Monday, May 7, 2007


May 7, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) 2 suicide bombings kill 20 in Iraq;_ylt=A0WTcVP0_D5G0yUBUS6s0NUE

(Iraq) 95 killed or found dead nationwide on Sunday - Bombs kill 8 Americans in Diyala and Baghdad - car bomb claimed 30 lives

Iraq: Explosives found under pipeline;_ylt=AvKxymrIT9PRUCVPGNBDBzNX6GMA

(Iraq) Christians Fleeing Violence in Iraq,2933,270377,00.html

(Afghanistan) Two U.S. soldiers shot dead at Afghan prison;_ylt=AuFSBk105buQryyWD.KtaBDMWM0F

(Afghanistan) 100 police killed in two months in Afghanistan;_ylt=AsXz4jdGupblo80mYLS.U1POVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban extend deadline again for French hostage§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Two Shias killed in sectarian attack in Punjab province

(Pakistan) Five soldiers injured in Balochistan

Pakistani Terrorists Using GPS Systems to Infiltrate into Kashmir

(Pakistan) LeT founder Hafiz Saeed hits out at Musharraf regime - for trying to “secularize” the country

(Thailand) Two Buddhists killed, another injured in Yala

(India) Hizbul Mujahideen “commander” killed in encounter in Kashmir

(India) Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed depend on ‘surrogatebases’ in Bangladesh and Nepal, says Home Ministry

(India Assam) Bomb wounds 19 in IndiaĆ¢€™s troubled northeast§ion=subcontinent&col=

(UK) ‘4,000 terror suspects in UK’

(UK) MI5 ‘asked police force to investigate 7/7 bomber’,,2073726,00.html

Hezbollah: Rockets fired into Israel directed by Iran — Militia deputy chief says ‘all policies and activities’ coordinated with Tehran

Hezbollah rejects UN imposition of Hariri court

Hezbollah seeks ‘balanced’ policy under new French president,7340,L-3396796,00.html

Palestinian militants fire rockets at Israel on Monday into Southern Israel§ion=middleeast&col=

Palestinian Authority officials: al-Qaida attacked UN school

Palestinian al-Qaeda objects to co-ed sports day, so they kill in Gaza

(Somalia) Palestinian man detained in Somalia on suspicion of links to Al Qaeda

Jordan court orders Al-Qaeda retrial;_ylt=A0SOwlfeDz9GBj4ALwkwuecA

Morocco breaks up al-Qaeda recruiting gang

(Somalia/USA) U.S. sees terrorism in Somalia; Minnesota Somalis see it differently

Iran weighs nuke compromise;_ylt=Ap.ZpjVp1_HaLUCnDUwAbp9Sw60A

Iran: Former Nuclear Negotiator “Spied for Europe” Reports Say

(Russia) 7 killed in Chechnya shootouts

(Spain) ETA attack warning after election ban by court

Greek Police fear terrorist attack

German president rejects plea for clemency by former Red Army Faction terrorist,1518,481418,00.html

(France) Hundreds arrested in night of violence after Sarkozy win

(France) Police battle anti-Sarkozy protestors

(Philippines) Suspected al-Qaeda-linked militant running in polls on pro-peace platform - Dawud Tyrone Santos

(Philippines) Communist rebels say they’re holding Philippine soldier as prisoner of war

(Australia) Terror suspects may get classified info

(Sri Lanka) 16 LTTE cadres among 21 persons killed in separate incidents

Sri Lanka 2002 truce ‘may be scrapped’

North Korea ready to ‘quickly’ shut down reactor

Other News:

Turkey breaks deadlock over its presidency amid protests and ‘threats’

“Malcolm X” Film: Convicted terrorist John Walker Lindh says the movie inspired him to adopt Islam

Britain’s growing race divide

(UK) ‘Headteachers can ban the veil in class’ says Lord Falconer

(Canada) Marxists and Islamists Converge in Toronto - May 10-13

(France) Doctors face moral dilemma over restoring Muslim brides’ virginity

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