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Islamist Candidate for Egyptian Presidency: Israel's End Is Near

In an article titled "Israel's End Is Near," Dr. Muhammad Moro, an Islamist [Muslim Brotherhood] candidate for the Egyptian presidency, claimed that the path to world freedom was the destruction of Israel, as it was the spearhead of global imperialism. He said it was the national and religious duty of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and freedom seekers the world over to march peacefully in their millions to Israel's borders in order to liberate Palestine.

Moro represents the National Union for Preserving the Revolution party, which is still in the process of formation (to disguise the Brotherhood and militant Islamic leadership of it)  and which bills him as a (radical) Islamist alternative to the other (Moslem) candidates, such as former Arab League secretary-general 'Amr Moussa and Al-Ghad party leader Dr. Ayman Nour. He is considered close to the Muslim Brotherhood, his father having been a member of the organization.

Moro was arrested a number of times under the Sadat and Mubarak regimes, and in the past maintained friendly relations with Fathi Shaqaqi, founder of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization. He is editor of Al-Mukhtar Al-Islami magazine and a columnist for the Egyptian daily Al-Yawm Al-Saba'.

Following are excerpts from his article:

"I was the first to call for the liberation of Palestine ** through peaceful marches of millions to the borders of occupied Palestine from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon  bringing together millions of Palestinian refugees, tens of millions of Arabs, and hundreds of millions of Muslims, in addition to those freedom seekers the world over who believe that the path to world freedom is the destruction of Israel, as it is the spearhead of the international imperialism headed by the U.S.

**  Alan Note: Several years ago I wrote an action/adventure screenplay I never had time to present to the industry, called Kayla, (which now needs an update/polish),  which had this "overwhelm by numbers" plan incorporated into it as a sub-plot, but made more difficult by Egypt not being an easy passage way as it is now. Jordan was also an 'iffy' route at the time.

Coincidentally, I had a black woman President of the USA but without the radical philosophies of the current incumbent. The lead is naive, suddenly orphaned  Kayla and her counterpart a self-appointed billionaire, presidential "clean-up" specialist. (Registered WGA-West)

"It is the duty of the Palestinian refugees [to participate in these marches] and their right to fight for them. Vis-�-vis the Arabs, too, this is a national and religious duty, and it is a religious duty vis-�-vis [all] Muslims. I have already called [for such marches] in a number of articles titled 'Formula for the Liberation of Palestine,' which were published on a [particular] website at least two years ago and broadly cited on dozens of [other] websites...

"[These marches] are in line with the implication of the honorable verses: 'And We had made known to the children of Israel in the Book: Most certainly you will make mischief in the land twice, and most certainly you will behave with great insolence. So when the promise for the first of the two came, We sent over you Our servants, of mighty prowess, so they ravaged the houses, and it was a promise to be accomplished... [Koran 17:4-5]'

"I still believe that we are at the stage of the first promise, as Israel has yet [to demonstrate] mischief and insolence. Israel was insolent during the days of our master Suleiman [King Solomon], may he rest in peace, but this [insolence] was not accompanied by mischief. Therefore, [Israel's current] mischief and insolence are the first of their kind in the history of the children of Israel.

"The verses speak of the end of this mischief and insolence through ravaging, which is to say the marching of millions in demonstrations and processions, something that has been [thus far] prevented by the tyrannical Arab governments, who stopped the masses from approaching [Israel's borders].

"Now that the popular Arab revolutions have succeeded through peaceful protests by millions, [such marches] are very possible. If millions proceed peacefully toward Palestine, it will send a message to the children of Israel in Palestine that they have no future. This will result in [the Jews'] emigration from Palestine, and the more marches of millions there are, the closer [we will be] to entering Palestine peacefully, liberating it, and realizing the honorable Koranic prophecy.

"I am absolutely sure that Allah's promise is real; that the honorable Koran will remain an eternal example until Judgment Day; and that Palestine will soon be liberated, Allah willing. On this occasion, I call upon all the Islamic movements fighting against the corrupt governments or the governments that serve as [foreign] agents to relinquish violence, except against foreign invaders, and to take up the path that has proven just, the path of peaceful struggle by means of marches of millions.

