Wednesday, May 30, 2007


May 30, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(USA) Inspector General Report confirms Flight 327 terror dry run —from Detroit to Los Angeles

Inspector General Report PDF

(Afghanistan) U.S., Afghan forces clash with Taliban in easternAfghanistan - leaving 6 suspected insurgents dead;_ylt=AhFbZ6If.0p_aAQooVADrxHOVooA

(Afghanistan) Six police, guards killed in new Afghan attacks - inKandahar;_ylt=AhxzJaDLKLneVk.pc_7.fkTOVooA

Al-Qaida escapee Abu Yahia al-Libi turns up in online video;_ylt=A0SOwlmcXV1GdmoAfRNvaA8F

Al-Qaida escapee from U.S. detention in Afghanistan (Abu Yahia al-Libi)lashes out at U.S. Saudi allies

(Iraq) 5 Terror suspects detained in Sadr City - Detainees suspected ofweapons trafficking

(Iraq) Qaeda-led group claims downing of U.S. helicopter in Iraq;_ylt=AhcLD2M1zSkaVK8bZQQSnY9X6GMA

(Iraq) Freed Iraqis give details of captivity by al-Qaeda

(Iraq) Mehdi Army suspected in Baghdad kidnap, says Zebari;_ylt=AqeyHHq6iEDQiz2ftJS6TKZX6GMA

(Iraq) Shia suburb raided in hunt for abducted Britons

(Iraq/UK) SAS on alert to rescue Baghdad Britons

(Iraq/UK) Top UK officials work to free five Iraq hostages

Pakistani journalists get bullet ‘warnings’;_ylt=AgESmexWchycm.s0LtLquVTzPukA

(Pakistan) Four killed in southwest Pakistan gunfight - Baluchistan province;_ylt=Ag0EpIeTAeC.j3yg6Cx9AjLzPukA

Taliban resurgence worries India
India says 3 Pakistani suspected militants killed on Kashmir border;_ylt=Aj8XWk_G_08XThqyOi0RIjI1NXcA

(Bangladesh) Jadid al Qaeda threatens to detonate explosions targetingnational installations

Israeli air strike kills 2 militants in Gaza;_ylt=At3BukkItTMouKic3zi_J4fuyucA
Hamas doubles warhead size - of Kassam missiles

Hamas to continue attacks on Israel despite IDF strikes
(Palestinian Authority) Terror chief received U.S. assault rifles -Arrested militant Khaled Shawish doubled as officer in American-backedsecurity detail

Lebanon charges 11 jihadists with terrorism — charges against membersof Fatah al-Islam

(Lebanon) Fighting flares again at besieged Lebanon camp

(USA) Pentagon Fears Release of Taped Confession of Khalid SheikMohammed Could Inspire Radicals,2933,276276,00.html

(USA) Update: American Al Qaeda Threatens Attack Worse Than Sept. 11,Virginia Tech Unless U.S. Leaves Mideast,2933,276252,00.html

(USA) Clash Of Rights Surfaces In Imams’ Lawsuit

Iran top negotiator rejects nuclear freeze;_ylt=ApAJYz1UBJGbzsU_zLujuKZSw60A

(Iran) Rice slams U.N. nuke watchdog on Iran

(Algeria) From Iraq to Algeria, al-Qaeda’s long reach - Algiers blastssuggest influence in enabling local groups to launch strikes

(Somalia) Four Somalis die in attack on Ethiopian truck: witnesses;_ylt=Ar_.yVuHUFimQLvo4kkVkc6QLIUD

Somali pirates release ship, crew;_ylt=ArKoFhtzfdDFC2wKmzVypjCQLIUD

(Sudan) Britain supports US on Darfur, hopes for Security Councilresolution

Indonesian student faces prison for designing terrorist website

Turkish army build-up fuels anxiety on Iraq border;_ylt=AqFQELLlk0TqmGuDgZYQ7dDtfLkA

(Canada) Appeal delays Canada’s first terrorism case another time —Momin Khawaja trial

(Thailand) Schools close as security ramps up

(Thailand) “Iron flowers” sent against Thai rebels - femaleparamilitary

(Spain) Update: Eleven Pakistanis cleared of plot to blow-up Barcelonabuildings - five others guilty of collaboration with terrorist organization

(Sri Lanka) Six killed as Red Cross returns to Sri Lanka front lines;_ylt=AlIbJqCv4dVV.vVW6o6pcR8tM8oA
Islamic Society of Boston Dismisses Lawsuit Against Steven Emerson -Press Release by the Investigative Project

Boston Globe: Islamic Society drops lawsuit

Commentary: 300,000 Supporters of Suicide Attacks in America

Commentary: The Threat to Lebanon

Other News:

Malaysia rejects Muslim convert’s bid to be recognized as Christian

Netherlands Interior Minister: No problem jail cells equipped withMecca compass

(Netherlands) Rotterdam: Port halal certified


May 29, 2007 Late Anti-Terrorism News

(Al-Qaeda) Azzam the American: “Legitimate Demands” — A Video Speechby Adam Yahiye Gadahn Produced by as-Sahab Media

