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May 18, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Taliban ‘capture Dadullah’s betrayer’,23599,21757101-1702,00.html

(Iraq) U.S. forces kill 6 insurgents in Iraq;_ylt=AozG4van3HTrQ1r.boBeH9ZX6GMA

Iraqi forces thwart jailbreak plot

(Iraq) Two ABC News journalists killed in Iraq;_ylt=Ar4wLcMYMSwvXC71eyOr.4RX6GMA

(Iraq) Car bomb kills, injures at least seven Iraqis - in town of Al-Mesib

(Iraq) Violence in Kirkuk claims lives of three Iraqis

(Iraq) US forces detain Iraqi gang “smuggling bombs from Iran”
(Iraq) Members of secret terrorist cell detained by MNF

(Israel) 11 Hamas men killed in Gaza strikes

(Israel) New Israeli strike, factional gunbattle in Gaza§ion=middleeast&col=
Hamas Increasing Terror Capabilities; Al Qaeda Joining Fray

Jordan jails two in plot to smuggle arms to Palestinians;_ylt=ArhTXiStEsQta6kG2ZV2sQFYU.0A
(Philippines) Bomb kills three at Philippine bus station, 35 hurt -dead include 5 year old boy;_ylt=AsN970NbgSCj.ZHMLejEQyZUKYUA
(India) New Delhi on high alert after Hyderabad blast

(India) Mosque Bombing Kills 5 in India,2933,273473,00.html
(India) Five killed in blast at Hyderabad’s historic Mecca Mosque

(India) Sentencing begins in India 1993 bombings case;_ylt=Av7YQsWDHfAZpVE1ssJIEOgTv5UB
(Canada/Air India) CSIS officer had bomb plot info, probe hears
Bangladeshi Islamists readying for car bomb attacks - Militant commander “wants to establish Allah’s rule in Allah’s soil”\05\18\story_18-5-2007_pg7_31

(Bangladesh) 4 JMB men held with jihad books

(Pakistan) Musharraf admits Al-Qaeda presence in Pakistan

(Pakistan) Soldier killed in Balochistan

(Pakistan) Army called out in Tank after clashes - reports that 90 to 100 militants entered city to carry out terrorist activity in areas

(Pakistan) Taliban leader pardoned\05\18\story_18-5-2007_pg7_7

(Pakistan) Video shop threatened\05\18\story_18-5-2007_pg7_8

Pakistani shops threatened over ‘obscene’ videos

(Pakistan) Musharraf losing power: Stratfor\05\18\story_18-5-2007_pg1_5

(Afghanistan) Foreign troops would leave Afghanistan when al Qaeda is wiped out: Karzai

(U.S.) Suspect in Fort Dix terror case denied bail

(U.S. - Lodi Terror Trial) Calif. man’s terror conviction upheld -Hamid Hayat convicted of training at a Pakistani terrorist camp
(U.S.) CBS 2 HD Exclusive: Model Airplane Terror? - Accused terrorists have tried to use model planes

(U.S.) Negroponte fears al-Qaeda expansion

(U.K.) Six in court on terror charges - including Abu Izzadeen
(U.K.) Terror gas exercises to be held

(U.K.) Commentary: How the fanatic found peace

(Jordan) Britain “missing a chance to combat extremism”
Sweden extradites suspected Islamist terrorist to Germany

(Sweden) Second Terror Suspect Deportation Reversed - regarding second of two Egyptian terror suspects handed over to CIA agents

(Iran/Israel) Poll: 71% of Israelis want U.S. to strike Iran if talks fail

Iran says five held in Iraq may be free by June 21;_ylt=AgQmTyR7SOTv4LWVzxe26qlX6GMA
(Somalia) U.S. envoy sees terror imprint in Somalia AU attack;_ylt=AjcGasaDoSb.DKoV_Z7jSzMTv5UB
Somali leader escapes roadside bomb attack
(Sudan) U.N.: Sudanese forces attacked villages;_ylt=Ajwkj8ya7mOdvfKLBeW5HusShIMA
Nigeria: U.S. Delists Nigeria From Non-Conformist Nations - U.S.Treasury says Nigeria added “significant reforms” -

(Thailand) Southern people urged to watch out against school arsons

(Sri Lanka) 27 LTTE cadres killed in separate incidents

(Sri Lanka) ‘LTTE’ vessel sunk off Maldives was from Kerala’LTTE’+vessel+sunk+off+Maldives+was+from+Kerala
(Canada/Sri Lanka) Tamil leader denies funding terrorist group

(Columbia) Long-time captive escapes Colombia’s FARC

Commentary: Islam’s War for World Mastery

Propaganda Alert:

Rosie O’Donnell equates U.S. troops to terrorists on “The View” - and Rudy Giuliani helped “cover-up” 9/11

Methodist leader equates U.S. flag to swastika

Other News:

(Nigeria) Sharia stoning for Nigerian man

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