Moreover, I call on the leaders of Al-Qaeda as well as its members not to carry out any violent actions against the Arab or Muslim peoples, or even against the European or American peoples, but to bear what the Americans did to the hero and martyr Osama bin Laden � as the path of peaceful struggle has gained international and popular legitimacy, and we must not harm it but follow this same path which has proven just..."

Memri Report

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Alan Note: Founder of the Islamic Iranian revolution Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini forbade the Hojatieh sect of Islam from operating inside iran and sent its founder or main supporter Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi into operating teh sect's ideology underground. The looming presence of the Imam of End Times invalidates the Khomeini "Velayat Faghih" or put simply "clerical rule" by humans on behalf of Allah.

What is notable here is the claim that Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi is taking the side of Supreme Ruler Khamenei against his own sect's chief  accolyte President mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad. Perhaps as a way to avoid being destroyed by the Supreme Ruler or retain some influence for this weird group.

Arresting their supporters as "sorcerers" to protect the "rule by clerics" may be the only way Khamenei can handle the superstitious populace, many of  whom have fairly deep seated belief in the Mahdi of End Times and who have clashed with Khamenei forces in the streets.


Showdown in the Shia Corridors of Power
Gary H. Johnson, Jr.

“A nation from the East will rise and prepare the way for the coming of the Mahdi”

-Prophet Muhammad, Hadith tradition

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s defiance of Ayatollah Khameini, Iran’s Supreme Leader, is no laughing matter. An 11-day strike by President Ahmadinejad has ended with the arrest of 25 of his associates on the charge of sorcery – a charge which carries the penalty of death.

Ahmadinejad’s Chief of Staff, Esfandiar Rahim Masheia, lies at the heart of the controversy. Rumor has it that “Mashaei allegedly occasionally enters a trance-like state to communicate with the Twelfth Imam or will sometimes randomly say ‘hello’ to no one at all and then explain that the Twelfth Imam just passed by.”

Ayandeh, an Iranian news website, described one of the arrested men, Abbas Ghaffari, as "a man with special skills in metaphysics and connections with the unknown worlds".

Following the 2009 elections, Ayatollah Khameini rejected Ahmadinejad’s decision to raise Mashaei to the position of First Vice President. Ahmadinejad eventually relented and made him Chief of Staff.

The rift between President Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khameini came to a head in late April. President Ahmadinejad asked the Minister of Intelligence, Heidar Moslehi, to resign due to concerns that Moslehi was stoking criticism of his Chief of Staff.

President Ahmadinejad accepted the resignation of Minister Moslehi on April 17th. However, Ayatollah Khameini refused to accept the resignation. The Iranian news website Azad Negar noted that the Intelligence Minister’s resignation followed Moslehi’s decision to replace the chief of the Intelligence Ministry’s Bureau of Planning and Budget. Notably, the chief of the bureau was a political ally of Ahmadinejad’s Chief of Staff, Mashaei.

The Ayatollah ordered Moslehi to remain in his position. President Ahmadinejad then staged a strike for 11 days that placed the future of his administration in question. Ahmadinejad refused to return to the Presidential Palace to reside over his cabinet meetings with Moslehi present. A sulking Ahmadinejad also canceled an official visit to Qom, a place often described as Iran’s holiest city. These two moves caused 12 Ministers of Iran’s Parliament to call for President Ahmadinejad’s impeachment.

President Ahmadinejad’s political gyrations in support of his Chief of Staff were read as a breach of the traditional power-sharing agreement in Iran. In response Ayatollah Khameini, as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Establishment of Iran, has apparently chosen to purge the propaganda arm of a millennial cult known as the Hojatieh Society. The Hojatieh’s influence in Ahmadinejad’s inner circle is well documented.

