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May 19, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Afghan, coalition forces kill over 70 Taliban - in a clash insouth-eastern Afghanistan;_ylt=Alat5_MUu7z9pkHcmvNJ0afOVooA

Afghan bomber kills 3 German soldiers, 6 others - suicide bomber in northern city of Kunduz;_ylt=AlwWBjQwALegqj4n2SblF77OVooA

(Afghanistan) Mine explosion kills Afghan district police chief

Afghan soldiers mass on Pakistan border, ready and willing to take on old foe

(Iraq) Gunmen massacre 15 Iraqi villagers in Kurdish town;

(Iraq) 9 held as Iraq search for missing soldiers widens;_ylt=Avx8OHw_OgpS_irKfdM9181X6GMA

(Iraq) Blasts hit Green Zone as Blair makes farewell visit

(Iraq) U.S. repulses militant assault on Friday

Iraq’s hidden casualties - working for contractors

(Israel) Qassam fire continues on Israel on Saturday,7340,L-3401928,00.html

(Israel) Rocket Barrage continues: 16 Qassams hit western Negev on Friday,7340,L-3401661,00.html

(Israel) IDF arrests Islamic Jihad member,7340,L-3401892,00.html

Israeli strikes in Gaza could grow harsher, envoy warns

Report: Hamas, Fatah reach new cease-fire deal

Report: Israel considers giving Fatah military support

(Pakistan) Three Taliban operatives arrested in NWFP

(Pakistan) Musharraf: Islamic militancy rising;_ylt=AmhcDb27on1tiBFi2P88JNHzPukA

(Pakistan) Gunmen in Pakistan kidnap 8 government officials - ambushed them in a troubled northwestern tribal region of Pakistan

(Pakistan Lal Masjid) Mosque stand-off after Pakistani police taken hostage

(Pakistan Lal Masjid) Hostage policemen: Case filed against Lal Masjid admin\05\19\story_19-5-2007_pg1_2

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid chief wants end to co-education\05\19\story_19-5-2007_pg7_8

Philippine military warn of terrorist attacks in Manila - bombers are targeting a shopping mall and a public square

(Bangladesh) Al Qaeda outfit threatens to blow up Bangladesh bridge

Indian police seek clues to deadly mosque blast;_ylt=AoC03w4NrlNEt2UZlebBWCxA7AkB

(India) SIM card recovered from defused bomb in Hyderabad

(India) Blast at Southern India mosque handwork of “foreign groups” — Police

(India) Two ULFA militants killed in Assam encounter

Iran criticizes Western war against terrorism

Iran nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani likely to meet Solana in Spain;_ylt=AuvcxnU8L8Eeug4wYcrJ.ftSw60A

(USA) Navy lawyer convicted of leaking Guantanamo names - in a Valentine’s Day card

(USA) Rhode Island Man Accused of Extorting Gas Station Owner Over FakeTerror Ties,2933,273854,00.html

(UK) After years of delays Abu Hamza faces a fast-track extradition

(UK) Al-Qaeda’s Cell Phone - mobile phone smuggled into Belmarsh Prison—&method=full&objectid=19130980&siteid=89520-name_page.html

(UK/Gaza) Muslim cleric spurns plea to help free BBC man in Gaza

3 Swedish terror suspects return home after spending 5 months in Ethiopian jail

(Nigeria) Militants kidnap 3 Indian oil workers in Nigeria;_ylt=AhQWdkNQylLrOZViqAiP9yTZ9YEA

Colombia: Companies paid paramilitaries

Colombia orders hunt for FARC hostages,23599,21758496-1702,00.html

(Columbia) France concerned by Colombia plan to free hostages;_ylt=ArkzomiD9XJxiGUkFtxEVdawv7kA

Sri Lankan army: Fighting in the North kills 3

Sri Lanka ambassador: LTTE Sold 130,000 Stolen Norwegian Passports to Al Qaedas

(Australia) Hicks expected home tomorrow,23599,21760760-1702,00.html

Propaganda Alert:

Iranian nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani: ‘We do not seek to destroy Israel’

Other News:

Iran’s real views on Israel:

(Iran) Ahmadinejad and the petrol (gasoliine) paradox

(California) FBI actions at UCI questioned - bureau says cinderblock was thrown at car

(UN) Call for Islamic texts re-interpretation§ion=theuae&col=

(Australia) Muslim outrage over citizenship test,23599,21756770-2,00.html?from=public_rss

Radio host suggests putting GPS on Muslim immigrants - U.S. should consider bugging homes, monitoring calls, e-mails

Fill your car up with aluminum

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