Video (Laura Mansfield):

(Al-Qaeda) New Tape, Old Threats From American al Qaeda

Al Qaeda’s American Flack in New Video

The Missing Terrorist - Newsweek: Ibn al-Shakyh al-Libi, key source alleged Iraq - Al Qaeda link, missing

(Iran/Iraq) Tehran’s Secret ‘Department 9000’ — Secret Iranian unitsupplies Iraqi insurgents

(Iraq) Update: Five Britons abducted in Iraq, 10 U.S. troops killed;_ylt=AlCr.MsvRaiOYO3hkaQV.xdX6GMA

(Iraq) Special Operations: High Profile, but in Shadow - NYT: U.S.Special Ops conduct up to dozen raids nightly

(Iraq) Extremists threaten new gov’t Internet project in universities -believe Internet can spread “un-Islamic” behavior

Cyber-spies tracking terror on Web

Taliban learns tactics, PR from al Qaeda

(Afghanistan) Taliban chief demands inquiry into Afghan civilian deaths- Mullah Omar’s new statement

(Afghanistan) EU envoy says police training mission in Afghanistanshould be bigger - 160-person group barely exceeds minimum needed§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Four people killed in Pakistan militant clash - 7 wounded in Baluchistan§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Blasts in southwest Pakistan over 1998 nuclear test

(Lebanon) UN Security Council ready to vote on Hariri tribunal - Draft faces Russian objections

(Lebanon) Palestinian Islamic Council in Lebanon Head: “The Only Way toLiberate Palestine is by Jihad”

(Lebanon) Terrorist suspect arrested in Beirut hotel raid§ion=middleeast&col=

(Algeria) Al-Qaeda snatch Egyptian engineer

(NYC) Lawyer says terror suspect Syed Hashmi extradited from London isan academic, not a terrorist

(USA) Fort Dix tipster shrugs off ‘hero’ title - describes “moral dilemma” in turning in Jihadists

Italy: European Court halts expulsion of Moroccans - acquitted of terrorism charges

Russians: U.S. Can’t Stop Our Missile — Moscow boasts new ICBM,apparently developed secretly, that it claims can penetrate any defense system,2933,276014,00.html

(Israel) PM: I have no intention of making any deal with Hamas

Nigerian armed group to release 6 hostages

(Sudan) Darfur women describe gang-rape horror by Janjaweed militia

Saudi Authorities Crack Down on Forgery Networks

Turkey probes weapons cache from Iran to Syria§ion=middleeast&col=

Other News:

Islamic Society of Boston Abandons Lawsuit Against The David Project

(Turkey) Islam taking root in Turkey’s bureaucracy

(Malaysia) Christian Convert Fights Malaysian Law

(Canada) Bank of Nova Scotia and Toronto-Dominion Bank consideroffering Sharia-compliant products

Travelers possibly exposed to drug-proof TB

May 29, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Car bomb at Baghdad Shiite mosque kills 21;_ylt=Agv2TJnmRbPCK3rcQrZ8NjdX6GMA

Iraq: Parked minibus explodes in Baghdad, killing 22 and injuring 58 -attack in Tayaran Square;_ylt=Ap12AkEKOLpsh.fArb_kuEVX6GMA

(Iraq) 8 U.S. troops said killed Memorial Day - in Diyala province;_ylt=Ar0.hU3TUo9pQrb1dzUML1hX6GMA

(Iraq) Five Britons ‘seized in Baghdad’

(Iraq) Westerners seized amid explosion of Iraq violence;_ylt=AhcSQSLn52LaFc4w3FsVdANX6GMA

(Afghanistan) Al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan money man behind Bin Laden— Mustafa Abu Yaz former treasurer to Bin Laden;_ylt=AtzEp9fWAwRlAKDbFCdxDnIwuecA

(Pakistan) Six hurt in bomb blast in Pakistani city of Peshawar

(Lebanon) Fatah Al Islam refuses to surrender militants

(Lebanon) Clerics mediate as army tightens grip on Nahr al-Bared

Lebanese soldier injured in army clashes with militants dies of wounds

(Lebanon) Moroccans members in Fatah Al-Islam — daily

(Lebanon) Four killed at Beirut check points§ion=middleeast&col=

(Lebanon) Trial of suspects in failed Germany train bombing postponed

Jihadists moving into Lebanon from Syria

(Syria) Al-Qaida inspired group launches protest - Tawhid and Jihad;_ylt=AmLm56F_QqvhYOKQ.vy.LDUwuecA

(USA) Judge in Padilla case draws praise;_ylt=AugB3ZUD6QIBKx7vnkL5EZswuecA

Israeli forces kill 2 Hamas militants in Gaza raid

(Israel) 2 Palestinians killed in Gaza ground operations - Four Fatah activists were apprehended

