Wednesday, April 4, 2007


April 4, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Gunmen kill 11 Iraqi workers in ambush;_ylt=At3ZzT1eOqYoDOxBmcnPoGdX6GMA

(Iraq) Gunmen kidnap 22 Iraqi shepherds

(Iraq) Iran Envoy to meet 5 detained Iranians - terror suspects withlinks to Iranian Guard supplying funds to insurgents in Iraq;_ylt=AgLK5bcWJoltHtR5ZWSz6xJSw60A

(Iraq) Abductors of two Germans issue new ultimatum - withdrawal from Afghanistan

(Pakistan) Many said killed in Pakistani tribal clashes with Uzbek Al-Qaeda - up to 60 Uzbeks believed to be killed;_ylt=Au9AeEXzXVIj9etrww3uizIwuecA

(Pakistan) War drums echo in Pakistan tribal assault

(Pakistan) Landmine blast kills Pakistani official§ion=subcontinent&col=

Pakistani reporter ‘safe in hiding’ after militant threats;_ylt=Al7ggtkvqkimmWA8QwLFRv4wuecA

(UK) Briton ‘could stage another September 11’

(UK) US fears attack by British Muslims, says security chief

(UK) MI5 ‘tried to recruit’ Guantanamo detainee Jamil el-Banna

(Indonesia) Terrorists planned huge blasts - twice the size of Bali bombings,21985,21503126-662,00.html

Indonesian police find Jemaah Islamiyah charts, command structure;_ylt=Am4RJenoHKIvB6mYLyzLyBPaHXcA

(Iran/UK) Breakthrough In Britain-Iran Standoff? Countries HaveExchanged Documents Outlining Terms Of A Deal

(Iran/UK) Iran welcomes British “change of tone” in sailor row§ion=middleeast&col=

(Iran/UK) Syria mediating between Iran-Britain over sailors: Syrian FM;_ylt=Ahyd7S2B6TbKKr3y.i2mnKwLtUsB

(Iran) Report: Iran holding French academic under arrest

(Syria) Pelosi meets with Syrian President Assad;_ylt=ApfEDT0g1o3GH0HLEevYmT4LtUsB

Commentary: Why Are American Officials Meeting With Terrorists’ Supporters?

(Israel) Islamic Jihad terror-operative arrested at Ein-Bidan crossing

Turkish Troops Made Anti-terror Operation in Syria

(Chicago) Iraqi ‘Sleeper agent’ trial under way;_ylt=Ajsd_ehXiBU7UOBN09gbRqFX6GMA

Algeria: Three Dead in Alleged Al-Qaeda Attack

Nigeria hostage takers release 2 captives

(Ethiopia) U.S. agents visit Ethiopian secret jails;_ylt=AlZ3_TC_3Vonqm6culryIokTv5UB

(Australia) Muslim cleric barred from entering Australia - CanadianSheikh Bilal Philips suspected involvement in 1993 World Trade Center bombings

(Columbia) Captured militia boss faces murder, terrorism charges

Sri Lanka hits Tiger naval base;_ylt=AgxB7BTVze5A.Bo6t7afNlctM8oA

Sri Lanka says six rebels killed in clashes;_ylt=App38kf5wITzAyASoj1nJEctM8oA

(USA) Civilians could be facing mandatory anthrax shots - Expert warns government has 10 million doses for ‘emergency’

Other News:

(Texas) Pro-Khomeini imam to pray before Texas Senate - ‘Moderate’ scheduled to deliver today’s invocation participated in ayatollah tribute

Saudi reformists call for Islamic constitutional monarchy;_ylt=ArQZisWIaCqYhpwEGZxEB_Xn7SkC

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