorism

(Iran) Iran to “break the leg” of enemies: Ahmadinejad;_ylt=AtAiUYaZILsjQe.QUEHE9iRSw60A

(Iran) International Herald Tribune defends Iran nuke ad — advertisement seeking bids for two large scale nuclear reactors in Iran

Hizbullah offers Bishara asylum in Beirut,7340,L-3395514,00.html

(Yemen) Mosque leaders warned against preaching extremism

(Turkey) Analysis: Turkey’s militant Muslims should worry West;jsessionid=J2P55SA445FVHQFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/opinion/2007/05/04/do0403.xml

(UK) Path to extremism: How it started - began in mid-1990s

(UK) Police and MI5 at odds over 7/7 mistakes

(UK) We let firebrand preachers plant terrorist seeds - now it’s too late

(Canada) Terrorists plotted to kill Mulroney - Toronto subway, other targets also pinpointed, documents claim

(France) Carlos the Jackal to face trial;_ylt=AkOOb1wbYnksn6UBElkNkYgTv5UB

(Cuba) Hostage killed in foiled plane hijacking in Cuba

Sudan: Christian Evangelists killed in Nuba Mountains

(Sri Lanka) Four civilians and one soldier killed in different incidents

MEMRI: Islamist Websites Monitor No. 95 — May 4, 2007

Commentary: Exploiting al Qaeda’s weaknesses

Commentary: Terror, Inc.,_inc

Commentary: The British terror lesson

Other News:

(UK) Muslims accused of running Islamic court

(Sweden): Swedish initifada

Sweden: Women can work with veil

(Switzerland) Mosque minarets a threat: Swiss MPs - “lighthouses of jihad”\05\04\story_4-5-2007_pg7_6

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