Thursday, May 3, 2007

"MORE" - TERROR NEWS - May 2nd

May 2, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Police: 85 Iraqis killed nationwide on Wednesday;_ylt=AsjL9CNwO2N2KzmRMaN.H6FX6GMA
(Iraq) Shadowy trail of al-Qaida in Iraq leader
(Iraq) Egyptian Daily Reveals Details of Al-Qaeda Leader
(Iraq) Baghdad: Mapping the violence - BBC animated map with keylocations, ethnic divisions, & major attacks
Iraq urges world to write off debt, boost security§ion=focusoniraq
Iraq: Christians Face Mounting Threats, MP says
(Somalia) Mogadishu mayor vows to hit terrorists;_ylt=AtNXWqwVX4.j7I4bn1T5.WOQLIUD
(Russia) Remote-controlled bomb kills 2 police in Chechnya§ion=theworld&col=
Pakistan downplays radioactive ad - for “lost” radioactive material
Pakistan govt ministers fear attacks
(Pakistan) Foreigners involved in suicide blasts: opposition leaderFazl\05\02\story_2-5-2007_pg7_10
(UK) Three terror suspects missing and on the loose - accused of linkswith Al Qaeda and the Bluewater bomb plotters
(UK) British terrorists using Africa as secret staging post - Britishterrorists have been flying to countries in Africa that do not requirevisas from London before transferring to Pakistan for training inal-Qaeda camps
(UK) U.S. Seeks Closing of Visa Loophole for Britons
(UK) US denies trying to curb visa waivers for Britons of Pakistaniorigin;_ylt=AhIpg4YzC64mLlqycmSDA.XzPukA
(UK) US State Dept denies danger in UK visa waivers;_ylt=AjXFi0Tr0k9x7r92tfzzbQgTv5UB
(UK) Britain Denies Talks with U.S. On Visa Policy Changes
(UK) Terror fears may rob British holidaymakers of the right to travelto US without visas
(UK) Commentary: U.S. Finally Starting to Close Visa Waiver Loophole?
(UK) Commentary: The real darkness at the heart of Islamist terror -Michael Gove
(UK) Town at the end of the terrorist trails
(Sudan) First Darfur arrest warrants issued — International CriminalCourt (ICC) issued arrest warrants for a Sudanese minister and aJanjaweed militia leader accused of murder, torture and rape,23599,21663472-1702,00.html
(North Africa) Berber Leader Belkacem Lounes: ‘There Is No WorseColonialism Than That of the Pan-Arabist Clan that Wants to Dominate OurPeople’
(Iran) US stresses stark choices for Iran,23599,21663478-1702,00.html
(Iran) Ahmadinejad: We’d welcome US talks
Iran’s ex-nuclear negotiator arrested - Hossein Mousavian arrested onunspecified security charge;_ylt=AhrjCPFThI9WIi0ezC05bsnMWM0F
(US / Syria) Plans underway for U.S-Syria meeting - Sec. Rice to seeSyrian Foreign Minister at Iraq conference;_ylt=Al5ca2TBAnVSiByeNdFR8uzMWM0F
(Iraq) Bounty Hunter Scams in Iraq - Saudi & Jordanian intel servicesworking with tribes to hunt al Qaeda leaders - body doubles used toclaim rewards
(Gaza) Kidnapped BBC man’s whereabouts known,23599,21663474-1702,00.html
How terrorists send money (commentary) - “M-payments” through mobiletech between financial institutions with lack of regulations
(USA) New Security Rules for College Nuclear Reactors
U.S. Army warns that soldiers will be punished for putting sensitiveinformation in blogs
(Detroit) US: CAIR warns FBI of threats to US Muslims
(USA) Edwards Rejects the “War on Terror”,8599,1616724,00.html
Egypt: Al-Jazeera journalist gets 6 months in jail
(India) US names ULFA, CPI (Maoist) as Groups of Concern - For use ofviolence to achieve political goals - Five top Manipur separatistsarrested in Guwahati
(Sri Lanka) UK warns of ‘Tamil Tiger fraud’ - Scams across the countrycould be funding terrorist acts in Sri Lanka
(Uganda) LRA accused of ambush in Uganda - “Lord’s Resistance Army”
Other News:
(UK) Virgin Atlantic Offers 9/11 Conspiracy as In-Flight Video
(UK) Shariah-Compliant Financial Products Are ‘Phenomenally’ Popular’
(Germany) Alarm grows over Muslim youth in Germany
Norway: Possibly 50% parents continue female circumcision tradition
Denmark: Burka debate
(Sweden) Malmö: Bus driver sacked after Muslim veil incident

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