Wednesday, May 16, 2007


May 16, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) U.S. offers $200,000 for tips on missing troops

(Iraq) U.S. Aircraft Drop Leaflets Seeking Information on Missing U.S.Soldiers - Also 9 mortar rounds into Green Zone, wounding at least 6,2933,272713,00.html

(Iraq) 41 Iraqis killed in new violence (updated) - Parked car bombkilled 32 in Shiite enclave;_ylt=AkqedfKcaSZCVe9luttOkf.s0NUE

Iraqi court to try al-Qaida militant accused of helping to coordinatehundreds of deadly attacks in Baghdad, US military says

(Pakistan) Christians seek protection after Islamic extremists warnthem to convert or face bombs

(UK/Iraq) Threats end Harry’s Iraq mission

(UK/Iraq) British troops held ‘secret talks’ with Sunni rebels

(UK) Al-Qaeda plotter Dhiren Barot has minimum jail term cut to 30years

(UK) “Web site” baffles Internet terrorism trial judge - “I don’treally understand what a Web site is”

(UK) Visitors to US must fill in online form - UK visitors will have tocomplete form 48 hours before travelling under proposals to tighten upsecurity in the wake of terrorism plots

German prosecutors charge man (Redouane E.H.) with supporting al-Qaida,co-founding Sudan terror group

(Spain) Experts report no explosives link to ETA in Madrid TrainBombing case

Thailand: 3,000 police on guard as schools re-open in the south

(USA Fort Dix Plot) Clerk rings up New Jersey Jihad Jerks

(Bangladesh) Terrorist using Bangladesh territory against India’desh+territory+against+India

(USA) Kurd restaurateur’s brother quickly deported to Turkey - IbrahimParlak accused of ties to Kurdistan Worker’s Party,1,4004870.story?track=rss

(Iran/USA) New House Bill Targets Investments In Iran - Allows funds to divest from Iranian investments and creates U.S. Treasury list - press release with link to bill text;

(Lebanon) U.N. seeks Lebanon assassinations tribunal - U.N. Sec-Gen asks UNSCR after letter by Pres. Siniora

Hamas official blames world, Israel, Arabs for inter-Palestinian fighting

(Israel) IDF troops find three pipe bombs near Nablus

(Israel) Pipe-bomb laboratory found in Taiba home

(USA/Israel) Cover-up and Deny - Muslim American Society supportedfatwa endorsing suicide bombings of Israelis

(Australia) Terrorist Jack Roche safe to release, say Feds,20867,21745977-2927,00.html

(Canada) Federal government scraps plan for foreign intelligence agency- Instead giving Canadian Security Intelligence Service more power

War Clouds Scud in Gaza and Lebanon

Attack on Nigerian leader’s house - Property of VP-elect and nearbypolice station attacked, destroyed

Korean boats seized off Somalia - 2 South Korean fishing boats with 30 people

Japan says North Korea developing new long-range missile (capable ofhitting Guam)

Other News:

(UK Labour) We must win back Muslim voters says Hain

NYT in Denial: ‘Unclear What Role, If Any, Religion Played’ in Fort DixSix Terror Plot

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