Friday, May 4, 2007

"MORE" - TERROR NEWS - May 4th

May 4, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(USA) Homeland Security Looking Into Cell Phones as Anti-Terror Device,2933,270033,00.html

(Afghanistan) Paratroopers narrow in on Taliban in Ghazni - U.S. 82ndAirborne Division in operation

(Afghanistan) List of invitees to Kabul jirga finalized - Afghanistan &Pakistan inviting 350 each to tackle Taliban insurgency

(Afghanistan) Religious leaders condemn US operations in Afghanistan —Imam Ghulam Sakhi “Jihad is (a) must against them”;_ylt=AvMGj3AXNC9EbYepv_kXZj3OVooA

Iraq: Ansar Al Sunna vs Islamic Army in Latest Insurgency Splits

(Iraq) Coalition’s ‘Operation Rat Trap’ Targets al Qaeda in Iraq

(Iraq) Video Surfaces Showing Kurdish Girl Stoned to Death for Relationship With Iraqi Sunni Boy,2933,270111,00.html

(India) Outsourcing terror in Kashmir - freelance terrorist operating for the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist group

(Pakistan) Grenade attack wounds eight Pakistani soldiers

Pakistan: Secret Services Behind Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) Student’s Alleged Abduction

(Pakistan) Let-ISI-Punjab militancy: LeT, ISI bid to revive Punjab

Hamas minister leaves Brussels after visa cancelled - Deemed “dangerousfor the security of the Dutch people”

(Lebanon) Seven suspects to face charges over killing of two Ziads -Hizbollah vs. Sunni youth fights

Syria refuses role in tribunal - No Syrian will participate in Hariri murder tribunal

Somali Detainee Denies Al Qaeda Link — Gouled Hassan Dourad, allegedlya member of al-Ittihad al-Islami

(Somalia) Mayor of Mogadishu bans weapons - Former warlord tries to keep fragile peace in capital;_ylt=AmXUclXeZ7JcWVlsfqtEkGys0NUE

(Algeria) U.S. military arrived in Algeria to fight al-Qaida

(Sudan) US sees Sudan split personality on terrorism;_ylt=ArkyeqfVcLI_C48M3habKKoTv5UB

Kenya gets US anti-terror funds

(Egypt) Documents Exposed by Egyptian Government Weekly Allege TiesBetween Iraqi PM and Iranian Revolutionary Guards - MEMRI transcripts

Turkey warned to keep army out of political dispute - US Secretary of State Rice sides with EU in warning military

France’s Royal warns of violence if Sarkozy wins - warns of youth riots

(Spain) Police arrest ETA terrorists hiding in UK - First ETA arrested in Britain

(USA) NRA Opposes Bill Banning Terror Watch List Suspects From Buying Guns,2933,270142,00.html

(USA/Columbia) Impact Report on Economic Sanctions Against Colombian Drug Cartels - U.S. Treasury report (Acrobat) - see press release

Other News:

Indonesia: Justice Over Christian Group’s “Anti-Koran” Video Says Islamic Official - 60 Christians Sought - face blasphemy charges and if convicted they could be imprisoned for up to five years

March 2006: Condoleeza Rice: Indonesia an Example of Tolerance and Moderation, Rice Says

Finnish Police Will Question Blogger Under ‘Incitement Against Groups’ Law

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