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TERROR NEWS March 31st

March 31, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Update: (Afghanistan) Saturday: Five Afghan force members killed,Taleban leaders arrested - Involved in attempt to kill important triballeader§ion=subcontinent&col=

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: U.K. sailors trespassed;_ylt=AgezrwNjuCOXWPpAsTpFIPNSw60

Iran says Britain mishandling captives' issue

Iran dissidents: British capture ordered -- planned in advance andcarried out in retaliation for the U.N. sanctions imposed against the country;_ylt=AieErLH3IGXhQK4cxTpKEflSw60

Iraq Supports Plan to Relocate Thousands of Kurds Forced to Move UnderSaddam,2933,263032,00.html

Iraq's Shia militia 'stood down', Iraqi President Jalal Talabani says the Shia militia known as the Mahdi Army has stopped its activities on the orders of its leader, Moqtada Sadr.

(Iraq) The Christian victims of Iraq - 14-year-old boy nailed to across by Islamists in Iraq

(India) LeT terror shadow on SAARC meet

(Thailand) Suspected Islamists kill four Buddhists'

(Lebanon) Dutch MPs: Lebanon derelict in not disarming Hezbollah

(Israel/Gaza) IDF ready for major Gaza foray

(Israel/Gaza) Israel Warns of Hamas Military Buildup in Gaza

(Pakistan) The creeping coup of Talibanization in Pakistan

(Minneapolis) Imams narrow target of 'Does'

(Philippines) Child Communist rebel killed in Philippines

(Iraq) 55 deaths reported in Iraq
(Iraq) Four bombs kill 14 in Iraq - outside hospital, fuel station,central square, shopping area;_ylt=Aqmqe_pINEjBjU0mAj8i2BVX6
(Iraq) U.S. Says Al-Qaeda Using Chlorine Gas Against Civilians In Iraq

(Afghanistan) 8 suspected Taliban slain in Afghanistan;_ylt=AusfYed2EWBW6Oe2.RJgD6LOVoo

Bangladesh arrests 22 after militants executed;_ylt=Ar2ANRSO8ADn5Xc0jPHOgwx

(India) Militant commander killed in new Kashmir violence;_ylt=ApEGuklfnxyIgv1F9Ji3Zlo1NXc

(Thailand) 1 teacher, elderly couple shot dead in Thailand's restivesouth

(Somalia) Fighting in Mogadishu rages for 3rd day;_ylt=Asjz5sFScBSwHxcaPmo64Xi

(Somalia) Artillery rocks Mogadishu - resumed attacks on Islamistrebels and clan militia;_ylt=AlYdOlokQO9bcrVF4w

Australian Hicks to exit Guantanamo in plea deal at US tribunal --serve 9 months in Australian prison;_ylt=AlkJVBt1MWX0sjRbwuHV3rQwuec

(Australia) Returning al-Qaeda soldier divides Australia

(Iran/UK) Iran's Ambassador to Russia: British Sailors May Be Tried,2933,263004,00.html

(Iran/UK) UK sailors may face Iran trial: IRNA;_ylt=ArYWvxOWa9dU75K95PmI7pVSw60

(Iran/UK) US rejects Iran captives exchange

(Iran/UK) Britain sends diplomatic note to Iran;jsessionid=YI3D23QPICSTPQFIQMGCFFWAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/03/31/wiran931.xml

(Iran/UK) Paraded on TV again, their ordeal goes on

(Europe/Iran) EU refuses to back Britain over call to threaten exportsfreeze to Iran

(Europe/Iran) Commentary: German Poll Shows Germans More NegativeTowards USA Than Iran (my title),1518,474636,00.html

Iran: Khatami Lashes Out at Reformists - Khatami condemns those callingfor suspension of Iran nuke enrichment as "traitors", who don't"support the Islamic Revolution and its values"

Iran denies 'secret atomic program',23599,21483139-1702,00.html

(Iran) US sanctions Iranian Defense Industries

(Iran) Top US official: Iran has become greater threat than al-Qaeda,7340,L-3383368,00.html

(Iran) Bin Laden's Son in Iran, Experts Say

(Pakistan) Security force official killed in Balochistan - gun battlebetween security forces and militants

(Pakistan) Taliban free Pakistan school principal - who tried to stopTaliban from recruiting at school;_ylt=Au9hcHYbNJZpw83YuucoxNLzPuk

(Pakistan) Cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz gives govt a week to impose Sharia- otherwise "clerics will Islamize society themselves"\03\31\story_31-3-2007_pg1_2

(Pakistan) US hails Musharraf for role in war on terror

(Pakistan) "Hit list" of terrorist outfits - extremists expected totarget 26 clerics, senior govt officials, foreigners and diplomats on EidMiladun Nab\03\31\story_31-3-2007_pg7_4

Pakistani tribesmen battle Al Qaeda fighters

Pakistan tribal offensive to curb cross-border attacks: officials;_ylt=ArQgH9HBBVp9DpwhFcGXn0fzPuk

(Pakistan) Madrassas might be shifted out of Islamabad\03\31\story_31-3-2007_pg1_1

Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable missile;_ylt=Ant6LwCLCEcqwB.oYdeekg7zPuk

(Pakistan) "US military aid up by 45,000%" -- to $4.2 billion§ion=subcontinent&col=

(UK) Birmingham Mosque Supporting Exiled al Qaeda Supporter?

(USA) Seven Rallies against Jihad on Saturday

(Minneapolis) Imams removed from flight may sue passengers

Could Terror Suspects Be Moved To San Diego?

Palestinian premier a terrorist: Olmert,00050004.htm

(Hamas) One killed in explosion at Hamas camp in Gaza

Young Palestinians hold machine gun during a rally for the PopularResistance Committees

EU agrees to deal with non-Hamas Palestinians,7340,L-3383378,00.html

Washington Post Report: Hezbollah's Mix of Prayer and Politics

Spanish police seize 140 kilograms of explosives during ETA raids

Nigerian gunmen kidnap British oil worker

Sri Lanka says terrorism no threat to 8 percent growth;_ylt=AmDAmvJiBeR2NihnRUI20VATv5

Other News:

(Libya) Gaddafi says only Islam a universal religion

Glenn Beck on the Radical Islamic Agenda

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