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Canadian Hindu Advocacy’s director Ron Banerjee says, “In its entire history, Islamic civilization has invented and contributed less to human advancement than a pack of donkeys.”

Banerjee says he wants to “fight the Islamization of our society” and, lately, of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). He’s demanding that Valley Park Middle School in Flemingdon Park stop giving space to Muslim students in the cafeteria after lunch on Fridays.

And judging by the writer’s, HAROON SIDDIQUI spin on this story, (below) muslims and lefties don’t like it one bit.

The Star:

He does not live in the area but claims to have “received many complaints from terrified Hindu students and parents (who) felt that the TDSB was so thoroughly infected with Islamist sympathies that they would suffer consequences for speaking up.”

“Frankly, I don’t believe what he says,” principal Nick Stefanoff says. “I’ve not had a single complaint from any non-Muslim parents. We have dozens of Hindu students and we have a great relationship with them and their parents. When the Indian cricket team played Sri Lanka in the World Cup final (in April in Mumbai), Hindu and Muslim kids came to the school at 4 a.m. to watch it together. They had a great time.”

He says that several of Banerjee’s assertions are wrong — that other kids are denied access to the cafeteria (the prayer is held after lunch when the place is vacant); that prayer is interfering with classes (all classes start on time); and that “secular education” is compromised (class content is decidedly not affected).

“I think he just makes it all up,” says Stefanoff. “He never asked me a thing. Why doesn’t he come and talk to me?” Banerjee has speculated that the praying students may be subject to “inflammatory preaching” against Hindus. There’s no such evidence.

Yet he plans to picket the school just when the Muslims begin praying in the new school year. “Let’s see how much praying they can do with our loudspeakers. . . . If our loudness disrupts their prayers, so be it.”

Banerjee’s views echo those of extremist Hindus in India, a minority there.

For example, he thinks India’s ruling secular Congress Party, “which depends heavily on Muslim votes,” is “a curse” on that country. Congress led India’s struggle against British colonial rule and has been elected more times than any other party since 1947.

Joining Banerjee’s crusade are the fundamentalist Christian Heritage Party, the Jewish Defence League (JDL) and the Canadian Muslim Congress. The latter is notorious in the Muslim community for attacking fellow-Muslims and being the darling of Islamophobes and right-wing media.

Boys pray in front. Girls pray in the back. Menstruating girls banished to Siberia.

In January, when the Jewish Defence Legue made common cause with a racist (Oh, please, Islam is not a race, it’s a death cult) British group, the English Defence League, Banerjee was at their Toronto rally, which was opposed by the Canadian (Uber Leftie) Jewish Congress.

Bernie Farber, then CEO, said: “When extremists come together, we all too often get a combustible reaction. . . . Using the tactics of hooligans, whether from the right or the left, is appalling.”

Banerjee is also in bed with a handful of Canadians who are fans of Dutch anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders. When they held a rally for him in Toronto last year, Banerjee spoke in glowing terms about Wilders.

Banerjee describes his group as the voice of “real Hindus.” Other times he claims it to be “the leading” voice for Canadian Hindus. This annoys the large and well-respected Canadian Hindu organizations, whom he keeps attacking:

“Canadian Hindu temples and groups have proven themselves unable or unwilling to protect Hindu lives, rights or property. The Canadian Hindu Advocacy was formed to address this, and our national advocacy shall continue to provide real leadership to our oppressed community, which is by far the most victimized in Canada.”

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Islam Is Not Part of Our Civilization

Obama said THIS at the latest White House Iftar dinner:

"Like so many faiths, Islam has always been part of our American family, and Muslim Americans have long contributed to the strength and character of our country, in all walks of life".

These words have no basis in fact.

Islam is not part of our civilization because its foundational principles are opposite to ours. Our civilization is built on the foundation of critical thought (how we think) and the Golden Rule (ethics).

Islam is built on submission (authoritative thought) and ethical dualism.

Let’s compare the principles, of these different thought systems, starting with authoritative thought and critical thought.

Critical thought (also: analytic thought, scientific thought) is the necessary reasoning or intellectual basis for our culture of democracy. Critical thought is objective--no matter who does the work, they get the same results. It is fact-based, uses cause and effect, and is intellectual, not emotional.

Critical thought’s tie into morals is that you don’t lie or cheat about data.

