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Terrorism Headlines 04/23/2007

[WSOCTV] NORTH CAROLINA - Containers With Radioactive Material Stolen In Charlotte

“delivery truck containing radioactive material parked outside Presbyterian Hospital was broken into early Friday and some materials were stolen”

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[KETV] NEBRASKA - Just One Bomb Found In Plattsmouth [Near water tower, school]

[KTLA] CALIFORNIA - Man Sets Himself on Fire at Long Beach City Hall
“City Hall was evacuated because of a suspicious package discovered after the incident”,0,3087864.story?coll=ktla-news-2

[AP] ILLINOIS - Building Closed After Suspicious Substance Found
” after an employee opened an envelope containing the substance and complained of burning eyes”

[Tennessean] TENNESSEE - Women in white powder incident under observation

“The woman, along with two others in the room, were decontaminated after all three complained of headaches and sneezing”

[Caledonian-Record] NEW HAMPSHIRE - Police Search For Explosives After Threats To Two Towns

“Threats that multiple explosives had been planted in several locations including this town’s police station, a store, and four vehicles in the town, as well as the police station and district court in neighboring Colebrook, had state and local police in a region-wide emergency Wednesday”

[] COLORADO - Suspicious Device Prompts Evacuation Of Middle School
“package was about the size of a shoebox and was wrapped in duct tape”

[Pine Bluff Commercial] USA - Group suggests Wal-Mart policy helps terrorists

“Retail giant Wal-Mart, America’s largest importer, could be indirectly aiding terrorism by lobbying against fully scanning containers of goods that enter the country’s ports, critics suggested Thursday”

[3TV and] ARIZONA - Bomb threat reported at State Capitol
“While several viewers have called 3TV to report the situation, neither State
Capitol police nor the governor’s office will comment at this time”