Dore Gold captures the essence of the Hojatieh Society’s political drive for power in his recent release The Rise of Nuclear Iran:

Founded in 1954, its twofold mission was to fight the Bahai faith and pave the way for the reappearance of the Mahdi. It did not accept Khomeini’s doctrine of velayat-e faqih, the rule of the jurisprudent, since the arrival of the Mahdi make a cleric to represent him in the interim unnecessary.

Mubarak’s fall from power in Egypt on February 11th 2011 prompted the Iranian President Ahmadinejad to remark on the Arab Spring,

“This is a global revolution, managed by the imam of the ages.”

Ahmadinejad’s speech in Tehran’s Azadi Square sent alarm bells through the Qom Establishment. If the Mahdi, the Hidden Imam, had indeed returned from his occultation as Ahmadinejad was suggesting, than the institution of the vilayet-e faqih, the beating heart of the Khomeini Revolution, was no longer the source of authority in Iran. The release of an Ahmadinejad-sponsored documentary in mid-March advanced the notion that the Mahdi was orchestrating the Arab Spring.

Conservative clerics in Iran were critical of President Ahmadinejad’s disobedience of the Ayatollah in the wake of Moslehi’s reinstatement.

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, a hardline cleric close to Khamenei, warned that disobeying the supreme leader – who has the ultimate power in Iran – is equivalent to "apostasy from Allah".

Reports indicate that the Ayatollah has told Ahmadinejad to either accept Minister Moslehi’s reinstatement or resign from the presidency. The stand-off has placed Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei at the center of the storm.

"Currently Mashaei is the real president," said Hojjat ol-Eslam Mojtaba Zolnur, the Supreme Leader's representative in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

Further Zolnur remarked, “Mr. Ahmadinejad has held on to a decaying rope by relying on Mashaei.”

The row over Minister Moslehi’s reinstatement is further complicated by the release of the March documentary about the Hidden Imam’s return. Conservative clerics have accused Ahmadinejad’s inner circle, including Mashaei, of releasing the video. The return of the twelfth Imam is a sacred event in Shia Islam that velayat loyalists believe cannot be predicted. The fact that the documentary claims to predict the coming of the Mahdi is seen by Khomeinist clerics as proof of a “deviant current” within the ranks of Ahmadinejad’s power brokers.

Ahmadinejad returned to the Presidential Palace on May 1st to contemplate the path forward. By May 5th, the Guardian revealed the Ayatollah Khameini’s moves to place pressure on Ahmadinejad to support the velayat-e faqih:

Since Ahmadinejad's return this week, at least 25 people, who are believed to be close to Mashaei, have been arrested. Among them is Abbas Amirifar, head of the government's cultural committee and some journalists of Mashaei's recently launched newspaper, Haft-e-Sobh.

President Ahmadinejad is not eligible for re-election in 2013. It is believed that President Ahmadinejad is grooming Esfandiar Rahim Masheia to take the keys to the Presidential Palace.
Tradition holds that the Mahdi will return to the earth in a time of great chaos. The Hojatieh Society believes this chaos can be engineered. In that strain, the forced resignation of Larijani on the nuclear negotiation front in October 2007 as well as the firing of Foreign Minister Mottaki in December 2010 foreshadowed the attempt to kick Minister Moslehi to the curb in April 2011.

According to Dore Gold, the belief that the Mahdi’s return was imminent rather than an end-times construct amounted to “an enormous irrational factor” in the Iranian Nuclear question.

The recent death of Osama bin Laden has introduced an unexpected wrinkle in the activities of Islamists in the Arab Spring; however, the ouster of Ahmadinejad would dramatically alter the geopolitical picture of the Greater Middle East.

The U.S. Special Representative of the Central Region, Dennis Ross, has led the way to a U.S.-Muslim Engagement which began in a June 2009 Cairo address which witnessed an open hand of American negotiations slapped aside by Ahmadinejad’s crack down on the Iranian Green Movement. The foundation of the Ross statecraft of engagement was defining Iran as a “rational” actor. After over a year of diplomatic overtures and sanctions activities, in an October 2010 address to AIPAC, Dennis Ross noted:

Iran’s own behavior over the past two years…has demonstrated that it prefers defiance and secrecy to transparency and peace.