Let’s look at some authoritative reasoning. Authoritative reasoning is based on expert opinion and asserts it truth by power. It is so, because the Establishment says it is so.

The Meccan Koran, the early Koran, has one new idea—Mohammed is the prophet of Allah. (The ideas found in the Koran are derivative.) The proof of Mohammed’s prophecy is repetition of “Mohammed is the prophet” and what happens if you don’t accept that.

The reasoning is circular—Mohammed is the prophet of Allah, because Allah says so. (Actually, the archangel of Allah says so.)

How do we know what Allah says? Mohammed tells us what Allah says.

There is an apt Persian saying that when they asked a fox "who is your witness?" he replied "my bushy tail"!

The Koran of Medina (the later Koran) contains one new ideaif you don’t believe that Mohammed is the prophet of Allah, then you can be murdered in jihad. If you are not persuaded, then you can be eliminated.

Now that is authoritative reasoning.

More on authoritative reasoning can be found in the Sharia. The Sharia says that apostasy (leaving Islam) is a capital offense. And what entails apostasy?

• To be sarcastic about Allah or any verse in the Koran
• To deny the consensus of the Islamic scholars
• To deny that Islam is to be the world’s ONLY religion
To be sarcastic about Sharia

And people say that Islam just needs to be reformed. Good luck on dealing the authoritative rules of thought and reform.

It is not that you are wrong, you are dead wrong. Want more examples of authoritative thought? Try Salman Rushdie, the author of the Satanic Verses, a novel. Islam’s reaction to the novel was a death fatwa. When the Mohammed cartoons were published, people died in riots.

So far in America what happens if you differ with Establishment thought about Islam, you are called names, such as bigot or hater, and insulted as a punishment.

However, the Obama Establishment keeps flirting with the expanded versions of hate speech being criminalized.

Hate speech is speech that the Establishment (the Obama administration) doesn’t like.

Critical thought does not deal with punishment, just cause and effect along with Aristotelian logic. If you lose an argument under the rules of critical thought, you have had a learning experience, not a life threatening experience. Nor do insults and threats play a part in critical thought.

Now to ethics, the Golden Rule is that we should treat ALL others as we would be treated.

This is an unitary ethic, one rule for all peoples. Islam does not see it that way.

Islam has one set of ethics for the Muslim and another set for the Kafir. The Hadith and the Koran are very clear that a Muslim is a brother to all other Muslims. A Muslim is a brother to any Muslim before he is the brother to any member of his Kafir blood family.

Look at Mohammed’s ethics. Mohammed is the divine human prototype, the perfect man, as it says in 91 Koranic verses. How did Mohammed treat his neighbor? In Medina he gave neighboring tribes the chance to become to submit to Islam. If they did not, he attacked them. Submit or die--no Golden Rule.

Mohammed repeatedly said that Muslims (like Obama) should lie to Kafirs if it would advance Islam—pure ethical dualism. Here we have the hadith:

Bukhari 5,59,369 Mohammed asked, “Who will kill Ka’b, the enemy of Allah and Mohammed?”
Bin Maslama rose and responded, “O Mohammed! Would it please you if I killed him?”
Mohammed answered, “Yes.”
Bin Maslama then said, “Give me permission to deceive him with lies so that my plot will succeed.”
Mohammed replied, “You may speak falsely to him.”…

Our Constitution’s Bill of Rights is an expansion on the Golden Rule. We eliminated slavery based on the Golden Rule. Do we live up to the Golden Rule on every occasion? No, but that does not diminish its guidance, because we can use the Golden Rule to criticize those that fail to meet it.

To sum it all up: our civilization is based on the principles of the Golden Rule and critical thought. Islam is based on dualistic ethics and authoritative thought.

There is no compromise between the opposites of the Golden Rule and dualistic ethics. There is no half-way between authoritative thought and critical thought. Islam’s principle of submission means that only active resistance can let us survive.

We have a 1400 year history of the interaction between Islam and Kafir nations. The data matches the theory. Centuries after Islam enters the culture the host culture is annihilated--see Turkey.

There is no compatibility between Islam and us. Islam is not now, nor can it ever be, a part of our civilization. It is the final goal of Islam to annihilate all Kafir civilizations. Its first stage of --we are just like you, only different— should be seen for what it is.

Is that exactly what Obama is doing to us, on behalf of his Moslem Brotherhood buddies, around the globe and inside America with his destructive activities?