Israeli Commandos Target Hamas Militants,,30200-1267841,00.html?f=rss

(Israel) Kassam lands in open area in W. Negev

Egyptian police detain six Muslim Brotherhood members in Menoufiya

Iran Charges 3 Americans With Spying,2933,276003,00.html

(Iran) EU foreign policy chief Solana likely to meet Iran nuclear negotiator Larijani in Madrid Thursday

(Thailand) Bomb hurled into Hat Yai hotel

(Thailand) Two killed, 11 injured in new Songkhla explosion

(Thailand) Bomb kills four in Muslim southern Thailand

(India) Security beefed up at Mumbai airport after threat call

(India) 1993 Mumbai blasts: Four ex-customs officers sentenced

(Somalia) Two die as grenades thrown at troops in Somalia;_ylt=At54ZOIgV8PTUMQ_jd5jOB6QLIUD

(Sudan) USA imposes new sanctions on Sudan - Steps aimed at halting bloodshed in Darfur

(Sudan) US Treasury Designation Targets Sudanese Government, Rebel Leader

(Mauritania) Up to 10 years jail requested for Islamists on trial in Mauritania

Congo-Kinshasa: Massacred Villagers Found Dead in Their Beds

Nigerian militants: considering request by new president for cessation of hostilities

(Canada) Terror cell suspects in court - two among bomb plotters in southern Ontario

(UK) Academics oppose UK Govt drive to root out Islamic extremists at universities (my title)

(UK) Boom in anti-terror spending

Italy: Terror Charges against Milan Imam dropped under statute of limitations

Italy to expel 2 Moroccans acquitted of terrorism charges

(Spain) Three Pakistanis sentenced for financing al-Qaeda in Spain

(Spain) Bomb expert says type of explosive not clear used in 2004 Madrid train bombing attack

(Australia) Pipe bomb detonated near APEC meeting

(Australia) Bill to stop Hicks making money from story,23599,21814241-1702,00.html

Venezuela accuses CNN of linking Chavez to Al-Qaeda

(Nepal) Blast kills nine in Nepal - year after signing peace pact with Maoist insurgents

Sri Lankan capital on alert after bomb blasts kill 11;_ylt=Ann_R8lHvDjrRAlfOCjW47gtM8oA

Serb police detain 7 ex-paramilitaries in connection with 1991 killings of Croats

MEMRI: Islamist Websites Monitor No. 104

Other News:

(Australia) Report: “Anti-Islamic writer” Ayaan Hirsi Ali stirs hatred, Muslims warn,20867,21811256-5006784,00.html

(Pakistan) Imam-e-Kaaba invited to Lal Masjid - Mullah Aziz “suggestedthe government announce enforcement of Sharia through Sheikh Assadis”\05\29\story_29-5-2007_pg7_14

(Pakistan) Editorial: “Islamic” laws gone wrong\05\29\story_29-5-2007_pg3_1

(India) J&K priest issues fatwa against Army for rebuilding mosques

(India) Kashmir youths defy LeT rebel threat to audition for ‘Indian Idol’;_ylt=AsGicpxv2eWgLA_xOHYJyaw1NXcA

Malaysian PM: Muslims ‘at crossroads’

(UK) Setback for Muslim sect’s ‘mega-mosque’ in London

(Belgium) Brussels: No Jihad street

Turkey asks U.S. not to violate its airspace again;_ylt=AjroGb.5.EZpm66zMzmdQiDtfLkA

University of Colorado President Recommends Firing Ward Churchill,2933,275999,00.html

(Washington State) Vandals Burn Dozens of American Flags DecoratingVeterans’ Graves, Replace With Swastikas,2933,275974,00.html

Pope to restore Vatican office dealing with Muslims

Monday, May 28, 2007


May 28, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Happy Memorial Day, USA

(Afghanistan) Afghan clash kills militants, civilians - Taliban ambushof supply trucks in southern Afghanistan - estimated two dozen dead;_ylt=AgKjLUhcT31HX7zYxE.dEZDOVooA

(Iraq) Car bomb kills at least 19 in Baghdad - in Sinak commercialdistrict;_ylt=AuUAb4eU6GaqwYevP7rVlxBX6GMA

(Iraq) Insurgents hijack 2 buses in Baghdad - kidnapping at least 15passengers, at least 3 police killed;_ylt=Ao8mW9BtYnXlFz0bgup1C.VX6GMA

(Iraq) Security forces foil bus kidnap attempt - in Fadhel Sunnineighborhood,23599,21809695-1702,00.html

(Iraq) Update: Troops free 42 Iraqis held by al-Qaida;_ylt=AsmFYgvWE_8xPM3OK7YUNAAwuecA

(Iraq) U.S., Iraqi troops find Qaeda prison camp in Iraq;_ylt=ApA5.uzursjb3EKJnQmEpTIwuecA

(Iraq) Report: Militants widen reach as terror seeps out of Iraq - Iraqbegins to export Islamist fighters

