Saturday, May 12, 2007


May 12 and May 11, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Dozens of Taliban killed in Afghan south: official;_ylt=AjS4LYR0Dmx4qVRkXBN4CoPOVooA

(Afghanistan) Freed French hostage returns from Afghanistan;_ylt=Atts.jDPiPgKgxO3ZanCpFrOVooA

(USA/New Jersey) 6 Fort Dix Terror Suspects Ordered Held Without Bail,2933,271473,00.html

(USA/Germany) US official confirms threat against US targets in Germany;_ylt=AuLLXL0_J_oeTtgvxXPmX6FbbBAF

(USA/Germany) U.S., Germans Fear Terror Attack

(USA) Big nuke terror drill on tap in U.S. today - Operation ‘NobleResolve’ tests response to simulated detonation in Virginia harbor

(Turkey) 15 injured by Turkish bicycle bomb - exploding in market
inTurkish port city of Izmir

(Pakistan) Al Qa’eda presence in Pakistan ‘huge concern’

(Pakistan) Jihad against Pakistan Govt. obligatory, says Lal Masjid cleric

(Pakistan) “Sharia guidelines” issued — by Lal Masjid Red Mosque

(Pakistan Unrest) 11 killed ahead of rally in Pakistan;_ylt=AszRaaWy_3TdHT760kUnpqbuOrgF

(Pakistan) Report: Pakistan set to declare state of emergency

Pakistani city feels like Taliban enclave

(Pakistan) Threat to Christians: Convert or Else\05\12\story_12-5-2007_pg7_18

(India) Two Hizb terrorists killed in Jammu & Kashmir gunbattle with security forces

(Algeria) Six suspected Islamist terrorists killed in Algeria

Iraqi police guard bridges after bombs;_ylt=Ap1dvAv2LOVDaDW.ODvo6J1X6GMA

(Iraq) Car bombings kill 23 at Baghdad bridges - on Friday;_ylt=AjMe6K2NPF3P3iPSyjVLzLNX6GMA

(Iraq) Senior Shiite Iraqi politician calls for “security agreement” with foreign forces

(Iraq) Cheney to seek Iraq help in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan

Iraqi Leaders Say Consequences U.S. Pullout Would Be Disastrous,2933,271737,00.html

(Iraq) U.S. troops kill 4 gunmen in raids on car bomb cells - on Friday;_ylt=AsXGLhg6elyRERsRWqKgKPkwuecA

Iraq: Al-Qaeda Video Shows Execution of three officials

Iraq: Mahdi Army Won’t Hand in Weapons, Hardline Shiite MP Says

Iraqi Official Says Syria Supporting Insurgents

(Iraq/Iran) Radical Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr said to be in Iran;_ylt=AppgSjbvf4lPabb1nBtNf1VX6GMA

(Iran) In Gulf, Cheney warns Iran of U.S. resolve

(Gaza) Fatah and Hamas gunmen trade fire in Gaza, wounding 10

(Gaza) Report: al-Qaida strengthening ties in Gaza Strip

(Hamas) Defiant Hamas TV airs resistance Mickey again§ion=middleeast&col=

Philippine election violence claims 4 more lives

(Philippines) Bali bomb suspect eludes capture in Philippines;_ylt=AtVIOy8f2IHv5U3ZQPY.wvraHXcA

(Thailand) Militants kill, burn policemen in Thai south;_ylt=AkBTgVeBOhlnGlL9e7fgTbHuNREB

(Thailand) 3 shot dead in Thai south - Thursday

(Somalia) Mogadishu blast kills 3 as top U.N. aid official visits;_ylt=AnWcmgIIgMMc3Zgw5YVET1aQLIUD

Egypt police arrest 35 Muslims after clashes with Christians;_ylt=Ai1XcrFXC7yFST3TFYF_UASaOrgF

(UK) Warning on terrorist charity links,,2077207,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=11

(UK) July 7 inquiry was rejected because of cost, papers reveal

(NYC Trial) Florida doctor: Terror suspect testifies, it goes badly;_ylt=ArUdS_x55bh5B8F1k2a4pqQTv5UB

U.S., Europe seek passenger data deal;_ylt=Akcp7QKI2gCfce14CKiDr8sTv5UB

(USA) Military trains its bomb squads at Florida base

(Lebanon) Germany: ‘Tension between IDF, UNIFIL’

(Lebanon) CBS: Inside Hezbollah’s Secret Tunnel Network

(Canada) Bomb plots were hatched as CSIS watched

Canada may not deport alleged bin Laden member Mohamed Harkat;_ylt=Aq5UGjWJditHNYOLVE.RHu8wuecA

(Canada) Alleged Canadian militant arrested in Afghanistan

(Spain) Madrid Bombing Defendants Start Hunger Strike

Hostage Standoff At Russian Embassy Ends

(Norway) Threats from Norway — Controversial Canadian journalist and filmmaker Irshad Manji says that many of the death threats she receives stem from Scandinavia

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