No amount of preaching by apologists can change Islam’s OPENLY DECLARED political doctrine and history.


Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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AP: "Iran has allowed a top U.N. atomic inspector access to a site where it is developing advanced centrifuges that can be used to make nuclear fuel and to arm warheads, diplomats told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The diplomats said that Deputy Director General Herman Nackaerts of the International Atomic Energy Agency also was allowed to tour Iran's heavy water production plant for the first time. Heavy water reactors - like the research unit being built by Iran - produce plutonium which, along with enriched uranium, can be used for the fissile core of nuclear warheads.

A senior diplomat familiar with the visit described the Iranian move as significant in demonstrating openness after years of stonewalling IAEA requests for greater access to restricted nuclear activities. Iran is under four sets of U.N. Security Council sanctions because it refuses to suspend both enrichment and its heavy water reactor program. Therefore any sign that it is ready to open a larger window is likely to blunt U.S.-led efforts to increase pressure on the Islamic Republic for defying the Security Council...

Before Nackaerts' five-day visit, which ended Saturday, the IAEA was forced to rely on satellite imagery in concluding that the heavy water production plant was in operation. One of the diplomats said Nackaerts was able to confirm this on his visit." http://t.uani.com/qEarlb

Reuters: "North Korea has intensified its cooperation with Iran this year and supplied it with a computer program that could help the Islamic Republic build nuclear weapons, a German newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing western intelligence sources. The Sueddeutsche Zeitung said North Korea had in the spring delivered software, originally developed in the United States, that could simulate neutron flows.

Such calculations, linked to identifying a chain reaction, are vital in the construction of reactors and also in the development of nuclear explosives. With the help of the program, Iran could gain important knowledge of how to construct nuclear weapons, reported the newspaper which quoted no individual source.

If confirmed, it could add to Western suspicions about Iran's disputed nuclear activities and its links with North Korea, a secretive Asian state whose pursuit of nuclear weapons worries the world. A confidential U.N. report earlier this year said North Korea and Iran appeared to have been regularly exchanging ballistic missile technology in violation of U.N. sanctions." http://t.uani.com/qLsiR7

LAT: "The European Union announced sanctions Wednesday against Iran's elite Al-Quds security force, saying it was providing Syria with materiel and other support to help Syrian President Bashar Assad crush that country's popular uprising. The sanctions represent the most direct international accusation that Iran is helping Syria to quell a 5-month campaign of opposition protests.

There was no immediate public response from Iranian authorities to the sanctions, who have remained among Assad's strongest allies. The sanctions, published Wednesday in the EU's Official Journal, accuse Iran's Al-Quds force of 'providing equipment and support to help the Syria regime suppress revolts in Syria.'

The EU sanctions will freeze assets and ban travel by certain individuals and entities. British newspapers previously have quoted unidentified Western diplomats as accusing Iran of providing riot-control and surveillance gear to Syria to help Assad's regime against dissidents." http://t.uani.com/p16JH7

Nuclear Program & Sanctions

Reuters: "A senior United Nations official visited all of Iran's main atomic sites last week, an Iranian news agency reported, as the Islamic Republic looks to restart talks with world powers about its nuclear program. Herman Nackaerts, the head of the 'safeguards' department of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), spent five days in Iran on a rare visit that coincided with a new push by Russia to re-start diplomatic talks.

The trip also happened as Iran started to move some of its uranium centrifuges to an underground bunker that would be less exposed to any strike by Israel or the United States... 'During this trip, the delegation visited Bushehr nuclear plant, enrichment facilities in Natanz and Fordow, nuclear sites in Isfahan ... and also the Arak heavy water reactor,' the semi-official Fars news agency quoted Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, as saying.

Nackaerts, whose department is responsible for ensuring that nuclear material is not used for weapons, met Iran's nuclear chief Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani. 'There were talks on how to expand cooperations with the Agency and how to answer some of the Agency's questions,' Soltanieh said." http://t.uani.com/r50kwH

Domestic Politics

JPost: "Iran's suicide rate has climbed 17% in two years, with 10 Iranians on average taking their lives every day, a government official announced Wednesday.

Ahmad Shaja'i, the country's chief of forensic medicine, told the Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA) that suicides increased nearly 5% since last year, with 952 Iranians taking their lives during the first quarter of the Iranian year, which began in March, compared with 870 the same time last year. More than 70% of the suicides were men.