(Pakistan) Bomb kills guard in southwest Pakistan;_ylt=Aq5YIdlUqFdePY7W5AD9UzXzPukA

(Pakistan) Van blast kills security guard in Quetta - other car bombsand bomb thrown into house to threaten govt officials

(Pakistan) Two firing incidents in northern Pakistan kill five people -in Tank and Bannu in NWFP

Pakistan Prime Minister Aziz: ‘Al Qaeda leaders not present in

(Pakistan) FBI team seeks money laundering and transfer records fromPakistan\05\28\story_28-5-2007_pg7_8

Hamas rockets fall, Israel eyes escalation;_ylt=AirOpTX5c0woAv2u7GQrRVjuyucA

(Israel) One wounded as ten Kassam rockets land in western Negev

(Israel) 3 Kassam rockets land in Sderot

(Israel) Report: Jerusalem ‘Terror cell in capital ready for attacks’ -Militant leader claims Israeli residents recruited to carry out bombings

(Israel) Al-Qaeda: Help Fatah al-Islam attack Israel,7340,L-3405037,00.html

Lebanese Army soldier wounded in skirmishes with Palestinian militants

Lebanese army and Islamists clash violently - in short fire fight;_ylt=AvnkbnIcWkZi9_ATtbUYMYfagGIB

Lebanon: Clashes resume at Nahr al-Bared refugee camp

(Lebanon) Four injured in Beirut grenade blast\05\28\story_28-5-2007_pg7_29

(Thailand) Bomb kills four in Muslim southern Thailand - in Songkhla;_ylt=AhFYROmiGNu6h.VqU528AP_uNREB

(Thailand) Thai police search for culprits after 7 bombs wound 13 - hithotels, shops, restaurants in Hat Yai;_ylt=AoOuyveDSE0kO8dk9qq40I_uNREB

(Indian Kashmir) Two more die in fresh Kashmir border violence;_ylt=Ah7dEz33XnyErWceVwOk6y01NXcA

(Indian Kashmir) ‘Terrorists waiting for troop reduction’

Spain makes 14 terror arrests - of suspected Islamic terroristsrecruiting to fight in Iraq, Afghanistan - most Pakistani origin

(USA) More details on Flight 327 released - air marshals stateterrorist dry run on Northwest Flight 327 from Detroit to LA

US Congressional delegation angers Egypt with Muslim Brotherhood visit

(Algeria) Terror: former leader of GSPC, Hassan Hattab is to appearbefore court

Yemen says will take most Yemeni Guantanamo inmates

Yemen buys bombs from civilians

(USA) Study cites lack of terrorism-linked deportation

(USA) Report: Energy Department guards get low pay, little training

Norway: Letter smuggling attempt by terror suspect

(UK) Journey into terror of my brother the 7/7 leader

(Sri Lanka) Nine killed in fresh Sri Lanka violence;_ylt=AmofiKtctr6NPv3YN_vtjIktM8oA

Other News:

Pakistan officials defend blasphemy laws (my title)\05\28\story_28-5-2007_pg7_1

Malaysian court to settle Islam’s power

Iran offers Gulf states nuclear help,23599,21810166-1702,00.html

(UK) 1,000 men living legally with multiple wives despite fears over exploitation - common in Muslim communities

Switzerland: Bishop suggest monitoring mosques

Late May 27th News

(Afghanistan) Suicide bombing kills two civilians in Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) Update: Taliban attack kills 6 Afghan police officers§ion_id=563&story_id=11368

(Afghanistan) Blast hits foreign forces in Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) Foreigners in the sights of new Taliban operation

(Iraq) U.S. Military Rescues 41 Iraqis From Al Qaeda Prison - Largest number of detained Iraqis found in single Al Qaeda hide-out,2933,275716,00.html

(Iraq/Turkey) Iraq urges Turkey to resolve PKK issue politically

(Iraq) U.S. raids in Iraq target Shiite cells;_ylt=A0WTcVBlkVlGMjwAYg6s0NUE

(Gaza) BBC journalist ‘could be free soon’,,-6664258,00.html

Iran says keeping word to Russia over atomic plant

(Gaza/Israel) Hamas says Israel wound gunmen in fresh violence

(UK) Britain extradites U.S. man on terrorism charges

(Congo) Rwandan combatants attack Congo village, killing 17

(Philippines) Communist rebels kill 3 soldiers

(Columbia) Government deal will free dozens of jailed FARC rebels

Sunday, May 27, 2007


May 27, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Al-Qaeda No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri urges Iraqis to export jihad to Other Middle Eastern Countries,2933,275714,00.html

Lebanon gunmen dig in for ‘two-year battle’

