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May 14, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Two attacks kill 8 people in Iraq - Gunmen opened fire on a policecheckpoint, and mortar rounds struck an outdoor market, killing eight people inIraq on Monday;_ylt=Agoesw2q\sFloaG6E14eISsVX6GMA

(Iraq) Search widens for missing US soldiers in Iraq;_ylt=Arwr8cGnSziIB\0r7Y7.tKnFX6GMA

(Iraq) Newly formed insurgent group accuses al-Qaida of killing 12 of its senior members\-Al-Qaida.php

Iraq Qaeda-led group claims attack in north;_ylt=AkwcZy31VO\eODVgaggIavcgwuecA

Taliban leader Omar says jihad continues;_ylt=\At1shXIZ4jE3ZfE4YWZgHpTOVooA

Taliban sources confirm killing of top commander;_ylt=ArNbh8hmw02t\WdDLyMv3SUTOVooAPakistan:

The Taliban after Mullah Dadullah

Pakistani officer kills 2 U.S. soldiers: Afghan spokesman;_ylt=Aqxz4Euj4wLP\cBxWMWYdzOvOVooA

Twelve killed in Afghan-Pakistan border clash\derclash_070514113518;_ylt=Aj9WP_o9Eerf_JISK7ka5qLOVooA

Afghanistan and Pakistan end border clash: officials;_ylt=AgyY1bwxo3YU\6tEJsVNIjsnOVooA

Blast hits Western forces in Afghanistan, several hurt;_ylt=ArNbh8hmw02t\WdDLyMv3SUTOVooAPakistan

City virtually shut down after strike call;_ylt=AmT04R.4X6XJDy7VZg\z6PZbzPukA

Algerian rebels kill three soldiers: paper;_ylt=Amy30s_SCgI\rD5hXA7jTXggwuecAAlgeria:

Al-Qaeda calls for boycott of polls

Algeria: Army claims nine terrorists killed

(India) Three Hizb-ul-Mujahideen militants killed in Jammu and Kashmir

(Thailand) Two couples killed in Yala - Buddhist couple beheaded

(Indonesia) Bali bombing convict released early,23599,21731852-1702,00.html

(Philippines) More killed as Philippines holds election

(USA) Jose Padilla trial to start in Miami;_ylt=At\YkoA21UXe_5aqLJFFBaa8wuecA

(USA) Chicago-bound Amtrak train evacuated after bomb threat NYC

Trial: Terror suspect Rafiq Sabir downplays weapons cache

Homeland Security Secretary seeks EU parliament accord on passenger data transfers

(Germany) Five Islamists in Germany said to prompt terrorism alert

(UK) Reid says human rights laws are fuelling terror

Iran vows "severe" response if U.S. attacks;_ylt=AsS4QYP\uXjTduTVHAr7zEgpSw60A

(Iran/UAE) Ahmadinejad leads unprecedented anti-US rally in Dubai,7340,L-3399491,00.html

(Update) Canadian arrested in Kabul on suspicion of terrorism - man of Pakistani background with Canadian passport came by bus from Pakistan\0f33&k=74878

(Sri Lanka) 9 combatants killed in Sri Lanka;_ylt=Agb2ta1ndKOIv3Z\GzBH.460tM8oA

(Sri Lanka) Monk and 4 LTTE guerrillas killed in clashes\cle%2FShowFull

(Turkey) One million Turks hold fresh pro-secular rally - against pro-Islamic leaders;_ylt\=AtQ2CCLZydIYiNvV0P2nAvjtfLkA

May 13, 2007 More Terror News

Anti-Terrorism News(Iraq) Insurgent group says it captured, killed U.S. troops

(Iraq) U.S. soldier killed in attack north of Baghdad

Yemen forces fight battles with Shi'ite rebels

Update: Truce called after 4 die in Gaza faction violence

(Pakistan) Update: Opposition calls strikes after 40 people dead in riots. Also Pakistani troops told to shoot rioters in Karachi

(Israel) Mossad chief: Syria won't break Hezbollah ties

(Iraq) Update: Bomb attacks kill 67\33.cms

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