Mehrdad Khonsari, a former Iranian diplomat, told The Media Line that suicide rates in Iran have always been higher than in the West, but that the aggravated economic and social conditions may have contributed to the new peak, mainly among the country's youth. 'Iranians don't live a normal life,' Khonsari told The Media Line. 'There are barriers to interaction between youth, forced marriages, and many young couples must live with their parents because they can't afford housing.'" http://t.uani.com/q3xnhw

Bloomberg: "Iran expects to find four new gas fields before the end of March 2012 following exploration now being carried out, the state-run Mehr news agency said, citing National Iranian Oil Co.'s director for exploration, Mahmoud Mohaddes. Iran recently discovered the Menar natural gas field located east of the southern port town of Assaluyeh, according to the Mehr report. The field holds 17.470 trillion cubic feet or 495 billion cubic meters of gas and some three fourth of it is recoverable, the report said." http://t.uani.com/oOaIiZ

Opinion & Analysis

Michael Doran in FP: "The United States must therefore dispense entirely with grand strategies that seek to foster a conciliatory image of the United States and to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict. Instead, it should focus on the key challenge posed by the Arab uprisings: managing intra-Muslim conflict.

This requires returning to the question that Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah first posed to Obama: What is the strategy of the United States toward Iran? At stake in Syria today is nothing less than the future of the Iranian regional security system. It should not escape notice that the Saudis, though hostile to the populist wave in general, have now aligned themselves against Assad.

As much as they fear revolution, the Saudis fear the Islamic Republic of Iran even more, and they see the Syrian crisis as an opportunity to deal a severe blow to it. The United States should adopt a similar view. The contest on the ground in Syria, obviously, has profoundly local causes. Nevertheless, the regional struggle between Iran and its rivals will play a significant role in shaping it.

After Assad falls, a proxy war will erupt, with outside powers seeking to cultivate Syrian clients. Iran and Hezbollah will use the covert and brutal methods that they have honed in Lebanon and Iraq. They will preserve what they can from the remnants of Assad's security services, while simultaneously arming and training new proxies. They will kill off and intimidate those Syrians who get in their way. The United States has a vital interest in thwarting Iran. To do so effectively, however, it must develop a serious and sustained regional containment strategy.

The process of writing the new strategy begins, like before, in Riyadh and Ankara. This time, however, Obama should reverse his attitude toward the preferences of King Abdullah and Prime Minister Erdogan. The Syrian crisis offers a new opportunity to reach a strategic accommodation with the Saudis.

At the same time, it should also force Washington to re-evaluate the Turks' no-problems policy. To date, this policy has worked to the net benefit of Iran and Syria and to the detriment of the United States. There is no reason to believe that it will produce a different result in the future." http://t.uani.com/oF5Jfg

Ramin Jahanbegloo in CSM: "When future generations look back, they will remember 2011 as the year of the end of dictators in the Middle East and the Maghreb. Libya's Muammar Qaddafi appears to have now joined the Middle East parade of despots rejected by an uprising. Practically nine months after Tunisia's President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali was ousted after 23 years of authoritarian rule and the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was thrown out of power by a few weeks of protests in Tahrir Square, Qaddafi is at the end of his reign after 42 years of dictatorship...

So far, the remaining authoritarian regimes in the region such as Iran and Syria have sought to insulate themselves from an Egypt-like scenario. They continue to practice a high degree of violence against their opposition, believing they can hold onto power as long as they succeed in terrorizing their citizens... It remains to be seen whether Mr. Assad and Iran's Revolutionary Guards can manage to continue terrorizing their fellow citizens extensively enough to win a chance of dying in their own bed.

Leaving aside wishful thinking, what is certain is that the Syrian and Iranian regimes, even though they have lost their moral and political legitimacy, are doubling their efforts to crush and fragment civic actors precisely in order not to end up like Egypt or, now, Libya. In doing so, they have created enormous obstacles to the nonviolent transition in these countries.