(Lebanon) Fatah al-Islam Preparing for Final Showdown With Army

(Lebanon) Sporadic gunbattles flare in Lebanon camp
(UK) Police to get tough new terror powers - new anti-terrorism laws proposed giving “wartime” powers to the police to stop and question people
(Afghanistan) Taliban launches new Afghan operation — targeting government and foreign forces;_ylt=ArnE56.wFyy0SCaRjMXfBiHOVooA
(Afghanistan) Taliban: 3 Afghan aid workers released;_ylt=Aqrew8nDoNZGpQueRxr17UXOVooA
(Afghanistan) Eighteen police killed this year in Afghan war on opium;_ylt=Aj0ZmuLL.Z47NkZkgCba5IbOVooA
(Iraq) U.S., Iraqi troops raid Sadr City again;_ylt=Avhykicp5MM5hKOA4pb5klRX6GMA
(Iraq/Iran) Washington and Tehran to hold first substantial talks in 27 years — meeting on Iraq;_ylt=AtJOswxUuKpRpXijdNbL1DpX6GMA
(Iraq) U.S. security contractors open fire in Baghdad

Israeli killed in Palestinian rocket attack - on Sderot;_ylt=AgQzFRedyYLEiyrVL9qmOK3uyucA
Israel warns militants as rocket kills civilian;_ylt=AoRqo_8KdU3o1.IVTztZrAgTv5UB
(India) Bin Laden’s posters raise concern
(Pakistan) 3 soldiers killed in blast near Tank\05\27\story_27-5-2007_pg1_6

(Pakistan) Extremism threat to Pakistan’s solidarity\05\27\story_27-5-2007_pg1_1

(Pakistan) Taliban kidnap two in Lakki Marwat\05\27\story_27-5-2007_pg7_2

(Pakistan) Militants threaten music shops in DIK\05\27\story_27-5-2007_pg7_1

(Pakistan) US warns citizens against travel to Pakistan - because of terror threats against Western interests in country\05\27\story_27-5-2007_pg1_3

(Pakistan) 10,000 Pak police withdrawn from Lal Masjid mosque operation§ion=subcontinent&col=
(Thailand) 5 soldiers injured in ambush in Yala - by Muslim insurgents

(Thailand) Village head, 7-year-old son injured in drive-by shooting in Pattani - by Muslim insurgents

Saturday, May 26, 2007


May 26, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Washington DC) 9-11 memorial takes shape at Pentagon

(Iraq) Combined mortar and car bomb attack on Baghdad neighborhood in Bayaa (my title) - killing at least 6;_ylt=AqHaae9sB31Dxg9PA0DSxNBX6GMA

(Iraq) Two people killed in explosions in Kirkuk, Mosul

(Iraq) U.S. forces raid al-Sadr’s stronghold - kill five suspected militia fighters in air strikes - leader of cell facilitating bombs from Iran to Iraq;_ylt=AmkMk0sgp4yjXo325S1R9_tX6GMA,2933,275636,00.html

(Iraq) U.S.: ‘Cell leader’ with Iran links nabbed in Sadr City

(Iraq) Three US troops killed in Iraq

(Iraq) Report: U.S. is studying ways to reduce its troops in Iraq

Iraqi Interior: terror groups stationed in triangle near Baghdad

(Afghanistan) NATO soldier killed in southern Afghanistan;_ylt=ApnYqD7zh4aEj3LEiKUPEEnOVooA

(Afghanistan) Suicide attack hits Afghan city, three police wounded - Kandahar

(Pakistan) Roadside bomb kills 2 Pakistani soldiers - in northwest Pakistan;_ylt=AkWnxXSE4rkHLX9VeiR44sTzPukA

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid gears up for attack on CD, video shops: Taliban jihad in NWFP backed

(Pakistan) Unknown armed men in Pakistani city of Quetta kill four people

(USA) Texas jihad suspect convicted on weapons charge - Pakistan native Syed Maaz Shah

thanks to JihadWatch USA/UK) Al-Qaeda suspect extradited from Britain to US - Pakistan-born US national Syed Hashmi, charged with supply weapons to Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan;_ylt=Ah2NGXMvek9wMD8bopN2tL8wuecA

Israel pounds Hamas positions in Gaza, arrests Palestinian minister - killing at least 4 Hamas fighters;_ylt=Akk4VA7Da61BCAcobeBvO_zuyucA

(Israel) Four Hamas terrorists killed in intensified IAF air strikes

(Gaza) Islamic Jihad operatives manage to escape air force strike in Gaza City,7340,L-3404601,00.html

Lebanon gives last chance for talks to end deadly clashes — sniper fire stopped thousands from fleeing;_ylt=Akc0hqYc0ANvhKIT.OLuK5PagGIB

(Lebanon) ‘Free hand’ for Lebanon army to hit militants

(Lebanon) Hezbollah head warns against raid

(Lebanon) ‘Fath Al-Islam’ Military Commander: We Are ‘Ready To Blow Up Every Place In Lebanon’
(India) Seven killed, 30 injured as ULFA bomb blast strikes in Assam;_ylt=AirIE4av7qW535YalyuprdpA7AkB

(India) Security tightened at Surat textile market after threat call

(Somalia) Roadside bomb explodes in Somali capital, killing 2 civilians and wounding 5

