Thursday, April 26, 2007


April 26, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) 10 dead in Iraqi army checkpoint attack — 14 wounded - in townof Khalis in Diyala province;_ylt=AmF6va4tLUQzFa7EkW8Jt2RX6GMA

(Iraq) US military accuses Iraq prison commander of aiding enemy;_ylt=ArqhEXds1X49saef4x2YgalX6GMA

Taliban video of boy executioner causes anger - among Afghans;_ylt=AmYHOA0TkOy.Bp6WOpMjXnTOVooA

(Afghanistan) French hostages are well, Taliban say;_ylt=AuyT4RLfV9kzOVXBOkMxIXrOVooA

Somali government claims victory over Islamic insurgents;_ylt=AgOSJCEHE7e4esTKuMeC5QuQLIUD

Somalia: At least 20 killed in fresh fighting

Morocco: Casablanca Bombing Mastermind is head of a Jihad Cell say police

Iranian official threatens Israel and US with missile strike

(Iran) Bush raises possibility of talks with Iran

(Iran) The Case Of The Missing FBI Agent

(Pakistan) Court boost for ‘extremist’ group - banned al-Rashid Trust can reopen its offices - US named it a sponsor of Al-Qaeda

(Pakistan) Jihadi media thrives in Pakistan\04\26\story_26-4-2007_pg7_25

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid Red Mosque denies breakthrough in talks\04\26\story_26-4-2007_pg7_23

Commentary: Pakistan: The Taliban takeover

Pakistan Govt creating problem in NWFP: MMA;

Pakistan rules out rollback of its nuclear program§ion=subcontinent&col=

Pakistan: 100 “Anti-Iran” Militants Arrested, Report

U.S. and Pakistani Generals Downplay OBL’s Significance

(Thailand) 11 soldiers injured in ambush in Pattani - Muslim insurgentbomb and gunfire attack

(Thailand) Four injured in Narathiwat bomb attack - at restaurant

(Thailand) Buddhists demand protection - from Islamist terror attacks

Poll: Americans and Mexicans Agree Osama bin Laden Should Be Executed,2933,268641,00.html

Condoleezza Rice: The West needs a defense system that works;jsessionid=BQ2PPA2O4ME1BQFIQMFSFFWAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/04/26/wrice126.xml

(Guantanamo Bay) New limits proposed for Guantanamo lawyers

(Canada) Legal challenges dragging out Canada’s first post-9/11terrorism trial

Egypt begins military trial of more than 30 leading Brotherhood Members opens

Palestinian Islamic Jihad vows to continue rocket attacks on Israel

Fatah group rejoices over U.S. deaths in Iraq

(Australia) Convicted terrorist free next month - British-born Muslim convert Jack Roche serves minimum sentence - plotted to blow up Israeli embassy,23599,21624983-1702,00.html

Sri Lankan war planes bomb rebel territory;_ylt=ApVMjkqWffjsHMJ_kNs6MpMtM8oA

Sri Lanka forces bomb rebel “leaders’ gathering”

Sri Lankan monks praise France for nabbing alleged fund raisers forTamil rebels

Other News:

Iran: 150,000 Women Detained for Breaking Dress Code

Pakistan bans staging play satirizing burqa - due to Islamist demands§ion=subcontinent&col=

Germany cracks down on neo-Nazis, bans Sturm 34

Less than 25% of Muslims blame al-Qaeda for 9/11 attacks

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