Nonetheless, ending the reign of terror in Syria and Iran is not totally blocked if the formerly cowed citizenry takes up their own collective responsibility, as they did in Libya, to end human rights abuses. However painful it might be to admit, the time is long past for "dictator containment" by an international community that seeks to guide leadership succession and create a space for moderate autocrats." http://t.uani.com/qOpDzH

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In a stunning development on Thursday, the U.S. Treasury Department accused the Iranian government of sponsoring al Qaeda. Treasury designated six al Qaeda terrorists and reported that they are working for a network headquartered in Iran. This al Qaeda network is “headed by Ezedin Abdel Aziz Khalil, a prominent Iran-based al Qaeda facilitator, operating under an agreement between al Qaeda and the Iranian government.”

A Treasury Department press release quoted Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen as saying:

Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world today. By exposing Iran’s secret deal with al Qaeda allowing it to funnel funds and operatives through its territory, we are illuminating yet another aspect of Iran’s unmatched support for terrorism. Today’s action also seeks to disrupt this key network and deny al Qaeda’s senior leadership much-needed support.

This is not the first time the Treasury Department has designated al Qaeda operatives operating in Iran. In January 2009, treasury designated four al Qaeda terrorists, including one of Osama bin Laden’s sons, who were living in Iran. Thursday’s designation, however, explicitly accuses the Iranian government of having an “agreement” with al Qaeda that allows terrorists to use Iranian soil to move money and recruits into Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Ezedin Abdel Aziz Khalil is described as “an Iran-based senior al Qaeda facilitator currently living and operating in Iran under an agreement between al Qaeda and the Iranian government.” Treasury explains.

Iranian authorities maintain a relationship with Khalil and have permitted him to operate within Iran’s borders since 2005. Khalil moves money and recruits from across the Middle East into Iran, then on to Pakistan for the benefit of al Qaeda senior leaders, including Atiyah Abd al Rahman.

Atiyah Abd al Rahman was also designated by treasury. Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that Rahman was al Qaeda's “operations chief” and was working with bin Laden to assemble a terrorist cell capable of hitting America on the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. According to the Journal, the intelligence tying Rahman to the plot was found in communications recovered during the May 2 U.S. raid on bin Laden's safe house in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Rahman is one of al Qaeda’s most senior operatives. After the Taliban’s Afghanistan fell in late 2001, he moved to Iran along with numerous other al Qaeda terrorists.

The U.S. State Department's Rewards for Justice page notes that Rahman was al Qaeda's “emissary in Iran as appointed by Osama bin Ladin.” Treasury’s designation reiterates that Rahman was appointed by bin Laden as an al Qaeda emissary to Iran. Rahman, the State Department reported, “recruits and facilitates talks with other Islamic groups to operate under” al Qaeda and “is also a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and Ansar al Sunna.”

Rahman was a longtime confidante of bin Laden. He “joined Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan as a teenager in the 1980s,” the State Department reported. “Since then, he has gained considerable stature in al Qaeda as an explosives expert and Islamic scholar.”

Rahman “became acquainted with [Abu Musab al Zarqawi],” the deceased leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, in the western city of Herat in the late 1990s. He then retreated with Osama bin Laden to the Tora Bora Mountains in late 2001 before moving on to Iran.

The U.S. government has repeatedly recognized the relationship between Iran and al Qaeda – even though it is widely assumed the two are incapable of collusion.

For example, the 9/11 Commission found that the “relationship between al Qaeda and Iran demonstrated that Sunni-Shia divisions did not necessarily pose an insurmountable barrier to cooperation in terrorist operations.” The Commission found that Iran and its chief terrorist proxy, Hezbollah, trained al Qaeda operatives as they plotted the 1998 embassy bombings.

And in more recent years, according to the Treasury Department, there has been no barrier to cooperating on operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. The six terrorists designated on Thursday have moved funds and jihadists to each of these countries, using Iranian soil as a transit hub.

The Treasury Department says that these activities are part of a formerly “secret deal” between Iran and al Qaeda.

The reality is that there is plenty of publicly-available evidence showing that Iran and al Qaeda have been cooperating since the early 1990s.

Thomas Joscelyn is a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.


VIDEO - Mr Bashir, his home is in front of Osma's house and who watched whole operation from the roof of his house and he said that out of THREE only one helicopter landed and after 10-20 minutes when tried to lift up it crashed and two other helicopters run away and he rushed to house and he saw dead bodies of 10 or more people and within 20 mins Pak army came. he said that I am 100% sure that they did not take Osama if he was there because of the crash of helicopter.......what you think?????



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By DOUGLAS BIRCH, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — An Iranian opposition group said Friday that Tehran's leaders have consolidated several scattered nuclear research efforts in a single new defense agency geared to streamline weapons development.

