Thursday, April 5, 2007


April 5, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Two killed in Afghanistan violence§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Afghanistan) Afghan Foreign Minister rejects call for talks withTaleban§ion=subcontinent&col=

American Taliban Seeks Reduced Sentence - Taliban soldier John WalkerLindh - citing David Hicks case

(Iraq) US helicopter ‘shot down’ in Iraq

(Iraq) Explosion strikes oil pipeline in Iraq - bomb;_ylt=AtBjsn3VZ6Yf7KogfmZebY1X6GMA

(Iraq) 1 killed in Sunni TV station car bomb in Baghdad

(Iraq) Report: Five US soldiers killed in Baghdad — earlier this week

(Al-Qaeda) Al-Zawahiri Shuns Phones and Internet, Report Says

(Thailand) Grenade at Thai mosque wounds 16 - police suspected at least five Muslim insurgents were involved in the attack;_ylt=AhKpE7cANWkyntMQU5O2XgTuNREB

(Thailand) 13 hurt in attacks in Thailand’s Muslim south;_ylt=AjX01Jrypd1TWANhV039PiTuNREB

(Thailand) Suspected rebel ammunition stash found

(Iran/UK) Iran hostages are back in Britain

(Iran/UK) British sailor to Ahmadinejad: “We are grateful for your forgiveness”

(Iraq/UK) Four British soldiers killed by Basra bombs - UK accused Iranian agents of organizing and funding attacks on troops

(Iraq/UK) Blair links Iran to attacks on British troops in Iraq as four soldiers are killed

(Pakistan) New Al-Qaeda leaders emerging in Pakistan: US experts;_ylt=AunMBIzrt_0N1ByllKaT5FAwuecA

(Pakistan) 60 dead in Pakistan border fighting;_ylt=Aouw4L2er5Gs6kUHWJzI1VrzPukA

(Pakistan) Blitz Against Madrassa Not Imminent, Interior Minister

Pakistan: Focus - The Game is up for Uzbeks in South Waziristan

(Pakistan) Legal move to keep British airliner suspect Rashid Rauf in Pakistan

(UK) Britain in first official talks with Hamas

(UK) Police charge three 7/7 suspects

(UK) Court of Appeal overturns court order on Al Qaeda suspect

(UK) Radical clerics to receive ‘extremism’ Anti-Social Behavior Orders

U.S. to use al Qaeda suspect Jose Padilla’s words against him

Jordanian under investigation in Albania for alleged ties to suspected al-Qaida financier

(Ethiopia) U.S. officials question Islamists held in Ethiopia;_ylt=AvvO.G62_zy.DpMJ3V9uejOQLIUD

Southern Africa ‘fertile ground’ for terrorists

(Israel) Syria must stop supporting terror;_ylt=Ajs79Mg_St9tnYC_cTiTwHfuyucA

Israel’s protests are said to stall Saudi and Gulf arms sale - over the possible transfer of precision-guided weapons§ion=middleeast&col=

(USA) House Speaker Pelosi visits Saudi Arabia - after meeting withSyria;_ylt=AtdVdfrv_pmfLsXXPNynSIYLewgF

Terrorists endorse Pelosi’s ‘good policy of dialogue’ - Militants callHouse speaker’s visit ‘brave’ and hope for talks with Iran

(Syria) Report: Assad will mediate in release of captive Israeli troops

(Indonesia) Muslim meeting urges U.S. troops to leave Iraq;_ylt=AuGZI02v8qMvVIly_RPhFXDaHXcA

French anti-terror agents investigating threats against candidate Sarkozy

(Sri Lanka) Seven killed in Sri Lanka violence;_ylt=AumfEmOxx78KcS6cUrMlW6YtM8oA

Other News:
US to keep ban on mobile use on planes,23599,21506641-1702,00.html

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