(Somalia) Mogadishu deputy mayor survives bomb attack;_ylt=Ak2HmhGae0tZXunWLAWIcliQLIUD

Somalia: Speaker Urges Eritrea to Stop Spreading Terrorism in Ethiopia, Somalia

(Nigeria) Gunmen seize foreign workers in Nigeria - including 3 Americans;_ylt=AsLznh9FVYvbYgdMKfhVK2vZ9YEA

(Thailand) Four Muslims shot dead by suspected Islamic rebels in Thailand’s restive south;_ylt=AhslkTQcDmDW3XwHSIP0peLuNREB

(Thailand) 2 paramilitary troopers injured, villager killed in Yala attacks

(Philippines) Soldiers attacked in Philippines by gunmen;_ylt=AvJA1JT1AjCaUreZkLot9U9UKYUA

(China) Pentagon Report Says China’s January Missile Test on Satellite, Other Actions Cause for Concern,2933,275445,00.html

(UK) Racist Muslim preacher is deported to Jamaica - Abdullah el-Faisal influenced July 7 2005 bomber

(UK) Fourth Terror Suspect On The Run (my title) - Iraqi Bestun Salim, an associate of terror chief Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi—&method=full&objectid=19201604&siteid=66633-name_page.html

(UK) Terror suspect Ibrahim Adam was ‘nice guy’,,2-2007240274,00.html

(UK) New picture of missing terror suspect Cerie Bullivant issued

(UK) Muslim party Hizb-ut-Tahrir in posters denial

(USA) Report: IRS poor at finding terrorists;_ylt=AtU7e.l.OUAQVlTB3UcYNwITv5UB

(USA) Senate moves to expand detainee rights - at Guantanamo Bay;_ylt=AiHYGELZ9.8EDLdKPRkw47gTv5UB

(USA) Oregon: ELF arsonist Chelsea Dawn Gerlach sentenced to 9 years;_ylt=ApL4Q7nJp8IH3hX.BehgwP4Tv5UB

Iran Nuclear: Russia concerned over delay of Bushehr project

Other News:

Turks rally against pro-Islamic leaders;_ylt=AnSwAXGZm1Oaqh.odLqA_FbtfLkA

(USA) Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan speaks at Chicago Catholic church

(Belgium) “50 percent of Belgians want headscarf ban”

Germany: $16 Million in Counterfeit Bills Seized in Cologne,1518,485088,00.html

(Iran) About 70 pct of Iran oil income in non-U.S. dollar;_ylt=Ase1FV7dMZaCAygUzM7_S3BSw60A

Canada revokes citizenship of 2 ex-Nazis

Propaganda Alert:
(Iraq) BBC Reports “Sadr calls for Sunni co-operation” - fails to report Al-Sadr chants against USA and Israel

Friday, May 25, 2007


May 25, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) ‘Al-Qaida ready for prisoner swap with any party’

(Afghanistan) Al-Qaeda Video is authentic says Egyptian Islamists’ Lawyer

(USA) House, Senate pass war funding bill - funds military operations,mostly in Iraq, through September

(Iraq) Bomb hits security company vehicle in Iraq - in Basra;_ylt=Ascc9mEmjsmeIAsC7DR99BtX6GMA

Iraq: Al-Qaeda Militia Attack Sunni village near Baquba, killing 5

(Iraq) Militants bomb Baghdad bridge - Thursday night

(Iraq) Six more U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq;_ylt=Ah37ZJzKMr7SmBuhIXByg3xX6GMA

(Iraq) 260 Iraqi terror cells dismantled, 250 hostages freed in year:minister

(Iraq) Radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr appears at prayers in Iraq;_ylt=Aq5b2WqR4ba59_KDaG7zltZX6GMA

(Iraq) Al-Sadr delivers sermon in Kufa mosque: “No, no for the devil.No, no for America. No, no for the occupation. No, no for Israel”

Iraq’s Sadrists follow Hezbollah’s path

(Iraq) “How-to” Manual Found in Al Qaeda Safe House Shows Disturbing Torture Methods,2933,275341,00.html,23599,21792439-2,00.html?from=public_rss

(Iraq/Iran) US forces capture Iran-linked “terror cell leader”§ion=middleeast&col=

(Iraq/Iran) Iranian ambassador to Iraq to head Tehran team for directU.S.-Iran talks in Baghdad

(Pakistan) Islamabad radicals free police officers;_ylt=AhywoU_EhK.jk5G0121jdeDzPukA

Pakistani elders resign over raid on militants - protesting Tuesday’sraid on an Islamist training camp;_ylt=AmqhHFW8.itwNL3XPkric4HzPukA

(Pakistan) 1,471 people were reported killed in terrorist incidents in Pakistan during 2006 - and challenges in Pakistan (my title)

(India) Suspect detained in Hyderabad mosque bombing;_ylt=AqHXkCpucPsaLX_O3N4k9yBA7AkB

(India) Six get five to 14 years’ RI in Mumbai blasts case§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Israel) IAF attacks Hamas positions; 4 Kassams fired at Israel