The People's Mujahedeen, or MEK, told The Associated Press that Iran's defense ministry established the new agency in March to merge various nuclear-related programs.

The State Department had no immediate comment on the report. Some of MEK's past claims about Iran's nuclear program have been confirmed, while others have not.

An MEK spokesman said the Organization for New Defense Research is led by Mohssein Fakhrizadeh, a physicist long suspected of running Iran's secret nuclear projects.

The U.N. Security Council placed Fakhrizadeh under an asset freeze and travel ban after Iran refused to make him available to International Atomic Energy Agency investigators.

Iran has repeatedly said it is interested only in the peaceful uses of nuclear technology. The United States and many other countries believe Iran is laying the groundwork for building a bomb, though it is not clear if it has committed itself to doing so.

MEK spokesman Alireza Jafarzadeh said Iran's clear goal is to join the club of nuclear weapons states. "This is a very advanced, sophisticated nuclear weapons program with all the necessary elements to build a nuclear weapon," Jafarzadeh said.

Jafarzadeh said Iran has merged its secret nuclear programs because it believes it can continue to deny international inspectors access to sensitive sites and scientists like Fakhrizadeh.

"They have learned how to dodge the international community, how to obtain what they need using front companies," Jafarzadeh said.

The MEK, which is dedicated to the overthrow of the regime in Tehran, is currently lobbying the Obama administration to be removed from the State Department's list of terrorist organizations.

The group committed a series of bombings and assassinations in Iran in the 1970s and early 1980s, and fought on the side of Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war. But MEK says it has renounced violence, and that its extensive network of sympathizers inside Iran produces valuable intelligence.

The group has built bipartisan support among many members of Congress and former senior U.S. government officials, although it is regarded with skepticism by other current and former diplomats and academic specialists. Some analysts suspect MEK has ties to Western intelligence services, but the group has denied this.

Jafarzadeh said the headquarters of Iran's new nuclear organization, known by its Farsi acronym SPND, is located adjacent to the Malik Ashtar University of Technology in northeast Tehran.

Alan note: Obama's fervent support of the Mullah regime in Iran will prevent him throwing support behind the MEK, avowed enemies of the Mullahs. Also the nuclear scientist "student" recently assassinated was from this university.

As enemies of my enemies, the MEK are my "sort of friends" - for now. Which I have openly told Alireza Jafarzadeh, a perfectly charming person but whose MEK Marxist-Islamist philosophies differ 180 degrees from my mindsets.

Despite this, they provide by far the best information and intelligence on Iran's nuclear efforts and are estimated to have around 100,000 "invisible" supporters inside Iran.

Somewhat unfairly - and the myth has been embedded into the Iranian psyche by brainwashing Mullah efforts, they are still accused of waging war against "Iran" on Iraq's side and killling Iranians. In truth they were fighting the Mullah regime, not the Iranian populace, though many of the poorly trained Iran conscript fighters died at MEK hands in the battles.

The Islamic regime first arrested then mass-murdered/eradicated  30,000 of the MEK  in prisons on Khomeini's direct orders, so in fairness they have a well founded grudge against the Mullahs.

Sadly, the MEK has been infiltrated and split from the original purely AntiMullah group -  confusingly to include a rival second pro-Mullah faction!

The SPND's six sections include a directorate as well as research labs for physics, metallurgy, chemistry, explosives and nuclear safety, he said.

The MEK spokesman said Iran's nuclear organization evades sanctions and buys advanced technology — including devices that measure a person's exposure to radiation and the triggers for nuclear weapons — through a variety of front companies.

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By Jerome R. Corsi

Computer scanning expert Doug Vogt and typesetting expert Paul Irey say they will accompany attorney Orly Taitz when she presents to the Hawaii Department of Health a subpoena that should allow her to examine Barack Obama's original 1961 typewritten birth certificate.

Vogt and Irey both told WND they are making travel plans to join Taitz in Honolulu when she goes to the state agency at 10 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 8, to present the subpoena in person.

"We will plan to hold a press conference late in the day of Aug. 8," Vogt said, "and if the document we see varies from the birth certificate documents the White House released, we plan to file criminal charges in Hawaii immediately."

Get the New York Times best-seller "Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to be President," by Jerome Corsi.

