Monday, April 16, 2007

TERROR NEWS April 16th

April 16, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) 13 Iraqi soldiers killed in ambush - near Mosul;_ylt=Ao6pTOY4GGQNnnE2SoLsPbRX6GMA

(Iraq) Sadr bloc pulls out of Iraqi government;_ylt=AsyFrjZuSxuPM4bhRBOCUF1X6GMA

(Iraq) Armed groups seek official support to hunt Al-Qaeda in Iraq —report

(Iraq) Caches of nitric acid seized in Baghdad

(Afghanistan) Suicide attack kills 10 in Afghanistan - attacking Kunduz police training area;_ylt=AtDfnla3uM6S5b1_95NJDB3OVooA

(Afghanistan) Report: Insurgents killed 669 Afghans in 2006;_ylt=AgbJaW0aWI2ngTuEE7ffdFjOVooA

(Afghanistan) NATO force says key Taliban killed§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Thailand) Four killed in Thai south - five schools set on fire, attack on military, drive by shooting, and other attacks;_ylt=AtuE1097ZDnKdCe2sPDBiMvuNREB

(Thailand) Teachers in South want surveillance cameras - to help protect schools from terrorism

Philippines: 70,000 people flee Sulu province as Muslim Rebel declares Jihad in Sulu

Indonesia’s Jemaah Islamiah forms hit squad: paper — to attack police, prosecutors and judges;_ylt=Ap89PXxltDICvIiAW0BIYOfaHXcA,23599,21565233-1702,00.html

(Pakistan) Karachi mass rally opposes “religious terrorists”

(Pakistan Lal Masjid) Pakistani students say government ‘gassed mosque’;_ylt=A0WTUcSuZCNG6fsAGAFvaA8F

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid mullahs to stop liquor sale in Islamabad\04\16\story_16-4-2007_pg1_4

(Pakistan) Musharraf’s Survival in Pakistan Election Insures Ally With Questionable Sway,2933,266228,00.html

(Pakistan) Foreigners leaving N Waziristan: Taliban spokesman\04\16\story_16-4-2007_pg7_7

Pakistan: Tribes Vow Not to Shelter Uzbeks

(India) Four terrorists and three civilians killed in Jammu and Kashmir

(India) Deaths set off protests in Indian Kashmir - protest of death of two Muslim men in shootout with security patrol;_ylt=Ao0xSVNJ7HPziW2BVbEIIUhA7AkB

(India) Interpol issues red corner notice against July 11 accused -Rizwan Mohammed Dawrey sent funds from Saudi Arabia to India through hawala channels;

(India) Two Maoist militants killed in Chhattisgarh

(Bangladesh) Update: 28 Islamist militants arrested across country

(Algeria) Bombers seek “second Iraq” in Algeria: Islamist;_ylt=AkVBjAl5jtziPdj_X2u7ZYlX6GMA

Algerian president visits blast victims as bombers identified;_ylt=AmzdvLiXcK8tp1ogUrn4kt16CC8A

(Sudan) U.S.: Sudan Government Supports Janjaweed Islamist Militia —accused of widespread atrocities in Darfur;_ylt=AoRBqvWb_zDCZz8fp6vFCKIShIMA

(Yemen) Trial of 36 Yemenis charged with being affiliated with al-Qaida resumes

(Egypt) Muslim Brotherhood to run in election;_ylt=Aqvqh1lRRYhpLptx4txLQAQLewgF

(Israel) Netanya: Police searching for suspected terrorist

Hamas: Kidnapping soldiers is best solution to free “our heroes”

(Israel) Haniyeh: Marwan Barghouti on prisoner list given to Israel

Hamas and Fatah approve plan to merge militias and terrorists into unified security force - with US Congress approving $59 million (my title)

(Gaza) BBC “concerned” by claim Gaza correspondent killed Unknown group called the, “Tawhid and Jihad Brigade” claims responsibility for the kidnap and murder.

(Gaza/Iran) Iran-backed Jihad Islami claims new homemade warhead and engine extends Qassam missile range to 18 km

(Lebanon) Hezbollah says will only disarm if mandated by Lebanese referendum

(Lebanon) Hizbullah: We have the weapons to defend Lebanon

(Lebanon) Fatah Al-Islam: the new terrorist threat hanging over Lebanon

(USA) Padilla case well past ‘dirty bomb’ charges

Iran will ‘resist to the end’ on nuclear issue

Iran to reveal atomic steps if pressured-president — if UN passes another resolution on Iran;_ylt=AiVdzJ2mykzfhglJ7vP_Uy1Sw60A

Al Qaeda’s Maritime Threat - ICT analysis: “Maritime terrorism is positioned to be their method of choice”

(Turkey) One soldier, nine rebels killed in Turkey clashes;_ylt=AkqAVh64B3ctEpgHb_Pghb_tfLkA

(Turkey) Report: Islamic-rooted Turkish prime minister hints he will run for president

(France) Report: French knew in January 2001 of al-Qaida plot to hijack U.S. airliners;_ylt=An87drf_CWaYBvLI8mA04FgwuecA

UK: No more ‘war on terror’ - International Development Secretary Hilary Benn says “war on terror” phrase to be discontinued in UK Cabinet;_ylt=AnuGqC8lmRMsz_.D7PEnYyETv5UB

(UK) Britain grows Muslim terror database

(UK) MI5 adopts paedophile-tracking tactics for Muslim extremists—focus on areas with large Pakistani communities such as Birmingham, Leeds and London

(Northern Ireland) Civil servant on terrorist charge

(Sri Lanka) Gunmen kill youth in northern Sri Lanka;_ylt=AvhG3FSk9jzQOPAW3sUjRvItM8oA

(North Korea) Report: S. Korea May Halt Aid to North

Other News:

(Iran) Group cleared over Iran murders — vigilantes were not guilty because their victims were involved in un-Islamic activities, the court found

Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day;_ylt=As699srLoB1w74F19yCneOTuyucA

(UK) Britain vows to take rigid stand against anti-Semitism

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