Hamas, Islamic Jihad claim Kassam attacks

Palestinian gunners fire shells at Israeli targets

Israeli air strike near Palestinian PM’s home;_ylt=Ankacdq.9CZrrK1J6JKeClnuyucA

Palestinian PM Haniyeh’s advisor tells Israeli TV: “projectiles arelike fireworks”

(Israel) Troops arrest six terror suspects in West Bank

Lebanon army warns it will react ‘forcefully’ if attacked by FatahAl-Islam;_ylt=AuYW6JWfyDQkRonUjopk673agGIB

(Lebanon) North braces for next round at Nahr al-Bared

(Lebanon) U.S. Rushes Supplies to Lebanese Army Fighting AlQaeda-Inspired Islamic Militants,2933,275372,00.html

(Turkey) 13 potential suicide bombers caught in Turkey over past month

(Turkey) Al-Iraqi’s Turkish attorneys to reveal details of case

(Philippines) Suspected backers of terror group Jemaah Islamiyah slain;_ylt=AiD3OYd93.tGJKQrR7BpF0ZUKYUA

(North Korea) Report: North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles Toward Sea of Japan,2933,275376,00.html

Somali Islamists make ‘martyr’ video;_ylt=Ap6Ey_gBsUyex7IOqkeQXbKQLIUD

(Nigeria) Gunmen in Nigeria kidnap 6 oil workers, including 1 Indian,security forces say

(USA) Strike at US nuclear weapons site raises security fears;_ylt=AtwjnAjyHxvv5zjRq8mxXjkTv5UB

(USA) KKK: Homegrown terrorists

(UK) Home Secretary threatens rights opt-out after terror suspects flee

Commentary: Media bombs

Other News:

(USA) Mosques awarded Homeland Security grants — CAIR urges Muslim clerics to cash in on federal funds

U.S. opens a sheltered path to asylum for some Iraqis

Canadian Islamists trying to bring in Sharia — through banking\05\25\story_25-5-2007_pg7_10

Thursday, May 24, 2007


May 24, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Al-Qaeda’s Afghan head ‘named’ - Al Jazeera airs videoshowing Mustafa Abu al-Yazid presenting himself as leader

(Turkey) Al-Qaeda militant said extradited by Turkey to U.S. — Abdal-Hadi al-Iraqi

(Iraq) Bush warns of heavy fighting in Iraq this summer

(Iraq) “How-to” Manual Found in Al Qaeda Safe House Shows Disturbing Torture Methods,2933,275341,00.html

(Iraq) Morgue Data Show Increase In Sectarian Killings in Iraq

(Iran) Bush Pledges to Work With Allies to Strengthen Sanctions Against Iran,2933,275183,00.html

Iranian leader warns Israel it may be “uprooted” - Ahmadinejad warns Jewish state against attacking Lebanon this summer

(Iran) Iranian President Warns Israel Against Attacking Lebanon, Repeats Nuke Stance,2933,275159,00.html

Hamas Extending the Conflict to Judea and Samaria

(Israel) Drug dealer sentenced to prison for passing info to Hezbollah- Gave info during war & conspired to import narcotics

(USA) Death from WTC dust added to 9/11 toll;_ylt=AuqhZoLJx1ej7eaZ9sfCBHys0NUE

U.S. Financial Sector Prepares Fall Test of Pandemic Response Capabilities

Thailand set to make Buddhism the state religion

Thailand: Islamist Insurgency with No End? Part One (of Two)

Thailand: Islamist Insurgency With No End? Part Two (of Two)

(Australia) PM brushes off ‘fear-monger’ tag,23599,21788781-1702,00.html

(UK) Terror Suspects Want to “Wage Jihad” Against West

France demands release of Hamas officials

Colombia rebels press France’s Sarkozy on hostages - FARC wants Sarkozyto broker deal

Other News:

Two Muslim Authors React to Survey of Muslim-American Attitudes Toward U.S.,2933,275195,00.html

Oregon Public Broadcaster To Distribute Controversial Islam Program

Australia: Muslim taxi drivers refuse to carry blind passengers with seeing-eye dogs,23599,21785791-421,00.html

Propaganda Alert:

Family speaks of Fatah Islam leader


May 24, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Car bomber kills 27 at funeral in Iraq - in Fallujah;_ylt=AqItZpcijcQHuaRDUGLIo7VX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. Military Confirms Identity of Murdered Soldier, DeniesReports of Second Body,2933,275144,00.html

(Iraq) Two US soldiers die in combat operations in Western Iraq

Turkey: Raids into Iraq mulled in wake of Ankara blast

Turkey’s leader backs attack on Kurds;_ylt=AoMFNIuR24dL9RFxFVTwMpftfLkA

Turkish police arrests seven PKK members

(Turkey) Mine explosion kills 5 Turkish soldiers, wounds 9

(Afghanistan) 18 militants killed in south Afghan battles; 10 Afghans die in explosions

