Friday, April 6, 2007

MORE - TERROR NEWS April 5/6th

April 5, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

New York martial arts expert and musician Tarik Shah pleads guilty toconspiring to help al-Qaida

(USA) Padilla Trial: Terror defendant objects to CIA witness’ disguise

(Canada) Khawaja to face terror charges - Supreme Court deniesdismissal of 7 charges against Mohammad Momin Khawaja

(Iraq) Bombs, gunmen kill 18 Iraqi and foreign troops and Eye on Iraq:The side-effects of surge - Insurgents’ strategy has changed, insecurity remains;_ylt=Aoh_WPg59IDwq7BXLDbtTzHMWM0F

(Iraq) Radio Free Iraq Reporter Found Dead In Baghdad - Khamail Khalaf shot in head & wounds on her body

(Iraq) No plans to release Iranians accused of supporting Iraqi insurgents: US,23599,21513729-1702,00.html

Pakistan Denounces ABC News Report on Backing Iran Radicals

(Pakistan) 220 Foreign Militants Killed in South Waziristan, Says Official
Iran rejects uranium suspension,23599,21513722-1702,00.html

(Iran) US accuses Iran of ‘hostage diplomacy’

(Iran) Rice may meeting Iranian counterpart,23599,21513713-1702,00.html

(UK/Iran) Sailors Were ‘Intelligence Gathering’ - Captain in charge said they were gathering intel on Iranians
France steps up terrorism alert for election

(Germany) Third man with Qaeda links said to prompt train plot inGermany - new details about attempt last year to blow up 2 German trains

Germans propose Taliban peace talks

(India) Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) training women militants

(Lebanon) U.N. says Saudis asked to broker Lebanon deal - Lebanon’sparliament speaker invited Saudis to broker deal over Hariri tribunal

Moroccan Columnist Criticizes Islamists Who Denounce Terrorism AgainstMuslims But Not All Terrorist Acts

Australian army officer charged over rocket-launcher sales;_ylt=AiLmyDrn_89IRsNWnoT1CVATv5UB

(USA) Singapore man pleads guilty to plot to arm Tamil Tigers - Sixth person charged over alleged arms deal for Tamil Tigers - DOJ press release

(Spain) Basque terrorist group’s future remains uncertain - ETA at crossroads between peaceful path or violence

(Ireland) Report: Evidence lost in Ireland blasts;_ylt=Ang6X3x_layj_OxFxHmOS.4Tv5UB

(Detroit) CAIR Attacks Ex-Terrorist Speaking Out Against Jihad

Commentary: Islam’s War Against Buddhism

Other News:

(Spain) Muslims play part in Easter parade for first time

Accused Nazi likely to remain in U.S.

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