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April 1, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Taliban hang 3 alleged Afghan informers;_ylt=AiDEaKZcxNUE_WY4naxT3trOVoo

(Afghanistan) Seven police killed in Taliban ambush - post in Shorabakdistrict;_ylt=Aq0vgLa8st5qcFD9FpkUY2POVoo

(Afghanistan) Suicide car bomb kills 5 civilians in eastern Afghanistan

(Iraq) US air strike targets Baghdad Shia bastion

(Iraq) Seven policemen killed in N Iraq

(Iraq) Sunnis try to blast Al-Qaeda out of Iraq

(Iraq) 2 suicide vests found in Green Zone;_ylt=AoBKinVc.s3497qrzj2vRfFX6

Iraqi military spokesman calls areas outside Baghdad 'breeding groundsfor violence" as militants flee crackdown

Iraq dead up 15 percent despite crackdown;_ylt=AmyQRsL0EqqV6yBWuEDvLWdX6

(Iraq) U.S. death toll in March twice that of Iraq forces

(Pakistan) "Rise of jihadist forces weakens Musharraf"\04\01\story_1-4-2007_pg7_2

Pakistan and the al Qaeda Base Area

Pakistan tribes attack foreign Al-Qaeda militant bunkers - level ofsupport for Taliban in tribes not addressed in article;_ylt=AsZ_XDCiBALbI5xv9mlsTMPzPuk

(Pakistan) Training tribesmen to fight al-Qaeda being mulled

(Somalia) Fighting in Somali capital continues;_ylt=AiYtahR8o94G0ss2uU.2Bk

(Somalia) Fighting resumes in Mogadishu, peacekeeper killed;_ylt=Aj4pnn9o3TNgqFIV6OHoSd

(Iran) A deadly U.S.-Iran firefight at Iraq border,8599,1605487,00.html

(Iran) Russian Media Report: 'US ready to strike Iran on Good Friday'

(Iran) Elite Revolutionary Guard Broadens Its Influence in Iran

(Iran/UK) Blasts heard at British Embassy in Iran: witnesses

(Iran/UK) UK Ministers seek deal with Iran for captives - by promisingthat the Royal Navy will never knowingly enter Iranian waters withoutpermission

(Iran/UK) ICM/Telegraph Poll: Only 7% of Britons Favor Military ActionNow Against Iran (my title)

(Iran/UK) Britons oppose military action to free sailors

(Iran/UK) Power struggle in Iran over hostages

Iran protests alleged shooting by UK soldiers - near Iran embassy inIraq - denied by UK last week

(March 29) (Iran/UK) UK denies troops surrounded Iranian consulate in Iraq

(Iran/UK) Bush calls detention of 15 Britons 'inexcusable'

(Iran/UK) Pakistan lawmaker urges Iran to release British sailors§ion=subcontinent&col=

Philippine troops to tackle villagers' plight in battle againstal-Qaida militants

(Philippines) Malaysian terror suspect still hiding in Philippines:report

(Tibet) Dalai Lama's security tightened following 'Lashker-e-Taibathreat',0008.htm

(Thailand) Narathiwat volunteer killed in ambush

(UK) Al-Qaeda is 'still radicalizing British youth' - also sendingterrorist groups in Pakistan hundreds of thousands of pounds in cash to fund jihad

(UK) Al-Qaeda Train Killers At Terror Camps in Britain

(UK) Islamist fundraising, recruitment and training high in Britain:report;_ylt=A0WTUc8gqg9GXCEA9Sa9Q5gv;_ylt=A0WTUc8gqg9GXCEA9Sa9Q5gv

(UK) Muslim leaders helped to tackle extremists - Ruth Kelly announces6 million pound "hearts and minds" program

Scandinavian terror stories: Al-Qaeda recruiting Swedish interpreters,Denmark: Open door for bio-terrorists, Norway: TV 2 reporter keeps job after relationship with terror suspect, Norway: More on terror threats

(Germany) Steinmeier defends refusal to take back Guantanamo man MuratKurnaz

Germany launches anti-terrorism data-bank

(Lebanon) UN: 'Arms smuggling could threaten Lebanon cease-fire'

(Lebanon) Rise in radical Islam last straw for Lebanon's Christians

(Hamas) Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh gave Saudi cash to Hamas armed wing - $1 million of it transferred to Hamas's armed wing two days before he formed a unity government;_ylt=AgK_h7UbAjn5yBHH5PqHb5fuyuc

(Hamas) "Home tips and calls for jihad on Hamas TV"

Arrested Palestinian terrorist in unit receiving U.S. tax dollars

Israeli army seals West Bank - ahead of Passover holiday;_ylt=Av8jR_TK7tcj3sR8HYKKaX0Uvio

(Gaza) Clan chief may have abducted BBC reporter

(Syria) US House discuss relations with Syrian president

(USA) Military observers absent from center for counterterrorism

(DC) Flight attendant takes gun on plane
(USA) Chasing terrorist cash hard, speaker says,1375,VCS_238_5457122,00.html

(USA) Judge recommends Palestinian Majed Hajbeh be released after four years in jail - on immigration violation - convicted in Jordan in absentia for terrorism

(USA) Terror Detainees May Come to Hawaii

(India) Maoist rebels strike in Bihar -- 500 Maoist Terrorists LaunchAttack in Riga, Bihar

(India) No intelligence input on Maoist attack: Bihar cops,000900030002.htm

Sri Lankan jets bomb Sea Tiger base: military§ion=subcontinent&col=

Sri Lanka seeks to scrap truce with Tigers: report§ion=subcontinent&col=

Other News:

(Germany) Analysis: Paving the Way for a Muslim Parallel Society

(UK) Schools drop Holocaust teaching for fear of offending Muslims

(UK) Muslim teacher loses veil appeal

Woman's 'new' Quran rejects wife-beating -- American convert to Islam criticized for having predetermined agenda

CAIR's Attack On Steve Emerson

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