Wednesday, April 25, 2007


April 25, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Attacks kill 19 in Afghanistan - including soldiers in roadside bombing;_ylt=AqqwgwiNOEe9OG.mQ1DPQtvOVooA

(Afghanistan) 7 Afghan soldiers killed in blast during bloody week for security forces

(Afghanistan) 13 Taliban killed in clashes with forces

Afghanistan: Taliban Commander Says Bin Laden is alive

Canada rejects Afghan withdrawal date

(Iraq) Suicide bomber kills 4 policemen in Iraq - in Diyala;_ylt=AjJ8hJbAw6JJY2cu9qUx0kBX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. says killed senior al Qaeda in Iraq figure;_ylt=Aq7GaFtViMPNjbxAjHjQatNX6GMA

(Iraq) Al-Qaida claims new bomb tactic - in Tuesday’s double suicide bombing with dump trucks in Diyala

(Iraq) Grisly problem, grateful Iraqis, a grim outlook - Recovery of dead Iraqi example of complexity of security issue

(Pakistan) Three killed in Pakistan attack - sectarian attack by Sunni militants to kill Shiites;_ylt=AkRMjrSVsNIANkHinYUR8wfzPukA

Pakistan DAWN Report: Pakistan goverment agrees to all Lal Masjid Red Mosque demands - including the enforcement of ‘Sharia’ law in the country

(Pakistan) Extremists, terrorists regrouping in Pakistan: Benazir Bhutto

(Pakistan) Pamphlets distributed in Bajaur for release of “mujahideen”- or “action” would be taken\04\25\story_25-4-2007_pg7_14

(Pakistan) US: Pakistani man among sanctions list over Syria, Iran -Arif Ali Durrani

Israel opts for limited response to Hamas attacks;_ylt=AuW.rDBhVTVMX__pMDTyUTDuyucA

Israeli Arab allegedly helped Hezbollah

(India) Rebels threaten internet cafes,23599,21622218-1702,00.html

India urged to cut Kashmir troops;_ylt=AtwwdFvNqvlaxW9FSTDqxM1A7AkB

(India) Maoists behead two brothers - 20 Communist Party of India-Maoist raided house, beat brothers then decapitated them§ion=subcontinent&col=

Kenya arrests 11 suspected of al Qaeda ties

(Somalia) Ethiopian tanks pound Somali insurgents;_ylt=AssQsYVv71MmIZ6K9_zg9U.QLIUD

Somali Islamists claim attacks on Ethiopians: Web site;_ylt=AiHEon3xrl8uxBglvbAI.vaQLIUD

Somalia: Group allied to Al-Queda claims suicide bomb attack

Iran expects “new ideas” from EU to end impasse;_ylt=AoSyySVFOphwNH1Zz1xAXwhSw60A

(Iran) Ahmadinejad: God sided with Iran to cause failed 1980 U.S.hostage rescue attempt

Greek police arrest 12 Iraqis over terrorism threat (Roundup) -possible threat against US Embassy in Athens

Moroccan Village Funnels Suicide Bombers to Iraq (AUDIO)

(UK) Moroccan wins UK fight against extradition to Spain - Farid Hilali suspected of links to 9/11 - will be released in UK;_ylt=AjdcHtJCM9BVoM7hhiPiRP8Tv5UB

(UK) Islamist militants may strike in Britain again - London police’santi-terrorist chief said on Tuesday it was a “sensible assumption” thatIslamist militants will strike again in Britain

(UK) Public doubt ‘affects anti-terror policing’

(UK) Home Secretary criticizes media leaks about investigations

(UK) ‘Sixth-former’s suicide note blew whistle on Jihad plot’

Indonesia: Grenade attacks disturb two year peace in Aceh

(Indonesia) Pirate attacks worldwide are down sharply so far in 2007 - First quarter level the lowest in 3 decades

(Guantanamo Bay) Canadian detainee at Guantanamo charged with murder

(Guantanamo Bay) U.S. renews Canadian’s (Omar Khadr) terror charges

(Iowa) Mail bomber suspect arrested in Iowa - Midwest ‘Bishop Bomber’ Case

(Virginia) Police: No Motive Yet in Tech Shootings

(Sri Lanka) 23 killed in Sri Lanka clashes, military says

(Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka vows to destroy Tiger planes;_ylt=AkF4gULDSG93tDS_9YfjKbgtM8oA

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