Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"MORE" - TERROR NEWS - May 9th

May 9, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

Saudi Arabia: Terror Suspect Trained as Pilot in U.S., Report Says

(New Jersey) Illegal Immigrants Helped Plan Fort Dix Attack

Balkan Experts: U.S. Army Base Plot “Confirms Existence of White Al-Qaeda” - “Islamist terrorism is highly organised - from Kosovo to America”

(Balkans) Plot illustrates Balkans’ role as Islamist foothold

(Iraq) Terrorists massacre women, children in Iraq

(Iraq) 97 militants arrested, killed, 276 released in Iraq

(Iraq) Update: Iraqi journalists tortured, killed

(Iraq) U.S.: Iran helping some Sunni insurgents;_ylt=AobgDMmlg0fE1G1AsP6F5I9X6GMA

(Iraq) Thunderous explosion rocks Baghdad during Cheney visit

(Iraq) Muqtada Al-Sadr Initiates Reforms In His Movement

(Iraq) Inside Sadr City

Iraq: U.S. Vice President Chides Government for Inaction

Bangladeshi Islamic extremist group threatens to blow up national press club

(India) Update: Seven terrorists killed in Jammu & Kashmir encounters

(India) Arson attack forces U.N. pullback from Kashmir quake zone -protestors against UN employing women

(Thailand) Muslim father killed, son injured in Yala shooting —allegedly by Muslim insurgents

(Somalia) Care International staff abducted in north Somalia

Somalia authorities seize landmines, rocket launchers hidden inside school

Iran: U.S. Analyst Arrested in Tehran

Hamas TV drops militant Mickey Mouse - Palestinian Info Minister says use of cartoon character a “mistaken approach”

(Gaza) BBC concern at new Johnston tape (Alan Johnston not heard on tape)

(Gaza) ‘The IDF dragged its feet in confronting terror tunnels’ -Israeli Comptroller’s annual audit criticizes IDF

Egypt strips Muslim Brotherhood MPs of immunity - Two MPs to be arrested

(U.S.) Passenger finds box cutters on plane at DIA - United Airlines flight delayed after passenger found box cutters in seatback pocket

(U.S.) Curbs on Satellite Photos May Be Needed - DOD satellite agency head warns of terrorists’ use of photos,,-6618481,00.html

(U.S.) Judge throws out charges against anti-Castro militant - Luis Posada Carriles freed as judge blasts “fraud, deceit and trickery” by US officials

(Spain) ETA extortion letters sent out to small businesses - Demands $30,000 from small businesses

Greek militant group that attacked U.S. embassy claims new attack

Despite terror war, al-Qaida growing

One in three businesses fear terrorist attack: Lloyd’s;_ylt=At0rBgVGPq077ge72.UK5d4Tv5UB

(Columbia) Eight Colombian police killed in rebel mine attack

Other News:

(Pakistan) National Assembly fails to oppose death for apostasy draft\05\09\story_9-5-2007_pg1_7

Nigerian Christians subject to Islamic law

Commentary: CAIR Feels the Heat

Moroccan security authority says Hotel attacker insane not terrorist

(Morocco) Australia tourists ‘hacked by machetes’,23599,21704692-1702,00.html

Iraq gov’t demands legal action against Al Jazeera

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