[Reuters] MEXICO - State Department warns about Mexican drug war violence
[KSL News] UTAH - Reports of Traffic Problems Around V.A. Medical Center Due to Bomb Threat
“police received a call that bombs would go off at the Social Security office and VA hospital”
[WCSH] MAINE - Augusta Wal-Mart Supercenter Evacuated
“Details are still coming in, but witnesses say a man with a gun walked into the store with two guns. Witnesses say the front door has been barricaded and the place is surrounded by police”
[Houston Chronicle] TEXAS - U.S. issues Texas-Mexico border travel alert
“U.S. citizens residing and traveling in Mexico should exercise caution when in unfamiliar areas and be aware of their surroundings at all times”
[AP] IDAHO - Bomb squad defuses 17 explosive devices in E. Idaho home
“following a standoff sheriff’s deputies had with a man who threatened to blow them up”
[Reuters] USA / IRAN - U.S. nuclear worker took software to Iran - FBI
[] MICHIGAN - Road Reopens After Suspicious Devices Found
“a device was found attached to the tailpipe of a black Volkswagen Bug parked on Grand River, and a second device was found under the car”
[WCHS] OHIO - Bomb squad detonates suspicious devices found in hotel
“bomb squad has detonated four suspected explosive devices found under a bed in a hotel room in Springfield in western Ohio”
[Sunday Times] UNITED KINGDOM - Al-Qaeda‘planning big British attack’
“Spy chiefs warn that one operative had said he was planning an attack on “a par with Hiroshima and Nagasaki” in an attempt to “shake the Roman throne”, a reference to the West”
“We assess that this operation is most likely to be a large-scale, mass casualty attack against the West”
[Xinhua] TURKEY - Turkish military announces killing of 18 Kurdish rebels
[VOA News] IRAQ - Bomb Blasts in Iraqi Capital Kill 190
[AP] IRAQ - 2 suicide car bombs kill 13 people near police station in Baghdad
[Haaretz ] ISRAEL - 2 IDF soldiers lightly hurt when vehicle fired on near Ramallah
[Ynet] ISRAEL - Explosive thrown at IDF forces near Jenin,7340,L-3389638,00.html
[Irish Examiner] IRAQ - 11 dead as car bomb hits fuel truck in Baghdad
“suicide car bomber rammed into a fuel truck today in central Baghdad, killing at least 11 people”
[AHN] PHILIPPINES - Severed Heads Of Philippine Kidnap Victims Sent To Military By Al-Qaeda-Linked Terrorist Group
“An al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group sent the heads of seven kidnapped men to a Philippine army detachment on Thursday, military officials said”
[IMEMC] GAZA - Unknown gunmen blow up a hair salon in northern Gaza
“Witnesses said that unknown gunmen placed an explosive device at the shop’s front door and detonated it from a distance. The explosion at the shop caused damage to nearby stores, but no injuries were reported”
[AP] THAILAND - Thai army chief rejects US offer to help quell Islamic insurgency
“Maj. Gen. David Fridovich said on Wednesday that U.S. troops could help to train Thai forces to quell the insurgency, if Thai authorities asked for assistance”
[Sun-Star] PHILIPPINES - Rouge MNLF rebels attack Zambo Norte town
“simultaneous attacks took place around 5 a.m. Thursday in Barangay Kulaguan in the town of Sibuco”
[Washington Times] ECUADOR - Colombian rebels infiltrating Ecuador - Major weapons explosives caches discovered
[AP] AFGHANISTAN - 27 Taliban killed in Afghanistan
[AP] IRAQ - Sunni militants name al Qaeda chief ‘minister of war’
[MosNews] RUSSIA - Six Russian Policemen Wounded in Chechnya Attack
[AFP] THAILAND - Buddhist women shot dead in Thai Muslim south
“victims, aged 17 and 20, were gunned down late Thursday in a drive-by shooting while riding a motorcycle in Narathiwat”
“Also in Narathiwat, militants set ablaze an elementary school early Friday, destroying a wooden building, while three Army rangers were hurt when a roadside bomb exploded late Thursday in nearby Yala province”§ion=theworld&col=
[Sapa-AP ] ETHIOPIA - Bomb targets Ethiopian army base
“Fighting between Ethiopian troops and insurgents left at least 12 people dead in Somalia’s capital, while a suicide car bomb exploded at an Ethiopian army base, officials and witnesses said”
[Reuters] ETHIOPIA - Web posting points to bomb attack suspects
“The group, calling itself the Young Mujahideen Movement in Somalia”
“By God’s grace, a qualitative martyrdom operation was carried out at the western entrance to the capital Mogadishu in which chemical materials were used”
[AFP] FRANCE - Trois explosions contre des bâtiments au pays basque, pas de victimes
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[AP] FRANCE - 3 explosions hit France
[Reuters] SOUTH KOREA - Two South Korean soldiers found dead
“The victims, on guard duty at an ammunition depot, were found dead by another soldier at the base”
[Reuters] GERMANY - US claims terror threat in Germany
“Neither US nor German officials would provide specific details, but one diplomat said the steps were taken to guard against a particular threat, and two newspapers reported that Iraqi militants were scouting US facilities in Germany”
“We are taking these steps in response to a heightened threat situation”,20867,21595162-1702,00.html
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[Arab TImes] GERMANY - US diplomatic facilities in Germany increase security
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[Deutsche Presse-Agentur] PHILIPPINES - US warns of terrorist attacks in the southern Philippines
“Australia has also issued a similar travel advisory, warning its citizens to stay out of Mindanao, citing ‘very high threat of terrorist attack.’ “
[AP] ISRAEL - Gunmen set off explosives at American International School in Gaza
“attackers overpowered security guards, then set off bombs in several areas of the school”,7340,L-3390419,00.html
[Reuters] THAILAND - Bomb kills 3 soldiers, wounds one in Thai south
“soldiers were in a Humvee on patrol in Pattani, one of three provinces in the Muslim deep south, when the buried pipe bomb exploded as they drove past”
[AP] PHILIPPINES - Bomb blast wounds villager in southern Philippines, two men arrested, police say
“Two men on a motorcycle left the homemade bomb — a mortar shell attached to a timer — on the side of a road in Midsayap township”
[The Hindu] INDIA - Bomb hurled into hotel; tension at Pullampadi
[AFP] AFGHANISTAN - Bomb tears through Afghanistan market,23599,21600148-38197,00.html
[Reuters] ISRAEL - Israel troops kill 2 W.Bank militants: Palestinians
“The two men, members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades which is an offshoot of President Mahmmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction, were shot during a gun battle after Israeli troops surrounded the house”
[Haaretz] ISRAEL - Senior IDF officer confirms Iran training militants in Gaza
[Deutsche Presse-Agentur ] PHILIPPINES - Army sergeant abducted by communist rebels in southern Philippines
[Xinhua] AFGHANISTAN - 5 Taliban militants, policeman killed in Afghan clash
[AFP] PAKISTAN - 3 music shops in Pakistan blown up\04\23\story_23-4-2007_pg1_9
[Courier Mail] TURKEY - Anzac terrorism fears put Aussie visitors on alert
“The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has received “credible reports” of terrorist groups planning attacks in Turkey. Potential targets include beaches and national parks”,23599,21601200-2,00.html?from=public_rss
[The Age] AUSTRALIA - Broughton Hall water sabotaged, police fear
“Police were last night investigating the possible sabotage of the water supply at Broughton Hall nursing home, where a salmonella outbreak has been linked to the deaths of five residents”
“allegations were made to police that there had been potential, deliberate interference with our water supplies”
[AP] ISRAEL - Hamas orders new offensive after 9 Palestinians are killed by Israel in weekend fighting
“Hamas militants called Sunday for a fresh wave of attacks against Israel after troops killed nine Palestinians in weekend fighting”
[AP] AFGHANISTAN - Afghan intelligence service officer beheaded; another vehicle hit by bomb

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