Friday, April 13, 2007

TERROR NEWS April 13th

April 13, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Blasts kill 2 NATO soldiers in eastern Afghanistan;_ylt=AgjTCPdDoT4REN9UlkNqalXOVooA

(Afghanistan) Troops rescue five civilian contractors in Afghanistan;_ylt=AmEXbSA0L._roLZtbbLUTq_OVooA

(Afghanistan) Germans deny spring Taliban offensive,23599,21554068-1702,00.html

(Iraq) Al-Qaida-linked group claims responsibility for deadly Iraqi Parliament bombing

(Iraq) One killed, five injured in bomb blast in Iraq’s Karrada

Iraq: “Top 20” Attacks Against U.S. Troops Posted On Web

Iraqi beheadings and suicide attacks inspire Taliban: experts;_ylt=AiJAKeOSvpfHLniJBNcxIUXOVooA

Iraqi parliament meets after bomb attack;_ylt=Akd.nFZ7g.QrUY_r8hcM0JhX6GMA

(Iraq) Three held in Iraq parliament blast probe

(Iraq) Cafe workers questioned over Iraq parliament blast

(Turkey/Iraq) Kurdish Parliament Reponds To Threat of Military Strike

(Pakistan) Radical Pakistan mullah ‘ready for negotiations’;_ylt=Aua9GpwZKqkH7RFPGArpPKbzPukA

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid standoff to hurt Musharraf, Opponents\04\13\story_13-4-2007_pg1_10

Pakistan: Taliban Militants Take 12 Villagers Hostage, Beat Up Dancers

Pakistan Sends UK Transatlantic Airline Terror Suspect Rashid Rauf to Jail for Only 2 Months (my title)\04\13\story_13-4-2007_pg7_15

Pakistan protesters burn Musharraf effigies;_ylt=AqQqiEK4_VGKEgboh94FM5rzPukA

(Pakistan) Rocket fired on relief plane in Pakistan

Pakistan: Jirga Negotiates Truce Between Sunni and Shiites in Tribal Agency

(Pakistan) Partners in terror war should trust us: Musharraf\04\13\story_13-4-2007_pg1_1

Americans still advised to avoid Pakistan\04\13\story_13-4-2007_pg7_5

Lashkar-e-Taiba asks Kashmiri separatists to unite\04\13\story_13-4-2007_pg7_46

(India) Police foils attack on Kashmir minister

(India) Osama’s jihad CDs surface in Bihar

(Israel) Security sources: Hamas is arming Islamic Jihad with Qassams

(Israel) IDF arrests 15 Palestinian fugitives in West

(Gaza) Rafah music shop bombed

Lebanese army: Two Israeli war planes violate Lebanese airspace

Algeria steps up security after suicide attacks;_ylt=AluALtnTMm4E_5.Y5l2_eGR6CC8A

Morocco’s king warns country threatened by terror attacks;_ylt=Ag7s05sZ.ejEzpQMg8llq4J6CC8A

Spain: Two Alleged Al-Qaeda Members “Flee From Morocco”

(Nigeria) Gunmen kill Nigerian Muslim leader;_ylt=ArF1HO.4_R6edOfVOsTPQSLZ9YEA

Philippines: More Rebels Helping Abu Sayyaf, Military Says

(Thailand) Thais kick off Buddhist new year amid tight security;_ylt=AlXZXC39EBKNhCG1pXUFNkQTv5UB

Report: Iran has uranium for bombs — Defector reveals Tehran’s efforts to secure more

(Iran) Former FBI agent held in Iran, associate tells FT;_ylt=AuOoVfX9PtOe_z.0T3Vu5fFSw60A

(Iran) Fugitive says he met missing ex-FBI agent

(Iran/Iraq) Both sides in Iraq using weapons made in Iran, U.S. says -Shiite and Sunni extremists

U.S. “dirty bomber” stigma haunts Padilla trial;_ylt=Aq0Tn6O_RnCUy6A7pz8dWpkTv5UB

(USA) Alabama city prepares for nuke terror — Local officials restore long-abandoned fallout shelters, train for WMD emergency

(Sri Lanka) Tigers vow retaliation in Sri Lanka’s east;_ylt=AhI46Kd4eH0XGBY27HQjfTotM8oA

(Columbia) Thousands march against Colombia bombing;_ylt=AkRiHd5tt0FbeX6GIslbN6Swv7kA

North Korea checking freed funds

North Korea won’t give up nuclear program — Richard Armitage, a former deputy secretary of state

Commentary: France’s New Surrender

(Spain) Couple pull out of politics after ETA death threat

Other News:

CAIR: Israeli Freedom of Religion Attacked in San Francisco Chronicle

(Saudi Arabia Propaganda) ‘Israeli melons have AIDS’,7340,L-3387545,00.html

Man convicted of assassination attempt on Bush wants to convert to Islam

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