Monday, April 9, 2007


Terror News took Easter Sunday, April 8th, off.

(Iraq) Mahmudiyah car bomb kills 17 Iraqis

(Iraq) US army in Iraq arrests militants in Qaeda raids - 14 militants arrested

(Iraq) DoD announces National Guard moves to Iraq (my title) - Press release on deployments to Iraq

(Thailand) Insurgents kill 8, including 12-year-old boy, in southern Thailand

(Algeria) Al-Qaeda Fighters Kill Nine Soldiers In Algeria - “al-Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb”

(Pakistan) 4 Pakistani soldiers killed in land mine blast; rebel groupclaims responsibility

(Pakistan) Five bomb explosions in N. Pakistan wound over 20

Pakistan says no plans to trade airline suspect Rashid Rauf with Britain;_ylt=AnelJ5jA7aDUocEOAG0aYAXzPukA

(Afghanistan) A “New” Taliban Proving Deadly to NATO Forces

(Afghanistan) As Taliban Promises Offensive, Karzai Says Group is ‘Defeated’

(Afghanistan) Dutch patrol in Afghanistan is hit by a Taliban ambush

(Somalia) US accuses Eritrea of fueling Somali crisis and No connection with Islamists, clan leader says

(Iran) Ahmadinejad: Iran has joined club of nuclear nations

Iran says it’s able to make nuclear fuel — Now injecting uranium gas into 3,000 centrifuges for enrichment;_ylt=AqAGFAHuZfXTFX_lOextUT2s0NUE

(Iran) Report: Iran ready for attack on nuke facilities

(Iran) US ‘very concerned’ over Iran nuclear steps

(Iran) Buoyant Tehran warns of further kidnappings

Yemen court clears Danish man Abdi Osman Soni of arming Somali Islamists - co-defendent sentenced to 3 years in prison;_ylt=AiAKV71yHnqOGgXFQHGJHViQLIUD

Palestinian security, militants exchange heavy fire in West Bank city

Anti-globalists reach out to Islamists

Analysis: Hezbollah and Al Qaeda

Analysis: Africa’s ‘Horns’ and Al-Qaeda’s ‘Branches’

Saudi govt urges media cooperation in war on terror

Colombian rebel bomb wrecks police station, kills one

(UK) Commentary: We showed weakness and will pay the price

Sri Lankan gov’t says ready to resume talks with Tigers

Other News:

(UK) Commentary: Sex, violence, the trouble with Islam and why we need our Christian roots

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