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April 7, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Suicide car bomb hits police checkpoint, wounding 6 policemen

(Iraq) Troops, militiamen battle in Shiite city - U.S. warplanes attacked suspected militiamen wielding shoulder-fired rockets Saturday;_ylt=AnJqqmpFEJFXtiB4nfYYyONX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S., militiamen in bloody fighting in Baghdad - Two Americansoldiers killed in separate roadside bombings in Iraqi capital

(Iraq) Insurgents transform US military jails into “terror training camps”

(Pakistan) 10 killed in Pakistan clashes - 83 wounded - Sunni andShiite clash;_ylt=AkloqABsPKEbmsu.FgM5MZrzPukA

(Pakistan) Update: Government warned of suicide attacks in case of resistance; Qazi court to work on pattern of panchayat and jirgas\04\07\story_7-4-2007_pg1_1

Pakistani army secures militant stronghold;_ylt=Am3lNEUuhfeJdhcVnOUtUTrzPukA

(India) Update: Pakistani Terrorists Gunned Down in Kashmir; Arms, Ammunitions Recovered

(India) Militants trying to regroup in Jammu and Kashmir: Police

(India) Maoist rebels kill six in eastern India;_ylt=Ap4Oefb4CPsANTCMIUh4fwdA7AkB

(India) 23 killed in Tamil Nadu bus explosion;

(Afghanistan) Taliban burn music shops in Khost\04\07\story_7-4-2007_pg1_4

(Afghanistan) Two French confirmed kidnapped in Afghanistan;_ylt=ApKhYfRJjbQW5aT6MAhab_nOVooA

Iranian: U.K. can help mend relations;_ylt=At3dIZaUMnh1pIAuWPfPA1hSw60A

(UK) 3 men appear in court charged with conspiring with London suicide bombers

(Indonesia) Religion on Indonesian ID cards blamed for deaths;_ylt=Ak7.y8OjLx1yIPFWLvsQEILaHXcA

Israeli army kills Palestinian militant;_ylt=Aq.R6lVzTJftxcOVfruzuJ7uyucA

(Israel) IDF arrests two terror suspects in West Bank

(Hamas) Officials: Hamas infiltrated U.S.-funded militias - Terrorists‘well placed’ in forces receiving American taxpayer dollars

Hamas Leader: No change in Hamas’s policies

(Israel) Sheik Salah urges Muslims to defend al-Aksa

(Gaza/Israel) Abbas: Schalit release imminent

(Lebanon) Welcome to Hizbullahland

Report: Saudi Arabia calls for blocking sources of terrorism funding

France: Syria must stop arms smuggling

(Syria) Pelosi’s Syria diplomacy a felony? Former State Departmentofficial sees possible violation of Logan Act

Somali pirates free 2 hijacked ships

(Yemen) Fire bomb burns Yemen worshippers

(Nigeria) Two Turks kidnapped in S Nigeria

(Australia) Rudd questions Muslim speaker’s visa - AustralianGovernment must explain why a British Muslim Yvonne Ridley who has praised suicide bombers as martyrs was allowed into the country,23599,21518879-1702,00.html

(Sri Lanka) Seven killed in Sri Lanka bus blast;_ylt=AumfEmOxx78KcS6cUrMlW6YtM8oA

(North Korea) Update: US finds way to return N Korea frozen funds -U.S. announces formula to return funds frozen in Banco Delta Asia

Other News:

Commentary: Schools pursue whitewashing jihad with anti-terror drills

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