Friday, May 25, 2007


May 25, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) ‘Al-Qaida ready for prisoner swap with any party’

(Afghanistan) Al-Qaeda Video is authentic says Egyptian Islamists’ Lawyer

(USA) House, Senate pass war funding bill - funds military operations,mostly in Iraq, through September

(Iraq) Bomb hits security company vehicle in Iraq - in Basra;_ylt=Ascc9mEmjsmeIAsC7DR99BtX6GMA

Iraq: Al-Qaeda Militia Attack Sunni village near Baquba, killing 5

(Iraq) Militants bomb Baghdad bridge - Thursday night

(Iraq) Six more U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq;_ylt=Ah37ZJzKMr7SmBuhIXByg3xX6GMA

(Iraq) 260 Iraqi terror cells dismantled, 250 hostages freed in year:minister

(Iraq) Radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr appears at prayers in Iraq;_ylt=Aq5b2WqR4ba59_KDaG7zltZX6GMA

(Iraq) Al-Sadr delivers sermon in Kufa mosque: “No, no for the devil.No, no for America. No, no for the occupation. No, no for Israel”

Iraq’s Sadrists follow Hezbollah’s path

(Iraq) “How-to” Manual Found in Al Qaeda Safe House Shows Disturbing Torture Methods,2933,275341,00.html,23599,21792439-2,00.html?from=public_rss

(Iraq/Iran) US forces capture Iran-linked “terror cell leader”§ion=middleeast&col=

(Iraq/Iran) Iranian ambassador to Iraq to head Tehran team for directU.S.-Iran talks in Baghdad

(Pakistan) Islamabad radicals free police officers;_ylt=AhywoU_EhK.jk5G0121jdeDzPukA

Pakistani elders resign over raid on militants - protesting Tuesday’sraid on an Islamist training camp;_ylt=AmqhHFW8.itwNL3XPkric4HzPukA

(Pakistan) 1,471 people were reported killed in terrorist incidents in Pakistan during 2006 - and challenges in Pakistan (my title)

(India) Suspect detained in Hyderabad mosque bombing;_ylt=AqHXkCpucPsaLX_O3N4k9yBA7AkB

(India) Six get five to 14 years’ RI in Mumbai blasts case§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Israel) IAF attacks Hamas positions; 4 Kassams fired at Israel

Hamas, Islamic Jihad claim Kassam attacks

Palestinian gunners fire shells at Israeli targets

Israeli air strike near Palestinian PM’s home;_ylt=Ankacdq.9CZrrK1J6JKeClnuyucA

Palestinian PM Haniyeh’s advisor tells Israeli TV: “projectiles arelike fireworks”

(Israel) Troops arrest six terror suspects in West Bank

Lebanon army warns it will react ‘forcefully’ if attacked by FatahAl-Islam;_ylt=AuYW6JWfyDQkRonUjopk673agGIB

(Lebanon) North braces for next round at Nahr al-Bared

(Lebanon) U.S. Rushes Supplies to Lebanese Army Fighting AlQaeda-Inspired Islamic Militants,2933,275372,00.html

(Turkey) 13 potential suicide bombers caught in Turkey over past month

(Turkey) Al-Iraqi’s Turkish attorneys to reveal details of case

(Philippines) Suspected backers of terror group Jemaah Islamiyah slain;_ylt=AiD3OYd93.tGJKQrR7BpF0ZUKYUA

(North Korea) Report: North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles Toward Sea of Japan,2933,275376,00.html

Somali Islamists make ‘martyr’ video;_ylt=Ap6Ey_gBsUyex7IOqkeQXbKQLIUD

(Nigeria) Gunmen in Nigeria kidnap 6 oil workers, including 1 Indian,security forces say

(USA) Strike at US nuclear weapons site raises security fears;_ylt=AtwjnAjyHxvv5zjRq8mxXjkTv5UB

(USA) KKK: Homegrown terrorists

(UK) Home Secretary threatens rights opt-out after terror suspects flee

Commentary: Media bombs

Other News:

(USA) Mosques awarded Homeland Security grants — CAIR urges Muslim clerics to cash in on federal funds

U.S. opens a sheltered path to asylum for some Iraqis

Canadian Islamists trying to bring in Sharia — through banking\05\25\story_25-5-2007_pg7_10

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