Monday, April 30, 2007

"MORE" - TERROR NEWS - April 30th

April 30, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Baghdad’s Green Zone Rocked by Explosions,2933,269172,00.html

(Iraq) Suicide bomber kills 20 at Iraq funeral;_ylt=A0SOwljwBDZG9HQB9whX6GMA

(Iraq) ID Cards for Green Zone, U.S. Embassy Uncovered in SunnivStronghold After Iraq Fighting,2933,269307,00.html

(Iraq) White House ‘concerned’ over Iraqi firings - Dismissal of senior Iraqi officers for possible sectarian reasons

(Iraq) Baghdad bridge bomb shows insurgent skill - Sarafiya Bridge destruction shows sophisticated engineering analysis

(Australia) Nine terrorist suspects for trial,22049,21650997-5006505,00.html

(U.S.) Report says terror attacks up sharply - Annual State Department terrorism report says attacks up 25% worldwide - State Department report website

(Iran) U.S. report: Iran still biggest government supporter of terrorism

German TV show exposes terror plans - News show cites “reliable sources” for attack prediction

Germany rejects latest Spanish request for Al-Qaeda suspect -German-Syrian businessman accused of being Al-Qaeda’s financier in Europe

Palestinians storm Egyptian Embassy in Gaza

(Israel & Lebanon) Hezbollah: Winograd report is proof we were victorious and Report Accuses Olmert of ‘Severe Failure’ in War in Lebanon,2933,269194,00.html

Pakistani Interior Minister Sherpao tells of ‘miracle escape’ from suicide bombing

(Pakistan) How Pakistan settled an al-Qaeda score - Syed Saleem Shahzad: Squabbling between Taliban & al-Qaeda forced AQ leaders to move to Iraq

(Pakistan) Mehsud behind attack: Sherpao - “Pak Taliban” leader cited as leader - Charsadda blast toll rises to 31

(Pakistan) US launches container security project in Pakistan -Facility at Port Qasim in Karachi

(Bangladesh) Bomb blasts rock terminals, none hurt

(U.S.) Woman Finds Pipe Bomb Outside House - Improvised bomb not related to bomb near abortion clinic last week

(UK) MI5 ‘knew 7/7 bomber was terror target associate’

UK Fertilizer Plotters “had clear link” to Al-Qaeda

(Colombia/Venezuela) U.S. report says Venezuela aiding leftist rebels from Colombia

Colombian rebels release video of kidnapped regional lawmakers - 12 lawmakers among 60, including 3 U.S. defense contractors, held by FARC

Six Tamil rebels killed in Sri Lanka

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