In addition to unilateral sanctions from the United States, Ross highlighted the international community’s push to isolate the Iranian Regime:

UNSCR 1929 bans a wide range of Iranian activities including ballistic missile activity, Iranian investment in nuclear industries abroad, and the export of certain heavy weapons to Iran, which the Russians in particular have used as the basis for canceling the sale of an advanced air defense system to Iran.

The resolution provides mechanisms for inspecting Iranian cargo and seizing contraband, and requires member states to exercise vigilance when conducting business with any Iranian entity, including the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and Iran’s shipping firm IRISL.

The combination of international pressure and a challenge to the supremacy of the Khomeinist doctrine of the velayat-e faqih has led to the Ayatollah Khameini’s recent push to purge the “irrational” Hojatieh elements from the Tehran regime.

Ironically, in order to establish a presence as a “rational” actor in a bid to claim the title of Superpower of the Middle East, Ayatollah Khameini has chosen to embark on a literal witch hunt.

Ahmadinejad may survive the purge. Indeed, the purge may be nothing more than a dramatic hoax to satisfy Western criticism of Iran’s colorful past in the industry of state-sponsored terrorism. Only a revisionist history of Iran can dismiss the Islamic Establishment of Iran’s support of organizations ranging from Hezbollah to Hamas to Al Qaeda.

At present, the only certainty is that any and all aspirations of Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei to win the Iranian Presidency have been sacrificed to the geopolitics of regional hegemony.

The Western world is now witness to the spectacle of the Islamic Establishment of Iran achieving

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Did you see that Diane Sawyer has a special report coming up this week? They removed ALL items from a typical, middle class family's home that were not made in the USA .

There was hardly anything left besides the kitchen sink. Literally.

During the special they are going to show truckloads of items - USA made - being brought in to replace everything and will be talking about how to find these items and the difference in price etc..

It was interesting that Diane said that if every American spent just $64 more than normal on USA made items this year, it would create something like 200,000 new jobs!




Are we Americans as dumb as we appear --- or --- is it that we just do not think while the Chinese, knowingly and intentionally, export inferior and even toxic products and dangerous toys and goods to be sold in American markets?

70% of Americans believe that the trading privileges afforded to the Chinese should be suspended.

Why do you need the government to suspend trading privileges? DO IT YOURSELF, AMERICA!!

Simply look on the bottom of every product you buy, and if it says 'Made in China ' or 'PRC' (and that now includes Hong Kong ), simply choose another product, or none at all.

You will be amazed at how dependent you are on Chinese products, and you will be equally amazed at what you can do without.

Who needs plastic eggs to celebrate Easter? If you must have eggs, use real ones and benefit some American farmer. Easter is just an example. The point is do not wait for the government to act. Just go ahead and assume control on your own.

THINK ABOUT THIS: If 200 million Americans refuse to buy just $20 each of Chinese goods, that's a billion dollar trade imbalance resolved in our!!

Most of the people who have been reading about this matter are planning on implementing this on May 15th and continue it until June 15th. That is only one month of trading losses, but it will hit the Chinese for 1/12th of the total, or 8%, of their American exports. Then they might have to ask themselves if the benefits of their arrogance and lawlessness were worth it.

Remember, MAY 15th TO JUNE 15th!!!!!!

Share this with everybody you know. Let's show them that we are Americans and NOBODY can take us for granted.

If we can't live without cheap Chinese goods for one month out of our lives, WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET!

Pass it on, America...... BUY AMERICAN !!!!!

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The U.S. Border Patrol has told its agents to stop arresting illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico to keep the illegal immigration numbers down, Arizona Sheriff Larry Dever tells Newsmax.

This automatically includes Islamic terrorists!!!