Vogt shared with WND a copy of a letter he has written to Hawaii Attorney General David Louie, putting Louie on notice regarding the reasons he believes the birth certificate released by the White House is fraudulent.

WND previously reported on Vogt's decision to file a 22-page criminal complaint with the FBI.

Irey says it won't take long to evaluate the original birth record, if it exists.

"Over the years of my career, I've seen everything that can be put on paper," he said. "Now that I'm thoroughly familiar with what the White House released, I will be able to tell you within a few minutes, if what the Hawaii DOH has matches what the White House has released, or not.

"I will expect to see the same differences in typeface that are on the White House version, otherwise I will know immediately that what the Hawaii DOH is showing us is a forgery."

Vogt and Irey plan to bring a laptop computer and a portable scanner to the Hawaii DOH for the inspection.

"We will scan the document to compare it to the White House electronic version and the Xerox copies they handed out in the press room," he said. "We will immediately make our scan available to the public over the Internet, so the American public can see for themselves."

Irey told WND he expects the Hawaii DOH at the last minute will do everything possible to prevent Taitz from getting access to the 1961 original Obama birth certificate, if it exists.

"Quite frankly, I doubt the Hawaii DOH has anything to show us," Irey said skeptically, "and if we do see a document, my guess is that it will have been forged for the purpose of showing us something."

Vogt and Irey repeatedly have told WND that if the Hawaii DOH had an original 1961 Obama birth certificate, the most credible thing to have done on April 27 would have been to release that document to the public for professional forensic examination by qualified independent professionals.

As displayed on her website, the July 5 subpoena granted Taitz by the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii allows her to examine the original 1961 Obama birth certificate on Aug. 8 at 10 a.m.:

Taitz's subpoena was served upon Loretta Fuddy, director of the Hawaii Department of Health. Hawaii Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine is representing Fuddy.

Because Fuddy neglected to file opposition to the court-issued subpoena within the 14 days specified, the Hawaii DOH appears to have little recourse but to comply with the subpoena by producing the Obama original birth certificate for Taitz's examination.

Taitz is planning to travel to the state agency, despite receiving no answer from Fuddy as to whether or not she intends to comply with the subpoena. Taitz put the question to Fuddy in a July 27 letter.

On July 15, Florence Stone, an interested citizen residing in Oregon, was told that Nagamine was on leave and that Fuddy had left the islands.

On April 27, the White House released hard copies and a PDF electronic file of the Obama birth certificate, a document numerous experts, including several in Adobe software, have charged to be a forgery.

Handed out at the White House press conference were paper copies of the Obama birth certificate that lacked the green security paper background seen in the PDF electronic version.

The White House claims to have a certified copy of the birth certificate that contains an embossed seal from the Hawaii Department of Health, a feature that is questionably present in the PDF file and not apparent in the paper copies the White House handed to reporters.

NBC reporter Savannah Guthrie was the only person at the April 27 White House press conference allowed to see the certified copy of the Obama document, feel the seal and take a picture of the document.

To date, the Hawaii Department of Health has kept whatever record of Obama's birth that exists in its files in the agency's vault. The department refuses to grant any requests to show the original document to the public or to allow independent forensic examiners to authenticate it.

Without access to the original document, dozens of traditionally trained court-authorized forensic document examiners approached by WND have refused to render an opinion.

Vogt, who describes himself as an expert in documents, typesetting, imaging, scanners and document imaging programs, has owned Archive Index Systems, a company specializing in the international marketing of scanner equipment and technology, since 1993.

WND previously reported, and later expanded on the report, that Irey has identified different sized and different shaped letters within the Obama birth certificate. Irey believes the letters used to compose the document came from more than one typewriter, which he considers "irrefutable proof" the Obama birth certificate released by the White House is a forgery.

Irey, a typesetting and typeface expert with 50 years of experience in the business, founded Bergan Graphics in Fort Lee, N.J., in 1967.

Taitz said the state's "privacy" regulations should be ignored, as Obama already has released what the White House purported to be a copy of the document to the public.

The subpoena comes in a case she has developed in Washington, D.C., seeking the original application for Obama's Social Security number, a document that could provide significant information about the president's early life that relates to his eligibility.

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Royce Lamberth rejected a defense concern over procedure in the dispute. Taitz said the judge's ruling moved the case into the discovery phase, in which she can issue subpoenas to those holding documentation she is seeking.