(Afghanistan) Roadside bomb kills 6 Afghan police, district chief;_ylt=AvqXN5KGq8iuAJHB81l11hzOVooA

Israel seizes Hamas leaders in West Bank, bombs Gaza;_ylt=AtIncXz83xfddSqr6lfHZozuyucA

(Gaza) Palestinian militants reject cease-fire in Gaza

Palestinian Authority Officials: Hamas ready to halt rockets

(Lebanon) Gunfire erupts at Lebanon refugee camp;_ylt=Ag8_U_nH_n3Nfu_2EX3.A6bagGIB

Lebanese PM vows to uproot Islamic militants fighting in refugee camp

(Lebanon) Militants vow to never surrender

‘Lebanese army sank boats of fleeing militants’

(Lebanon) U.N. agency knew of armed foreigners in Lebanon camp

(Thailand) Seven killed in Thailand’s south - by two gunmen - 11 others killed in series of bombings;_ylt=AhbTlyJL9RkY4AXDzNILAqruNREB

(Thailand) Insurgents kill state officer in Yala

(Thailand) Insurgents bomb police office

(Thailand) Muslim National Legislative Assembly member praises reconciliatory policy for deep South

(Pakistan) Musharraf backs talks with Taliban — Pakistan’s President shrugs off increased militancy in border region;_ylt=Aj57r8Bbg3rpNV6ocAW9govOVooA

Pakistani mullah warns Musharraf of Taliban challenge — Lal Masjid leader: “If the government tries to suppress the change that our movement is demanding, then there is a likelihood of Talibanization”§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) U.S.: Islamabad receives most “war on terror” funds -Pakistan is the largest recipient of US assistance and is one of largest recipients of US military aid and assistance globally

(Pakistan) US State Dept: US stands by ‘friend’ Musharraf: top official;_ylt=Am6vehIdCEsXG1CKz.nxwgTOVooA

(Pakistan) Military Intelligence agent among three officials abducted in NWFP

(Pakistan) 7 rockets fired at fort in NW Pakistan

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid: Stand off between security forces, students ends in Islamabad - two police to be released and students to be released

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid and Jamia Fareedia administrators face 15 cases\05\24\story_24-5-2007_pg7_13

(Bangladesh) Bombs recovered in Rajshahi and Faridpur

(Indian Kashmir) Plot to bomb Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus foiled

(India) Police probe bombings in northern India

(India) 2 killed in terrorist attack in central India - Bihar

UK anti-terrorism laws under fire as suspects flee

(UK) Absconded terror suspects ‘may be abroad’ — police fear they may join Islamist militants fighting British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

(UK) Home Secretary Reid fury as three terror suspects abscond

(UK) Anger over anti-British hate posters - posters urging “Muslims torise against British oppression”

European Security Officials back plan to profile mosques - to identify imams who preach radical Islam that raises the threat of homegrown terrorism

(USA) Fort Dix suspect applied for police jobs;_ylt=Au.wYjN1B5okbjNUPdgnwD7MWM0F

(Iran) US sanctions affecting Iran’s economy§ion=middleeast&col=

Iran says close to reaching its “ultimate goals”;_ylt=AkoovH12FIxWi.ach0tXzaZSw60A

Iranian President: West Is Trying to Stop Us From Becoming World Power,2933,275159,00.html

Iran’s nuclear plans are advancing, admits IAEA

(Iran) IAEA head: ‘World heading towards Iran confrontation’,7340,L-3403986,00.html

(Iran) CBS Report: U.S. Working To Sabotage Iran Nuke Program

(Iran) US issues nuclear warning to Iran as armada enters Gulf;_ylt=AiSno.leLQ9th0.uEarjqAxSw60A

Iran will resist ‘any threat,’ defense minister says,7340,L-3403605,00.html

Iran Drawing Up Plans to Strike European Nuclear Sites, Analyst Says,2933,274725,00.html?

Yemen says key al Qaeda escapee back in jail

(Yemen) Al-Qaeda caused major damage to Yemen, official says

Somalia: Bomb Blast Kills Two in Mogadishu Overnight

(Spain) Basque police report failed bombing attack against candidate’s car

Saudi forces train for new stage of insurgency fight;_ylt=AowZDUZw3U2ugR6gFflPqWfn7SkC

(North Korea) US urges NKorea to quickly shut down nuclear reactor;_ylt=ApytZonxuVTYvPd9C6EJBziCscEA

(Sri Lanka) 35 claimed killed in Sri Lanka attack by Tamil Tigers

(Sri Lanka) Blast in Colombo’s main market

(Oregon) Arsonist gets 13-year sentence in terror acts

Other News:

Turkish PM Erdogan in Speech During Term As Istanbul Mayor AttacksTurkey’s Constitution, Describing it As “A Huge Lie”: “Sovereignty Belongs Unconditionally and Always To Allah”; “One Cannot Be a Muslim, andSecular”

German court jails Turkish man over attempted honor killing