Friday, May 18, 2007

"MORE" - TERROR NEWS - May 18th

May 18, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Five US soldiers killed in S. Baghdad

(Iraq) Booby-trapped car blast kills five Iraqis, injures seven inTobaji area

(Iraq) Two corpses of renowned figures found - related to Iraq parliament speaker

(Iraq) Political murder called main Falluja Qaeda tactic;_ylt=AqTJUniVchWZj72E6qk5l4YwuecA

(Iraq) Four arrested in Iraq ‘honor killing’

(Afghanistan) 14 Taliban killed in western Afghanistan;_ylt=An0dfuAXTk4zN_NKHnWUlEPOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban claims Kandahar suicide bombing: Web

Update (India) 13 die in explosion, clashes in India - clash between worshippers and police, also Muslims clash with police in three parts of Hyderbad;_ylt=AsAp4g6aFj3AwUJNnhY.DvlA7AkB

(India/Bangladesh) Bangladesh terror group responsible for the Mecca Masjid attack?

Israel considers ground offensive, as Gaza crumbles

Israel hits Hamas during Gaza fighting;_ylt=AmTtWg1cwx4bNOIlTIQsY5HuyucA

(Israel) Three more Kassams fall on Sderot; one house directly hit

Israeli minister threatens Hamas leaders

Hamas gunmen kidnap senior journalist, office director of top Fatah official in Gaza City

Abu Dhabi TV says Hamas took reporter,23599,21758234-1702,00.html

Saudi Press Reactions to the Arrest of Seven Terrorist Cells in Saudi Arabia

(Pakistan) New Information in the Hunt for One of Pakistan’s Most Wanted - Matiur Rehman, a senior al Qaeda leader

(Pakistan Lal Masjid) Police: Religious students abduct 4 police in Pakistan capital

Pakistan: Thousands mark death of suspect of Daniel Pearl murder - Saud Memon

(Pakistan) ‘Britain wants Pakistan to crack down harder on terrorists’’Britain+wants+Pakistan+to+crack+down+harder+on+terrorists';

(Pakistan Unrest) Reporter attacked as media feels heat from Pakistan’s political crisis

(UK) Hamza ‘was behind ambush death plot’ - Abu Hamza masterminded a terrorist kidnapping plot that led to the deaths of three British tourists and an Australian’was+behind+ambush+death+plot’/

U.N.: Members States “must participate” in counter-terrorism

(USA) ‘Lackawanna Six’ Member Says Al Qaeda Ran Afghanistan Camp Linked to Padilla,2933,273755,00.html

US mosque where Fort Dix terror plot suspects prayed defends teachings

(USA) Lawyers of Gitmo detainees suing for data

(USA/Iran) Accused nuke engineer: I was showing off;_ylt=ArcQCGfW5PSOhfmivBzCbzNSw60A

(Iran) Friday Sermon in Kerman, Iran: If Iran Is Attacked, Tens of Thousands of Missiles Will Be Fired at Israel; President Bush Should BeSentenced to 100 Deaths

Bosnia: Muslim Presidency member “fostering fundamentalism”

FBI’s Mueller: Bin Laden Wants to Strike U.S. Cities With Nuclear Weapons

(Columbia) Escaped hostage from FARC: American has hepatitis;_ylt=Ahf7MACdLCzszFrsJeL83hqwv7kA

Muslim Brotherhood: A Reprise on Sheikh al-Qaradawi

Muslim Brotherhood: Sheik Yousef Al-Qaradhawi: Our War with the Jews is in the Name of Islam

ABC: 9/11 Conspiracy Documentary: Loose Change Creators on The View May 24th

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