WND previously has reported on the issue that Obama holds a Connecticut-based Social Security number despite allegedly being born in Hawaii, starting his work career in the Aloha State and never having lived in Connecticut.

The first three digits of a Social Security number indicate the state of the applicant's mailing address. Obama's number begins with 042, which falls within Connecticut's range of 040 through 049.

The national news media have been virtually silent on this potentially criminal fact.

Indeed, when Fox News finally attempted to explain it, the news network broadcast false information and then scrubbed the report from its website.

When WND asked the White House about the issue, then–Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dodged the question.

Taitz' case, against Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue, explains that because of the numerous questions surrounding Obama's eligibility, his birth certificate and his other records, a Freedom of Information Act request was submitted.

According to a report in The Post & Email, the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii had issued a subpoena that was served on the director of the Hawaii Department of Health.

The demand to Fuddy requires the "original 1961 typewritten birth certificate #10641 for Barack Obama … issued 08.08.1961, signed by Dr. David Sinclair, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama and registrar Lee, stored in the Health Department of the State of HI from 08081961 until now."

As WND has reported, there long have been concerns about the Social Security number.

"There is obviously a case of fraud going on here," says Ohio licensed private investigator Susan Daniels. "In 15 years of having a private investigator's license in Ohio, I've never seen the Social Security Administration make a mistake of issuing a Connecticut Social Security number to a person who lived in Hawaii. There is no family connection that would appear to explain the anomaly."

Does the Social Security Administration ever re-issue Social Security numbers?

"Never," Daniels told Corsi. "It's against the law for a person to have a re-issued or second Social Security Number issued."

Daniels said she is "staking my reputation on a conclusion that Obama's use of this Social Security Number is fraudulent."

"A person who wants to hide their true identity often picks up the Social Security Number of a deceased person, thinking that nobody would ever look into it," Daniels added. "I think it was sometime in the 1980s that Obama decided to hide who he really is."

There is no indication in the limited background documentation released by the Obama 2008 presidential campaign or by the White House to establish that Obama ever lived in Connecticut.

Nor is there any suggestion in Obama's autobiography, "Dreams from My Father," that he ever had a Connecticut address.

Also, nothing can be found in the public record that indicates Obama visited Connecticut during his high-school years.

An affidavit filed by Colorado private investigator John N. Sampson specifies that as a result of his formal training as an immigration officer and his 27-year career in professional law enforcement, "it is my knowledge and belief that Social Security Numbers can only be applied for in the state in which the applicant habitually resides and has their official residence."

Daniels told WND she believes Obama had a different Social Security Number when he worked as a teenager in Hawaii prior to 1977.

"I doubt this is President Obama's originally issued Social Security number," she told WND. "Obama has a work history in Hawaii before he left the islands to attend college at Occidental College in California, so he must have originally been issued a Social Security number in Hawaii."

The published record available about Obama indicates his first job as a teenager in Hawaii was at a Baskin-Robbins in the Makiki neighborhood on Oahu. USA Today reported the ice-cream shop still was in operation one year after Obama's inauguration.

In April, some 11 months after WND began publicizing Obama's Connecticut-based SSN, Bill O'Reilly of the Fox News Channel briefly addressed the issue while reading his viewer mail on the air.

But the news anchor falsely asserted the president's father lived in Connecticut.

In his viewer email segment April 13, O'Reilly was asked: "What about Obama having a Connecticut Social Security Number? He never lived there."

"His father lived in Connecticut for several years," O'Reilly claimed, adding that "babies sometimes get numbers based on addresses provided by their parents."

However, there is no evidence Barack Obama Sr. ever lived in Connecticut. He left Hawaii in 1962 to study at Harvard in Massachusetts and then returned to his home country of Kenya.

When WND publicized O'Reilly's error, the information vanished from the Fox News Channel's website and BillOReilly.com.

The BirtherReport.com website, responding to complaints by Fox podcast customers that O'Reilly's Social Security claim, broadcast on Fox, had gone missing from the audio archive, trumpeted the headline: "Busted: Fox News scrubbed Bill O'Reilly's 4/13 mailbag segment on Obama's Social Security Number reserved for Connecticut applicants." The site added, "Not only did Fox News scrub the podcast, they also left out the viewer -email about Obama's Social Security number at O'Reilly's website. I report, you decide!"


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