Saturday, April 14, 2007

"MORE" - TERROR NEWS - April 14th

April 14, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

Iraqi militants say 20 security force members ‘detained’ - IslamicState of Iraq wants Sunni women released, alleged rapists turned over

(Iraq) British forces kill eight gunmen in southern Iraq and British“shoot 27” in hunt for Turbinator;_ylt=AmJPu1sKHJx6_C6Azrly24LMWM0F

(Iraq) British troops in Iraq kill roadside bombers;_ylt=ArVaL.Uw8F7phaGOXzuD_h5X6GMA

(Afghanistan) France analyzing video of Taliban hostages;_ylt=ApfEsbBaTymzLrXyw741T9jMWM0F

(Lebanon) UN pushes for tribunal on Lebanon killings;_ylt=Am7Zc5lpFtPAErJ9zMTn2orMWM0F

Somali courts leader says to target peacekeepers - Islamic Courts leader threatens to target them

Morocco attacks hit near U.S. center - two suicide bombers blewthemselves up - one woman injured

(Ethiopia) New Jersey Man Amir Mohamed Meshal Appears As Terrorism Suspect Before Tribunal in Ethiopia

Norway: Islam critic beaten unconscious

US claims inroads in terror fight in Southeast Asia

Former Detroit schools administrator faces terrorism trial

(Canada) Two Montreal Muslims charged with crimes targeting city’s Jewish community

(”Flying Imams” Lawsuit) Lawmaker blasts imams’ attorney

Former US Senator Expresses Concern Over Growing Risk of Nuclear Attack

(California) Sentence Restored for former SLA Member who tried to bomb LAPD

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