Sunday, May 13, 2007


May 13, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Top Taliban commander Dadullah killed: government

(Afghanistan) NATO: Taliban mastermind killed in Afghanistan - Mullah Dadullah's dead body shown to journalists

(Afghanistan) Taliban Dadullah: Brutal one-legged fanatic who loves the limelight

(Afghanistan/Pakistan) 55 suspected Taliban, 2 police killed in eastern Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) Police die in Afghan bomb blast - on Saturday

(Afghanistan) US to build Afghan super-madrassas

(Iraq) Al-Qaida front group says it has captured U.S. soldiers

(Iraq) 2 bomb attacks kill 49 Iraqis -- Truck bomb kills 32 in northern Iraq offices of Kurdish political party -- and car bomb exploded in market in Central Baghdad killing 17
(Iraq) Qaeda-led group "executes" 3 Iraqi officers
(Iraq/Iran) U.S. ready to discuss Iraq with Iran;_ylt=AvDHCpBbyb3oGHyPtyghlotX6GMA
(Iraq/Iran) Iran Says It Agrees to U.S. Request for Talks About Iraq,2933,271873,00.html

(Iraq) Al-Qaeda planning militant Islamic state within Iraq
Pakistan on brink of disaster as Karachi burns;jsessionid=O011GAXCK4WQZQFIQMFSFFOAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/05/13/wpak13.xml

(Pakistan) Extra troops as Karachi death toll mounts;_ylt=AuoIX4KS.1ddlwUvONfSuzHzPukA
(Pakistan) Update: 37 die in Pakistani political violence
(Pakistan) "Al Qaeda operating from tribal region": Links with extremists in UK

Algeria holds three Libyan Islamic militants on way to join Qaeda: agency;_ylt=AiEZ43RE3yfzaT2EWpla.zx6CC8A
(Algeria) Terror spectre hangs over Algerian elections;_ylt=AiiK_jmbCSgkufs6kWsGTwh6CC8A
(Algeria) At least 17 killed in pre-poll anti-terrorist offensive in Algeria

Somali abductors threaten to kill foreign aid staff;_ylt=AmIfBj9.p1mgK8YNMsDC9OCQLIUD
(Gaza) Hamas, Fatah clash in Gaza, killing 2

(Gaza) Hamas denies killing 2 Fatah militants in Gaza shooting,7340,L-3399266,00.html

Iran rules out any atomic work freeze
(Update) Egypt police arrest 59 after Muslim-Christian clashes
(Thailand) Five killed in Thai south

Philippines raises terror alert in 2 southern regions threatened by bomb attacks

Philippine police warn of possible terrorist attacks in Mindanao

Philippines on alert ahead of vote;_ylt=AhA602KHmdLJp.XCKPZA7_ZUKYUA
(USA) Radical Muslim paramilitary compound flourishes in upper New York state

(USA) Trading in drugs & terror: feds - Mohammad Essa extradited to U.S. for managing Afghan drug lord's network, with Taliban paid for protection

(USA) War on terror needs you - Federal officials say help from American public and informants is necessary to quell domestic terrorism,0,3732246.story?coll=ny-nationalnews-print

(USA - Fort Dix Plot) A cyberworld of hate, terror and jihad - Fort Dix plot opens window on sinister sites where extremists are recruited and trained

(Lebanon) Hezbollah threatens to boycott presidential election

(Germany) Authorities in Germany Detained 2 With al Qaeda Ties - Islamic Jihad Union, an al Qaeda-affiliated Uzbek group

(EU/USA) Chertoff says passenger data key to terror investigations in seeking EU deal

Europe to scan mosques for radicals

(Netherlands) Mohammed Bouyeri "gave police a sign"

Netherlands: AIVD could have known about Bouyeri's extremism

Netherlands: 'Sharia and European law are based on the same principles' - Georgetown University professor Al Faruqi says Sharia could be implemented in Netherlands within a short time without problem

(India) Five Maoists killed in Jharkhand

(Sri Lanka) Buddhist monk, five rebels killed in Sri Lanka violence;_ylt=AkXYO7m92hSZlISVWIJkhogtM8oA
Colombia offers to free jailed FARC guerrillas

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