He also charges that Attorney General Eric Holder is “holding hands with the ACLU” to protect illegal aliens from prosecution, says illegals are committing “heinous crimes” across America every day, and calls claims that the federal government should be solely responsible for controlling illegal immigration “balderdash.”

Dever is sheriff of Cochise County, which shares an 83-mile border with Mexico, and he says his Border Patrol sector is responsible for half of all illegal aliens caught trying to enter the country and halt the narcotics entering the United States.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, he was asked about the Obama administration’s bragging that the border is more secure than ever.

“For the secretary of homeland security to say the border is more secure than ever, well, I’ve been there forever and there was a happier time than what it is today. We have a long, long way to go.

“Don’t drink the Kool-Aid and buy into 'this border is secure' nonsense.

“There’s a bad element in the mix of the aliens that are crossing that border and they don’t stay there, they move into communities throughout the country. And every day there are travesties and heinous crimes being committed by those people. If we don’t stop it at the border, it’s just going to continue to grow.”

Dever recently told Congress that in one district in Texas, illegals are allowed to be caught crossing the border 14 times before being charged with a felony, and federal smuggling charges are not considered unless at least six illegal aliens are being smuggled into the country.

“It doesn’t surprise me because we’ve been seeing that every day in Arizona, with artificial thresholds for narcotics, for human smuggling,” he tells Newsmax.

“For that to be issued as a written solid order, it’s outrageous.”

He also explains how he has heard that the Border Patrol has told officers to stop arresting Mexican illegals to keep official illegal immigration figures down.

“That comes from agents on the ground, who have told me, told my deputies, told citizens in the area.

“They have in the past been instructed to scare people back or turn them back south versus arresting them.”

Border Patrol Chief Michael Fisher’s has denied that agents have been told not to arrest Mexican illegals. Dever responds: “I tend to believe there is no written order to that effect. But if your agents on the ground have that perception and that understanding, then you need to go back and change it.

“If they’re lying, shame on them, and shame on me for bringing it up. But frankly, my staff, when they heard this, they said what’s the big deal? We’ve been hearing this forever. And people who live in my county say the same things.

“So something’s going on and it needs to be rectified and fixed so these people are brought to justice.”

Dever tells Newsmax that the Mexican drug cartels are freely operating many miles from the U.S.-Mexican border.

“You can go up to 70 miles north in Pinal County, which isn’t even a border county, and the Bureau of Land Management put up signs on public land warning people not to travel there because of the threat from drug cartels.

“If you travel into the recreational areas in my county, those same signs are up warning people they could encounter drug and human smuggling. I think we ought to point the signs south and tell the folks who are coming here that this is not a safe place for you to come.”

Referring to “roadblocks” Eric Holder has been erecting against Arizona’s attempts to deal with the immigration problem, Dever says: “He’s the guy who sued us, sued the state of Arizona, holding hands with the ACLU. It doesn’t do any good to arrest people if all you’re going to do is kick them back. If they’re not going to be prosecuted and held accountable, where’s the teeth in the enforcement effort?”

When Arizona passed its tough anti-illegal immigration legislation last year, the ACLU “sued every Arizona sheriff and every Arizona county attorney independently to enjoin us from enforcing the law should it pass constitutional muster,” Dever adds.

“Then the Department of Justice sued the state of Arizona. Here’s what’s absolutely bizarre and hypocritical: The Department of Homeland Security since Sept. 11, 2001, has been on an outreach effort to empower and partner with state and local law enforcement to help defend and protect our homeland.

“When it comes to gun-running, money-laundering, kidnapping, murder, all those border-related crimes that we have, they wrap their arms around us and say let’s go get these guys. When it comes to illegal immigration, they sue us. They say back off, that is our sole responsibility. And I say balderdash.”

AND SUBSEQUENTLY LEAVE TERRORISTS WHO MAY BE AMONG THEM ALONE, TOO! And they have been flowing in unopposed under Obama's protection!

Dever encourages Americans to “keep pressure on your congressional representatives” to deal effectively with illegal immigration. “It’s beginning to work. It’s beginning to take hold.”