Saturday, April 28, 2007

TERROR NEWS April 28th

April 28, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Al Qaeda) Purported al-Qaida leader in new video - Abu Laith al-Libi -describes him as Al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan - claims terrorist willdefeat coalition forces in Afghanistan and Shiite Muslims working withUS forces in Iraq;_ylt=AkFfb7EO9iJqn3WxrTz1OaswuecA

(Afghanistan) 21 Taliban reported dead in Afghanistan;_ylt=AryRxl43oki6Ddw_nW49FIbOVooA

(Afghanistan) French female hostage freed: Taliban - deadline for other French hostage and three Afghan hostages extended by a week;_ylt=AvMHw_BVWAo8.3IEKZXMoFHOVooA

(Afghanistan) Karzai offers peace - pleads with Taliban to talk peace -15th anniversary of Soviet-backed regime, Karzai “celebrating the jihad victory”;_ylt=AkkSgyBs0mMAXlTV1RwQT_zOVooA

(Iraq) Thirteen killed in south Baghdad attacks - including four Red Crescent employees;_ylt=AkNMnVeDPnPVPzumCJybq1pX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. raids target al-Qaida in Iraq - 17 suspected insurgents;_ylt=AuYwY8M6d5rJEefP8mnqPltX6GMA

(Iraq) Al-Libbi Not Bin Laden Behind Bagram Blast, Sources Say

(Iraq) Sunnis laud troop-pullout bid; Shi’ites irked

(Iraq) U.S. military detains 4 suspected bomb smugglers

(Pakistan) Bomb rocks international airport in northwest Pakistan;_ylt=AjHJsQJju2ThCV_tIX6_Ua_zPukA

(Pakistan) Bomb blast in Balochistan capital Quetta

Pakistani forces capture foreign al Qaeda suspect Salman Zakaria;_ylt=Ap2r.oPh67ZudXyPjkyb69fzPukA

Pakistan Interior Ministry says ban remains on terrorist-linked charity Al-Rasheed Trust;_ylt=At.jfYVyqlky.rfDA3JszkXzPukA

(Pakistan) Could Talibanistan be Reaching Pakistan’s Capital?

(Pakistan) LeT Leader Saeed backs Lal Masjid moves - says Pakistan willhave Sharia implemented soon\04\28\story_28-4-2007_pg1_6

(Pakistan) American Drone Launches Missile Strike on Terrorist Training Camp in Pakistan

(Pakistan) “Dr Khan case still open”

(India) Separatist leaders put under house arrest in Jammu and Kashmir

(India) Police, protesters clash in Kashmir over mosque;_ylt=AlIJh1wEQwSHGf36EX8SDng1NXcA

(India) Militant killed in Manipur

(Ethiopia) American still held in Ethiopian prison - for alleged ties to Islamic militants;_ylt=Ao18Bf.YaTP2dRtlm7o_bxcTv5UB

(Somalia) Al-Qaida ties seen for Somali Islamists;_ylt=ArE_KLhbld3ociMM0q_L0RmQLIUD

NYT Commentary: Somali Capital Now Calm After Month in Which 1,000 WereKilled

(Israel/Iran) Missile raid would hit Iran nuclear plans: Olmert;_ylt=AnIzf5voLlIdcavfvAVdFkBSw60A

Iran: Enemies “Plotting” Against New Dress Code Says Ahmadinejad

(Gaza) IDF kills 4 Palestinians trying to place bomb near fence

(Gaza) 3 Hamas militants slain near Gaza border;_ylt=Akbm5D5uSDkZPx7jiURO8pbuyucA

Hamas pledges to avenge killing of its terrorists

(UK) Libyan terror suspects win right to stay in UK

(UK) Two terror suspects to go free after court rules out deportation

(Thailand) Three killed in Thai south on third anniversary of mosque massacre - Buddhist man shot in drive-by shooting, two Muslim men gunned down by suspected Islamic rebels

(Thailand) Gunmen attack mosque in Thailand;_ylt=Asaiw33Vf2qfaogdofty0PvuNREB

Saudi official: some arrested militants trained to use planes in suicide bombings

Saudi Arabia Gives Extremists Financial Incentives to Renounce TheirViews

(USA) Bill Would Bar Terror Suspects’ Gun Buys

(Tennessee) Man gets 7 years on ricin, bomb charges

Germany extends military mission to Darfur

(Sri Lanka) Six persons killed in separate incidents

Sri Lanka capital sealed off amid fears of Tiger attack;_ylt=Ajgn1HkJ_US63uWy0Np2v7gtM8oA

(Colombia) In video, kidnapped lawmakers urge talks

(Iraq) A failure in generalship - Deputy cmnder, U.S. Army 3rd ArmoredCalvary Regiment: “America’s generals have failed to prepare our armed forces for war...”

Iraq militia: we have special unit to target Prince Harry - Mahdi Army cmndr: “”One of our aims is to capture Harry”,,2067593,00.html

Other News:

(Kansas City) Airport adds foot basins for Muslim cabbies — Police worry about Kansas City ‘catering’ to Islamic rituals

U.S. advertisers reach out to Muslim consumers

German Neo-Nazis arrested on Hitler’s birthday,23599,21635163-1702,00.html

Video: Is there a global war on terror?

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