Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"MORE" - TERROR NEWS - April 18th

April 18, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Update: 4 blasts in Baghdad kill at least 183 — car bomb inBaghdad market in Al-Sadriayah district killed 127 — series of bombs:Sadr City suicide bomber, car bombs in Sadriyah market and in Karradah,bomb on minibus in Risafi;_ylt=AuP2bu3Ivus45PKf3Rmzv0dX6GMA

(Iraq) Suspected Qaeda bombs kill nearly 200 in Baghdad;_ylt=AqgMGEDTv4fp8YxwPPA8kkIwuecA

(Iraq) More on Muslims Forcing Christian Assyrians in Baghdad to Pay ‘Protection Tax’

(Afghanistan) 10 killed, official abducted in Afghan violence -including the principal of a girls’ school - rebels attack counter-narcotics unit;_ylt=AsNFkQrI9fNZ1cytxeLt72HOVooA

(Afghanistan) US: NATO must prevail in Afghanistan by end of ‘08

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid Red Mosque cleric’s wife ready to resist govt\04\19\story_19-4-2007_pg7_7

(Pakistan/UK) Disappeared Pakistani terror suspect Khalid Mehmood Rashid “held over London bombings”,1,22

(UK) Missing Terror suspect pair ‘still public threat’

(UK) London terror suspect tells how he was asked to be a suicide bomber

(Philippines) Bomb blast kills 2 in southern Philippines

(Somalia) Street battles kill 14 in Somali capital;_ylt=AlViXfo2XuoFmKXuJsz44oiQLIUD

(Sudan) U.S., UK threaten Sudan with sanctions over Darfur;_ylt=AtiZ_NEz2VuaNSilLgWx8JUShIMA

(US) Al-Qaida Suspect: Teacher thought youth was Muslim

(Israel/Iran) Former Mossad chief: Kill Ahmadinejad

(Libya) US committed to rebuilding relations with Libya - New U.S.ambassador and new embassy in Tripoli promised

(Nigeria) Soldiers kill at least 25 Islamic militants in Nigeria;_ylt=Av3L7sOuBQNzE8.kCy0gwXis0NUE

(India) Underground Church Worker Beheaded in Kashmir

(thanks to Jihad Watch) Hezbollah says U.N. move on court could hurt Lebanon

Hizbullah Deputy Sec-Gen Sheikh Naim Qassem: We Have Jurisprudent Permission to Carry Out ‘Martyrdom’ Operations, Fire Missiles on Israeli Civilians From Ayatollah Khomeini

Terror cover widely available: Report - New report shows terrorism insurance available but with premium in certain areas

Commentary: An Islamist Resurgence in Nigeria?

(Virginia) Report: Virginia Tech gunman sent material to NBC

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